Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fed to Hold Interest Rates Steady and Low – Fed Appears as Stupid and Slow!

August 9th, 2011

While the nation is in the throws of the Great Depression [and liquidity trap] of the New Millennium and with the recent [and probably long overdue] down-grading of U.S Government bonds, The Federal Reserve announced its plan to hold interest at all-time-low rates for two years. While history debatably has shown that lower interest rates during economic down-turns helps to increase dollars in the marketplace to spur economic growth, the present circumstances seem unlike anything in the nation’s history.

The Federal Reserve – while claiming to be acting in the nation’s interest – is quick to keep more and more dollars in the marketplace as this apparently allows the Fed to continue to ‘have its cake and eat it too.’ What I mean by such a statement is that the Fed clearly has a long-standing policy which includes the massive devaluation of the U.S. Dollar/Federal Reserve Note for any number of reasons of which I repeatedly have blogged. Now the Fed can try to flood more dollars into the marketplace through lower interest rates in a claimed attempt to help grow the economy out of this depression while also further devaluing the Dollar which appears as what the Fed has wanted for years. And, of course, it is likely the extremely devalued Dollar has led to this latest Great Depression [and liquidity trap]. This announced and extended low interest effort probably will be fruitless anyhow as the banks seem unwilling to lend money. In the end, Citizens should seek to understand why the Fed desires to appear as helping the nation while, in fact, it ultimately will continue its long-standing policy regime that has surely led us to this Great Depression [and liquidity trap] of the New Millennium – again, such a regime which includes as its cornerstone the extreme devaluation of the U.S. Dollar/Federal Reserve Note.

To continue along the same economic path that the Fed has invoked in the past and which likely caused the current economic difficulties surely seems foolish – in my opinion. So foolish does the policy regime of the Federal Reserve seem that it would appear that President Obama would do better to hire me as Treasury Secretary than to allow the Fed to do its own bidding and to continue its current policy regime with the apparent blessing of the Administration and Treasury Secretary Geithner (a Secretary who appears no more than as a mouthpiece for the Federal Reserve). Why do I say this? Read on….

What should the Federal Reserve System be doing in the midst of the Great Depression [and liquidity trap] of the New Millennium to help the nation? Well…, I think I know what they should be doing during this liquidity trap which has maintained this economic depression and I have blogged about my ideas in the past. Furthermore, without any doubt, I believe the nation would be better served to ‘Shred the [unconstitutional] Fed.’ The apparent fact remains, however, that the nation’s politicians are unwilling to ‘buck’ the all-mighty Federal Reserve System. (Ask me why, if you don’t think you know already.)

Of course, I am aware that no one may really understand how the nation’s and world’s economies function and interact. Regardless, in light of the Federal Reserve’s recent track record there appears one thing that we can all be sure of, such being that the nation would be in a better position economically if the Federal Reserve was to do exactly the opposite of what it thinks is best!!! Again, why do I say this? Because, given a liquidity trap compounded by an ever-devaluing Dollar, the low bond rates are the likely source of the economic problem!!! At the risk of sounding as arrogant as the Federal Reserve and our nation’s politicians, I find it odd that one such as I would even believe it necessary to explain such an issue to the fat-cats of the Federal Reserve that run and own our nation and its economy!!! As a result, I believe it is clear that The Federal Reserve and all those that endlessly support the Federal Reserve System are either stupid, in denial, or really don’t care about the welfare of the nation and its populace! It is clear at this point in time that the Fed doesn’t know what to do or doesn’t want to do as it should to fix the nation’s and world’s current economic mess.

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT

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