Saturday, May 14, 2022

Hello from the Western Front - Historically Called California!


Hello from the Western Front – historically known as California!  Where you be at?  Those of us holding our ground here are still waiting for you.  Hurry-up, if you would.  Thanks.


AVT (May 2022) 

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The Virus Giveth what the Anti-Virus Taketh Away.


The virus giveth what the anti-virus taketh away.


It had seemed that the COVID-19/Corona Virus vaccine booster and Shingles vaccine injections – which were nearly forced upon me – had made my mind somewhat dull.  Low and behold, I contract the flu, and my mind seems to have returned to performance levels of its younger glory days. (Maybe, anyhow.)  Like…, maybe, as if the flu virus had pushed-out all that synthetic and unnatural anti-virus garbage from my system. 

AVT  (May 2022)


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Fun with Metaphors and Allegories


If I may:

Fun with metaphors and allegories,

for those who like a popular story,

from back in the day:

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