Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fascists on Power-Trips: The NSA and IRS. …Flush ‘Em!

June 9th, 2013

As recently reported news stories have apparently shown, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the National Security Agency (NSA) have routinely practiced an unwarranted targeting of millions of Americans for harassment (IRS) and spying (NSA).  All these policies and unconstitutional indiscretions levied upon us by these Federal agencies were done so courtesy of our tax-dollars, it should be remembered.

As We now know, the IRS has reportedly singled-out millions of Americans and political groups for harassment because the targeted individuals and groups did not politically agree with the ideals of the current politicians in power in Washington, DC – or so it seems, all with the apparent blessings of those in power and for however long all this has been happening.  I am personally aware of medical doctors and their staff who were audited by the IRS apparently because these individuals spoke their opinions against the ‘Obama-care’ national healthcare plan, as but one example.

The NSA, for its part, has reportedly targeted millions of regular Americans for spying.  Per those reports, in addition to spying on news reporters, this spying by the NSA included forcing internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, and AOL (to name a few) to make available all internet records / transactions / conversations undertaken by essentially any and all Americans – or so it is being reported.  The NSA has been blanket-spying on blogs, phone records, emails, instant messages, and any electronic correspondence to see if any Americans might be speaking on subjects or in  a manner to which the NSA or other apparent-fascists in Washington would not approve.  (Have We seen happenings like this before in our Nation’s history?)

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin himself is credited as saying: “when one sacrifices liberty for safety, they end up with neither” or “deserve neither;” or something to that extent.  I would offer that agencies like the NSA and the IRS operate in no other manner than to sacrifice liberties and have not even offered any safety in return for the transgressions of these agencies.  More to the point, it’s like what a clergyman told me years ago, “…if you can’t tell others what you are doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”  (See:  If you can’t tell others what you are doing, you probably should not be doing it.  Ironic all the more in that the current President seemed to come into Office with that clergyman’s tone of decency towards individual rights of privacy and also in opposition to clandestine government operations – or so the President once mentioned anyhow.  I guess the President has since changed his opinion on any such fairness and clandestine government actions, apparently.

Hey NSA…, have you been spying on my blog and my phone records too?  Were you able to understand my blog or did it speak too much of freedom for you to relate to it? 

Hey IRS…, are you ‘gonna audit my tax returns and take my assets too?  To be frank, I don’t care.  You know why?  Because I try to be honest and abide by our laws, even if the laws do not maybe always appear as just – such as with your tax code.  Can you relate?

To the NSA folks in Fort Meade and elsewhere, maybe you can get a hall-pass to go to a computer that allows you to email to the outside world and send me a response to this blog?  Let’s face it, if agencies such as the NSA cant even trust their own employees – and the NSA tends to hire more spies as employees than most any other employer anyhow, what good are they to the American public – especially now that the agency has reportedly turned its ‘evil eye’ on the American public at large?  And as far as we can tell this apparently fascist-leaning NSA agency hasn’t even made it any safer for the American public anyhow.  Do We need to remember the latest Boston Massacre where our intelligence community reportedly ignored advanced warnings about the loser bomber creeps - where this advance information was provided by the Russians?  Or, what about the Ft. Hood creep whereby the loser-homicidal creep was one of their/our own DoD employees (who is still receiving his Army pay check, btw; see link below)?  Or, what about the would-be Times Square bomber in 2010, where only the diligence and inquisitive nature of a local NYC beat-cop and street vendor prevented the massacre?  With a record like that…, like…, how much taxpayer money do we give the NSA anyhow?  Oh yea, We probably are not allowed to know that dollar figure as that is classified information – even though its our tax dollars.  While We’re at it, We should vote out of office all the politicians in the intelligence committees too – they also seem as much inept dorks as those at the NSA!

As for the IRS, I suggest We get rid of this likely unconstitutional agency all together.  Simply go to a flat tax if income taxes must be collected.  Merely let the computers verify all the submitted information and save the money wasted on these IRS dorks and their lavish million dollar parties in Las Vegas too (or Anaheim, or wherever, See: IRS officials tied to conference spending put on leave, !  Income tax is likely to be unconstitutional anyhow.  If it were not, the Founding Fathers would have implemented it themselves.

Do I sound irked with this blog?  That’s because I am!  Anytime the People’s tax-dollars are utilized to the detriment of the People and the Nation, I am perturbed!  Quashing the People's Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression is a detriment to the Nation.  My opinions and my words are how I respond in kind.  Should this response Rightly be classified as nearly illegal or ‘suspicious’ to the folks at the NSA or the IRS?  Should I then be singled-out for special harassment by the logic of these fascist-leaning Federal agencies for exercising my First Amendment Rights?  Good thing for me that these agencies don’t actually make the laws, huh?  Unfortunately for all of Us, however, these agencies apparently do seem to enforce the laws as these agencies desire, nevertheless.

