Sunday, April 10, 2016

Emigrate to Make the New Place the Same as the Old Place?

April 2nd, 2016

Odd how when peoples emigrate from their family homeland to a new and different nation, that so often those same groups of people or their offspring try to instill in the new land the same absurdities and idiosyncrasies of the place from which they left.  Moreover, often those same absurdities are the very reason that caused those peoples to leave the family homeland in the first place.  Such absurdities can include forms of governments, forms of economic policies, forms of religion, forms of law – up to and including what constitutes a legal killing of another individual.  To demand such change in a new and different yet already lawfully established nation or any demands for changes to the way of life in the new land seem to reflect an unwillingness or inability of the new residents to assimilate and/or acculturate in the new homeland, for whatever the reason.  To demand sameness in the new nation also appears to reflect an ignorance or maybe an intolerance which need not be accepted lightly by the established inhabitants of that new homeland – in my opinion and depending on what type of change is demanded, of course.  In other words, it seems ridiculous for one to emigrate from a nation and then demand the new homeland change to become the same as the typically dysfunctional nation from where one left.  

I trust the high-brow, intolerant, and holier-than-thou types among us won’t read too much more into this blog entry than what is stated and intended by these words.  However, realistically, if one is unable to acculturate or assimilate into a new land and lifestyle and for anyone to demand everything to be as it was in one’s original family homeland, then those unrealistic folks would probably be best advised to stay where they are and work/fight to change their original homeland into what they desire of that place – instead of relocating to a new place only to demand that the new place become of the same dysfunctions as the place from where they emigrated. 
Adam Trotter