Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Know Your Allies!

When looking to accomplish any goal, always look to identify who and where are one’s allies.  That is to say, always look to see who else supports the attainment of your goal and look to team with them towards the common goal.  Of course, some consortium of leadership might be required to accomplish any common goals when partnering with others. 

For example in the U.S.A., has anyone else noticed that both the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party Movement have/had essentially the same goals but are/were possibly approaching the common goal in the middle of their outlooks from the two opposite ends of the political spectrum, so to speak – this, irrespective of wherever it is to which the Occupy Movement disappeared as well as irrespective of any superficial notions regarding the mindsets maintained by the constituents of those two groups/movements in that these mindsets appear (or have been portrayed)  as totally/essentially diverging from one another?  Were their mindsets and goals portrayed as not compatible so that they would not team together?  Would they have teamed either way, with or without any divergent portrayals of their mindsets by the ‘mainstream’ media outlets (or whoever)?  Anyway, that’s where the common/consortium of leadership aspect has to step-in.  These groups (Occupy and Tea Party Movements) had no common leadership and likewise neither group appears to have been especially successful in accomplishing perceived goals to date – common or otherwise.  Maybe their goals needed better definition too, but…   Then again, the final chapter may have yet to be written on the matters, of course. 

(July, 2014)