In the end, I say We dump ‘em and flush these fascist-leaning agencies known as the IRS and the NSA.  What do you say, reader of this blog entry? The Federal government seems to have become so bloated and contrary to the principles of the Nation that it no longer seems to serve the Populace as is the mandate of all of our tax-funded governments across the land, per the Federal Constitution – at least in my opinion.  It appears it’s time to save our tax money and start to trim down the governments.  I say we start by dumpin’ both the IRS and the NSA.  The recent fascist behavior of these agencies shows I am likely justified in my opinion!

Adam Vernon Trotter

PS.  It could have been the IRS harassing the news reporters and  not the NSA.  I've lost track of the many exact details at this point. Ultimately, it is all the same in my book. 

often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

( sometimes initial capital letter ) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
( sometimes initial capital letter ) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
( initial capital letter ) a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.
1915–20; < Italian fascismo, equivalent to fasc(io) bundle, political group (see fasces) + -ismo –ism

Note: Today, the term fascist is used loosely to refer to military dictatorships, as well as governments or individuals that profess racism and that act in an arbitrary, high-handed manner.

Conservative leaders detail IRS harassment 
(me/AVT:  funny how much of the news media tries its best to make it a partisan issue based on party lines, as that is all most of the media seems to see)

NSA claims know-how to ensure no illegal spying 
(me/AVT:  Despite admitting nearly everything I wrote above, it’s funny how even Boston 'liberals' seem to be defending the NSA fascists.  Would they feel the same had it not been a ‘liberal’ Democratic Administration in power of which they surely support?  I doubt it!)

Julian Assange: NSA, FBI programs amount to "mass spying" on Americans

Russian official: US ‘ignored Boston bombers warning’

Bomb suspects planned second attack: Times Square

2010 Times Square car bombing attempt

Ben Franklin Quotes

(me/AVT: since writing the above blog entry, the NSA whistleblower reportedly has come forward or has had his identity revealed while the whistleblower is reportedly in hiding oversees  ,See:

The Guardian Reveals Identity of NSA Whistleblower [Updated]

much of the content of my blog entry above rests on the assumption of truth of these allegations as the allegations have been reported.  As the President did not seem to disagree with these reported allegations, We appear justified to assume the allegations are based on Truth.  AVT )

After thought, April 3rd, 2014:
I might have to reconsider my thoughts on Snowden and the NSA in general, maybe. But again, never really know... But this link below is an interesting point of view and could be correct and offers new insights too.

Russia evades US SIGINT surveillance – Has Snowden turned spy? 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Armed Robber Killed by Armed Resident, Texas City.

June 3rd, 2013

As I have blogged several times before, when the would-be victim is armed with a defensive firearm, the violent creeps often end up with more than they bargained for. 

The factual basis for this blog was originally reported as a home invasion robbery by Houston television news.  But the story eventually changed to one where the homeowner had returned home and got out of his car to be confronted in his driveway by two masked robbers who were also armed – or so it is reported.

But this story has a different ending than most:

Unlike jurisdictions where the populace has been emasculated to the point where laws prevent the innocent from adequately defending themselves with firearms regardless of the situation, in places such as Texas, homeowners typically are not prevented by statutory law from defending themselves with lethal force on their own property.

It is stories such as this one that lend themselves to my logic which states that all decent folk should be armed with defensive firearms to weed-out the violent creeps who remain free among us.  If you don’t agree with me, do a Google search of home invasions and robberies in your area and see how many of the defenseless home owners and victims end up murdered by these lawless creeps. 

What do you say, Mayor Bloomberg?  Is this merely another death caused by handguns on the list maintained by your anti-gun group?  In your jurisdiction, this homeowner would likely be charged with murder as he is still alive to defend against any such charges, correct?  It seems in jurisdictions like yours, the defense of the criminal’s rights is the primary concern of the law.  Fortunately, some jurisdictions – such as most of them in Texas – do not agree with the perspective of NYC laws.  In places like Texas, the violent creeps deserve whatever misfortune befalls them as a result of the creep’s lawless behavior. 

In reality, we can only wonder how many other lives may have saved by this properly placed handgun which was in the hands of the Texas City homeowner.  How many others in the house were saved by this handgun?  How many others may have been spared the grief of coming home to find this creep waiting in the driveway to rob them, had this creep not been removed from society at-large by this Texas City homeowner?


Texas City robbery suspect dies after exchanging gunfire with victim

This is how we do it in Texas

Saturday, June 1, 2013

U.S. Government Buys All Small Arms Ammunition Casings in Marketplace

May 31st, 2013

The Federal government and/or the current presidential administration has apparently decided that since it can’t rally the support to outlaw guns across the nation, it will unilaterally buy all the ammunition casings so that no firearms ammunition can be made for civilians to purchase.  For instance, along with many other types of ammunition, there essentially appears to be no .22 Long caliber rounds for sale anywhere in the Southwestern portion of the nation.  The merchants selling these products all state that the shortage of ammunition for sale is because the Federal government has bought the nation’s entire supply of shell casings for whatever stated reason. 

It seems that the government has determined there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to revoking any Constitutional Rights to bear arms – an enumerated power left to the American populace by the Nation’s Founding Fathers and a Right of which the current administration and its allies obviously don’t approve.  Of course, as a self-professed Constitutionalist, I have previously blogged on this matter several times.


Homeland Security under investigation for massive ammo buys

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