Friday, November 11, 2011

Renegade U.S. Military Death Squad Leader Convicted

November 11th, 2011 – Veterans Day.

The military is an odd entity. It first must judge a recruit to have enough moral character to know that killing is wrong and immoral. Then it trains the recruit how to follow orders and how to best kill when ordered. The military then sends the recruit to some foreign and hostile area of conflict and the recruit is told to kill whenever necessary for offensive or defensive purposes. The military then seems shocked when a few sociopaths make it to the front lines of combat.

In the end, I don’t understand how it is that so many of our combat troops reportedly degenerate to the point that they believe themselves above the law and seem to feel the need to play God – either for the ‘success of the mission,’ for survival of themselves and comrades, or even for sport – as the case is reported to be here.

Ultimately, all I really know is that I am tired of seeing troops sent into a ‘theater of conflict’ only to subsequently return home as criminals. I mean…, if the military can not prevent the urge or necessity (or whatever) of these individuals to play God or prevent these individuals from feeling the apparent necessity of indiscriminately killing seemingly innocent civilians for the protection of themselves and fellow soldiers (or for whatever the reason), then maybe our troops should not be there at all – certainly not at U.S. taxpayer expense, in my opinion.

Bottom line is this: WE DON’T EVEN NEED PEOPLE TO FIGHT OUR WARS ANYMORE!!!!! So, why send our troops into combat if any are going to return home as convicted murderers and criminals? JUST LET THOSE CRUISE MISSILES FLY!!! The cost of the cruise missile stockpile is surely a sunk cost for the taxpayer anyhow. So, why increase the cost to our society and to the taxpayer by sending our troops into combat if any of them will returning home only to be further housed at taxpayer expense in Leavenworth Federal Prison – or wherever? Isn’t a billion dollars a day for the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq enough of a cost already?

Besides, I would have to think that much of the U.S, nation has now become in tune with the likely reason we are really fighting in Afghanistan: to control the gold, lithium, and other rare-earth metals present in that land. So, that being said, such is all the more reason to let the cruise missiles fly: pulverize the crap out of those hills so it will be all the easier for corporate America (and the likes) to come in and sweep up the gold, lithium, and whatever other rare-earth metals are present in those hills to such an extent that we would risk the lives of thousands of our countrymen to control – not to mention trillions of our dollars. No doubt, one cruise missile can do the work of a lot of steam shovels anyhow, right?

Maybe DoD would be better served to hire me as a consultant than to pay the hundreds of millions of dollars every month in salaries to the Pentagon Brass. I would probably do a better job obtaining the ‘nation’s goals’ with less ‘collateral damage’ and less societal costs to America and to the world as a whole.

Well, anyway, at least we can be proud that the U.S. military doesn’t stand for just any killings of innocents in the field. Regardless, We owe it to our veterans who fought and died for our Rights to further the cause of Justice wherever We are able.

By the way, happy Veterans Day.


PS. This blog entry was not intended to come across as arrogant. It was merely an attempt to show the idiocy of the long-standing and continued Pentagon paradigms which bring situations like this ‘death squad’ to bear on the American nation.

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