Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gun Control and the Liberal Would-Be Fascists.

January 3rd, 2013

In response to the never-ending barrage of liberals and would-be fascists who would prefer to take away the Constitutional Rights of Americans to bear arms in the wake of horrific shooting massacres perpetrated by violent and crazed creeps, I blog the following tid-bits of information:

In New York City, the city with the so-called toughest anti-gun/gun control laws in the nation, there were nine shootings within the first seven hours of the New Year, 2013.  This was widely reported by many sources including WABC, NYC’s television channel 7.  Clearly this shows the ineffectual nature of gun control laws.  NEW YORK CITY:  A CITY WHERE ONLY THE CRIMINALS HAVE GUNS. 

In nearby Westchester County, NY, a fascist-leaning newspaper thought it was appropriate to list the names of all registered gun owners in the county in an effort to foster stricter gun-control laws.  Publishing the names of gun owners does not bother this blogger and such likely back-fired on the newspaper anyhow.  Because when this same newspaper, The Journal News, requested similar gun-owner information from nearby Putnam County, NY, Putnam County refused to release the information to the fascist-like newspaper.  The Putnam County spokesperson said on news radio yesterday (WCBS or WYNS) THAT TO RELEASE THE NAMES OF REGISTERED GUN OWNERS WOULD MAKE THOSE NOT LISTED AS GUN OWNERS VULNERABLE TO ATTACK FROM CRIMINALS WHO WOULD THEN KNOW WHICH HOUSES TO ATTACK AS THE LIST WOULD DISPLAY THE HOUSES THAT HAD NO ABILITY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH FIREARMS FROM ATTACK FROM VIOLENT CREEPS.  Interesting too, that the fascist leaning Journal News felt the need to hire armed guards for protection after it 'outed' all the gun owners in NY's Westchester County.

And finally, the last point that I care to make on this topic at this time is that the violent and crazed creeps need to be prevented from moving freely among the unsuspecting public and/or the violent creeps need to be removed from society altogether; DO NOT REMOVE THE GUNS THAT ALLOW US TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM THE VIOLENT CREEPS and other unknown fascists of the future!!

Worth noting, however, that at some point during the last week or so, on the supposed cable news channel MSNBC, which appears more as a liberal’s editorial channel to this blogger, I heard Mr. Chris Matthews ask another anti-gun advocate if it would ever be possible that anyone in this nation realistically would ever need guns with significant fire power to defend themselves against the governments of the nation or against any other invading army. That is to say, Mr. Matthews asked if any guns with real fighting ability should be allowed to be owned by citizens at large.  As I have blogged previously, the Founding Fathers took for granted the ability to defend oneself and one’s property with deadly force, that was not the real impetus for the Right to bear arms.  The Right to bear arms was given so that the citizenry/sovereigns of the new nation of the United States of America could defend themselves from tyrannical armies from within and without of the nation (ie: as did the heroic Minutemen of American Revolution fame).  To answer Mr. Matthews question, then, LET’S SURMISE IT ALL TO SAY THAT WE WILL NEED GUNS WITH SUCH FIREPOWER WHEN THE FASCISTS COME TO TAKE THEM AWAY FROM US!! 

To be clear, I am no gun-toting fanatic nor am I a member of the NRA.  I don’t own any assault weapons nor do I feel the need to own any.  I am merely a realist and understand the inclination of many and their governments to lean towards fascist and non-pluralistic types of governments and societies.  The Right to bear arms helps to prevent the unjust subjugation of the populace!    

Anyone care to debate?

Adam Vernon Trotter

Regarding the widespread, continued, and senseless killings in our nation, I would add the following:

Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

Fuck the Stupid Drug War; Let’s Start a War on Violent Creeps!!!

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