Sunday, August 11, 2019

Hoping for Result “A” While Getting Result “B.” The Government and Gun Control Laws.

Our nation’s governments are historically inept – at least during the most recent decades.  That is to say, when the government(s) try to solve one problem, it always merely creates another different problem.  Why would the outcome of any gun-control laws be any different?  

For instance, the government(s) could try to outlaw guns all together or make guns nearly impossible to buy – such as it is here in most of California.  As a result, then, only the criminals would have guns while leaving everyone else defenseless to those criminals with guns.  Does anyone think of California as a safe place to walk through dark urban alleys late at night by oneself?  I doubt it.  For more examples, we can look to Washington, D.C., and New York City, the places with the claimed “strictest” gun-control laws in the nation.  Would anyone feel especially safe walking though dark, desolate alleys in those cities by oneself?  I doubt that too.   So, leaving only the criminals to own guns does not make any place any safer.  Again, as I’ve blogged previously, criminals don’t care about gun laws (or any laws), that’s why they are called "criminals."

Equally as important and also as ironic, when faced with a violent creep on a homicidal rampage, or merely looking to defend oneself from wrongful attack, a gun is typically the only viable defense available to many.  What does the government hope to achieve or what does it think will be the likely result when it takes guns away from the law-abiding populace?  Whatever it hopes, the likely result will be to leave the populace defenseless to the never-ending numbers of violent creeps who roam freely among the populace looking for defenseless and easy victims for the creep to attack.  To take guns away from the law-abiding populace, the governments of our land would merely be signaling that most folks do not maintain the ability to defend themselves from attack.  As an example of where lack of guns leaves the innocent defenseless, we can look to the Fort Hood shootings – where the shootings happened on Federal property and where gun control laws are among the most stringent; yet even with those gun-control laws on Federal property, those laws only accomplished to leave the innocent totally defenseless to a homicidal maniac.

Another possible result of outlawing or banning guns would be to create an “underground market” or “black market” for guns.  Thereby creating opportunities for folks in the military and law-enforcement sectors to sell guns stolen from entities in those sectors – which probably happens in the rest of the world where guns are illegal.  Such would create a whole new stream of revenue for scofflaws in those sectors.  Because, if there is a demand for any item, there will be those who look to supply that demand.  One only needs to look at the demand for illegal drugs in the nation and the governments’ long-standing yet ineffectual war on drugs as but one example of demand driving an illegal supply. 

Or, maybe, with gun-control laws the governments are simply looking to have another reason to throw throngs of the populace in prison.  Clearly, the government gains some benefit/profit for having so much of the populace in prison – even if only for victimless crimes.  Now that certain drugs such as marijuana are becoming decriminalized and legal in much of the nation, does the government need a new source of prisoners for any slave labor that takes place in those prisons?

Anyway, I assume it’s still legal to speak and express one’s opinion on such subjects as addressed in this blog entry.  No doubt, time will likely tell.

Adam Trotter (August, 2019)

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