Monday, January 2, 2012

Military Weapon Causes Annual Bird Kill From Arkansas Sky?

January 2, 2012

For the second New Years Day in a row, dead black birds have fallen from the sky in the town of Beebe, Arkansas. And again, the press seems eerily quiet on the matter while officials predictably again blame ‘fireworks.’ As I wrote extensively on this happening last year, I could not resist commenting on the matter again today.

Last year, State of Arkansas fish and game officials reportedly stated that the deaths of the birds were due to the birds’ impact with the ground. So, something apparently did cause the birds to become disorientated during the night such that they would leave their roost and fly immediately to their deaths by colliding with the ground.

Again this year and par for the course of apparent disinformation, officials seem quick to blame fireworks for the deaths of the blackbirds yesterday – even though the town of Beebe reportedly imposed a moratorium on fireworks as soon as the birds started falling to their deaths. What’s more, if fireworks were to cause the mass deaths of birds, it would seem that upon returning from every Fourth of July celebration in the nation WE would have to dodge the never-ending collection of dead birds on the streets and sidewalks of our towns. So fireworks as the cause of the current birdkill sounds like a bullshit excuse of disinformation, in my opinion.

Oddly enough, no one is questioning the large object (or magnetic disturbance) reportedly detected on radar over the town of Beebe during the time immediately prior to the beginning of the birds’ final flights – flights which ended with the deaths of the birds upon collision with the earth below them. Even more odd, only an Australian newspaper (and maybe one other) reported on one eyewitness from Beebe who mentioned that for whatever reason he had his magnetic compass out when the carnage began and the compass spun in circles and was unable to find magnetic north. (See link and quote from The Australian below.) Furthermore, WE are now aware how many birds have internal compasses as part of their innate navigation system.

As such, WE can surely surmise that this latest birdkill is again the likely result of some magnetic weaponry being tested or utilized by the death-mongers of the war machine. In other words, the bird kills are a likely result of the Defense Department testing a new weapon which appears to be magnetic in nature. As one that worked for these type of war-mongers for nearly fifteen years, I can tell you that they often like to test their weaponry at unusual times of day and at unusual days on the calendar as well with the apparent prevailing thoughts being that if the general public is distracted with some other goings on, the public may not notice the strange happenings associated with any weapons testing. From my first-hand experience as a prior employee of DoD, I can also attest the fact that the individuals connected to the Defense Department will habitually tell any bold-faced lies to anyone if the lies are perceived to better the ends of the liar or the Defense Department. And, of course, WE are all aware of the potential for the war machine to test its weaponry on innocent and unsuspecting civilians anywhere on the globe. Ultimately, those who hold themselves above the law seem commonplace at nearly all levels within DoD.

As WE will likely never know the truth of this matter because the government-empowered Defense Department and those who work for it put their own agenda and needs above any concerns for the Taxpayers and above the welfare of the general public, in the end and as to the bigger picture, this matter again seems to show WE can not rely on our press to report the whole truth, WE can not rely on our Defense Departments to be honest, nor can WE seem to trust our governments to be forthright on any level.


Okay..., Okay. Let me a step back in light of the increasing numbers of news stories on this birdkill. Even if my distaste for those that endeavor to build weapons to kill people has colored my objectivity on this matter and even if my condemnation of the bastion of lawlessness that often is DoD has influenced my analysis of this latest birdkill in Beebe, if it were merely fireworks that caused the birdkill, why had it not happened every year prior to last New Year’s Day? Why have no locals from Beebe mentioned any massive blackbird-kills that would have accompanied every prior New Year’s celebration wherein fireworks must have also appeared as commonplace? And, finally, if in fact some creep intentionally and unlawfully set-out to recreate (or try to debunk) the massive birdkill of last year with fireworks this year, why did so few a number die this year when, as is currently being reported, such a birdkill was an intentional act? In other words, any intentional act from this year to incite a massive birdkill with such comparatively small results only makes last year’s birdkill look all the more ominous, in my opinion. Also, what of the massive fish kill and the unusual tornado that also accompanied these events last year?

This matter just amazes me in that it seems WE can not believe any source of information in this matter - least of which being DoD or OUR governments across the land.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Might I again suggest that WE repeal the 11th Amendment to the Constitution and also get rid of the typical money-grubbing sell-outs that we continually elect to run our nation - as well as those who run the departments such as DoD. For more information on this suggestion, start reading my blog. (I am no communist nor am I any socialist, either, btw.)

Dead birds fall from the sky in Arkansas
“Kevin McKinney, a Beebe resident, claimed something else must have been happening on Saturday night.
"Fireworks going off all night and all day - no problems!" he told KTHV. "But when the birds started dying, I had my compass out: it went crazy, spinning and unable to find north." ”

Arkansas town probes ‘intentional’ New Year’s blackbird deaths

Blackbird killings in Arkansas believed intentional

A comment worthy of note from the Reuters report:
Blackbirds are protected migratory birds. So to intentionally attempt to kill them would surely appear as illegal. Per: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Migratory Bird Program.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act

16 U.S.C. 703; § 703. Taking, killing, or possessing migratory birds unlawful.

If you think I am merely over-reacting to this matter, watch the video of former Governor Jesse Ventura when he tried to find out what was going on at the HAARP Project in Alaska. Not that I blindly believe anyone these days and I am aware that civilians can not just show up at a military installation and expect to be granted entry, but...

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11-11-11 Day, Repeal the Eleventh Amendment, I say!

A Just Government Fears Not…

FOLLOW-ON POST, November 18th, 2014
Interesting that the television show "Unsealed: Alien Files" said in 12:30 AM show yesterday (Nov. 17th, 2014) on KTLA that a UFO "Mother-ship" was in the sky over the southern USA the night of the massive bird-kill in Bebe Arkansas back in December 2010. See: