Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Moore’s New movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” Seems to Miss the Point.

Sept. 26th, 2009

While Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” appears to deserve applause regarding its efforts to enlighten the American people concerning the latest crimes that the banking/financial sector may have perpetrated against the nation, it seems to miss the point. Of course given the date of this blog, I have yet to see the film as it has yet to be released; however, I watched much of Mr. Moore’s interview with Larry King the other night wherein Moore explained his allegations. Assuming that his representations of the facts are genuine, it would seem that the movie does not delve deep enough into the situation to show the likely true damages that the banking/financial sectors seem to have brought upon us through activities which surely caused the latest depression / recession. The true crime at hand is not merely that the bankers (particularly the Federal Reserve System, most likely) and the government officials performed no oversight of the financial sectors that culminated in the latest recession. In my opinion, the true crime is that the bankers (Federal Reserve System) and the government officials seem to have intended to create the situation that necessitated an eventual recession / depression. To illuminate this fact, one only needs to look at the monetary exchange rates over the last few years; one has to wonder how many Euros the Federal Reserve and the nation’s bankers were purchasing when the Euro appreciated and nearly doubled its exchange value versus the dollar - which concurrently drove the value of the dollar into the ‘mud.’ Surely, for the Fed and the government to allow the dollar to be devalued to such an extent as it has been in recent times (through seigniorage, inflation tax, stimulus bills, bail-outs, etc.) either represents an absurdity in judgment or evidence of a more sinister plan – regardless of original intentions and whether such maintained the unlikely aim of benefiting the populace of the nation. Ultimately, a 'more sinister' justification is probable for the actions of the banking/financial sectors because the one thing that we can use as a ‘baseline’ in any deduced intent [of the financial sectors] concerning the current financial mess of the American economy is that we can be sure that the banks want all the money they can amass and horde, regardless of all else. Once again, I reiterate from previous blogs: it would probably be best if the American government controlled our currency and not a banking cartel.

PS. Please be hereby reminded that the Federal Reserve System is not a government agency, claims no fiduciary responsibility to any external entity, and often speaks of seeking arbitrage opportunities in its documents / meetings.

PSS. IN ALL FAIRNESS TO MR. MOORE, however, I have not seen his latest film and therefore I could stand to be corrected with this blog. When/if I have the opportunity to see this film and perchance Mr. Moore does, in fact, agree with my point about the true crimes concerning the latest financial and economic mess facing the nation [that the actions of the financial sector demanded or possibly intended such a recession / depression regardless of oversight], I would then stand corrected. When/if such a set of occurrences should come to pass, I would post that I was in error with the sentiment of this blog and likely remove the blog sometime thereafter.