Friday, June 18, 2010

On Doubling the Efficiency of Electrical Generators and Motors…..

On Doubling the Efficiency of Electrical Generators and Motors…..

June 18th, 2010


Adam Trotter, P.E. / AVT

Concerning the Armature Motor and Electrical Generator We Commonly Know as the Moon Orbiting the Earth….

Concerning the Armature Motor and Electrical Generator We Commonly Know as the Moon Orbiting the Earth….

June 18th, 2010


Adam Trotter P.E. / AVT

The ‘Captain’ Likes Trucks.

Check it out. It might still sort of be in draft form, maybe. I might come back and massage/edit it abit more. But...., maybe not.

Either way, should you choose to read it, I hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To the Gulf of Mexico States and Communities Affected by the Deepwater Oil Well Spill…..

June 16th, 2010

To the Gulf coast states and communities that are/will be affected by this never-ending Deepwater oil well spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, as fellow Americans you will not be forsaken in this matter. There are many of us waiting to come and help you in this matter, when and if we can – I’m sure. You understand, at this point, the powers-that-be are discouraging us from physically coming to help clean up the oil mess arriving on your shores – preference appears to be currently given to the residents of your state penitentiaries for this task. Have no doubt; we will eventually come to help, nevertheless. Should you need us sooner than your State and Federal governments wish to admit, then you should sound the call for our assistance with or without your governments’ blessing. We will answer your call for aid to help in this clean up effort. Either way, as fellow Americans, I don’t believe the rest of us will allow you and your beaches to ‘take it on the chin’ for the rest of the nation. As I said above, you will not be forsaken in this matter. I will not forsake you in this matter.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Of course, be aware, if the governments and corporations involved in this environmental disaster were inclined to pay some amount of wage and/or a portion of the prohibitive expenses for help to arrive (such as lodging, gasoline, and food), such would be beneficial as well - given the millions of currently unemployed citizens with time to help but no means to do so, no doubt.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rare-Earth Metals Abundant in Afghanistan?

June 14th, 2010

It was reported on several news sources this evening (Fox Cable News for one), that a report was released by the U.S. Department of Defense that "over one trillion dollars of rare-earth metals are likely to be found in the ground of Afghanistan" and such mineral deposits may likely amount to be the "Saudi Arabia of lithium" – a rare earth metal used for batteries and keeping some people mentally ‘balanced’ as well.

I wonder, how long has this information been known to the Pentagon and the corporate world? Is this a true motivating factor for on-going military actions in Afghanistan? What caused the U.S. military to determine this information? Aren’t they in Afghanistan for reasons other than exploring for rare-earth minerals? As such, is this military action in Afghanistan being continued in anticipation of the Chinese government’s expressed intentions to decrease its exportation of rare-earth metals to the rest of the world (as reported on PBS National News this evening, New York WNET TV Channel 13)?

I mean…., is this all a coincidence or is there no end to the dishonesty and evil that can emanate from Washington and the corporate world?

Given such a quandary as to what motivates modern U.S. military actions, I have to wonder, could there be any amount of truth to the conspiracy theories that claim the incident that brought us to Afghanistan in the first place was orchestrated so that we would go and control this reported windfall of rare-earth metals? I hope not. But where are all the bad guys and our reported enemies in these regions? Are the bad guys in this region living in cobalt and titanium caves smoking lithium laced opium? Either way, could they really be a threat to us any longer – assuming, arguendo, that they were ever any threat at all? Whose fight is being fought in Afghanistan and what is the desired outcome? How and when will victory ever be declared? Is victory defined as when the west controls all these rare-earth metals in the ground of Afghanistan?

As Americans, are we still allowed to ask questions such as these?

Adam Trotter / AVT

After thought, Dec. 17th 2010: Apparently it has long been known to geologists of the vast resources of rare-earth metals in Afghanistan. I didnt know.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Concerning the BP Oil Spill and Federal Government Ineptitude.

And the Award for Biggest U.S. Federal Government Mistake of the New Millennium goes to……….

[As much as this blog is to show the blunders of the current presidential administration during this on-going environmental disaster, it is a testament to the ineptitude of our Federal government system to effect any meaningful result when the nation desperately needs action. Such Federal government ineptitude, as seen in this matter, was not solely invented with the latest administration, however – I can assure you.]

June 9th, 2010

Concerning the seemingly never-ending environmental disaster in the making, the biggest U.S. Federal government mistake / most idiotic government decision of the new millennium would be the timing of the recent US Federal Government’s promise to hold BP Corporation legally responsible for both criminal wrong-doings and, of course, civil damages and liabilities associated with the oil spill / well leak in the Gulf of Mexico; with such a promise being put forward at a point in time in which the government most needs BP’s full cooperation to curtail the disaster environmentally - and politically.

As a simple example of the stupidity of such a legal threat/promise, what do even the most elementary of minds know to do when threatened with criminal legal action? What does every attorney tell a client to do when facing criminal action? SAY NOTHING, THAT”S WHAT!!!! Do you think BP might be listening to its lawyers regarding this matter?

The point of the matter is that the nation and the environment desperately need BP’s help and resources to clean up this mess. As the government has shown us time and time again, it can charge anyone with any infractions of ‘law’ anytime it desires. The defendant is then typically allowed to defend itself. As the government has also shown us time and time again, it can entice the judges to sweep the government’s wrong-doings under the carpet and out of sight. So, what would anyone have to gain by threatening the corporate executives of BP at this point in time? We need to fix the problem first.

So, in the end….., the disaster goes on…and on….and…..

Adam Trotter

PS. The Government should enlist some of the others that say they might have valid solutions to the oil spill disaster! However, I’m confident that the civilian employees of our government are of the mindset that if the government employees can’t fix a problem, no average citizen will be able to either. It appears the Federal government’s own arrogance will swallow them whole in this matter. And, regardless of whose administration, the modern Federal government is plenty full of arrogance, from top to bottom - from what I have ever seen of it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thomas Jefferson and the Federal Reserve System.

June 7th, 2010

As shown by the Jefferson Papers maintained and posted by the Avalon Project at Yale Law School, it is doubtful Jefferson would have supported any national banking system such as the Federal Reserve System. See: .

Maybe its time we revisit the thoughts of the nation’s founding fathers as we reassess what has become of our nation’s governments and the Constitutionality of same – Federal or otherwise. For anyone that cares, we must ask, how did we progress to where we now stand? And, upon what shaky foundations are our financial and political systems now based? Are these foundations legitimate or merely a result of an unknowing public and slick maneuvers? Also, who is responsible for any questionable allowances in light of the Constitution that may continue forward from this/whatever day? Have the current political and financial systems '...reduce[d] the whole to one power...' ?

Adam Trotter / AVT

From Jefferson’s Opinion on the Constitutionality of a Federal Bank: 1791

“…If has been urged that a bank will give great facility or convenience in the collection of taxes, Suppose this were true: yet the Constitution allows only the means which are "necessary," not those which are merely "convenient" for effecting the enumerated powers. If such a latitude of construction be allowed to this phrase as to give any non-enumerated power, it will go to everyone, for there is not one which ingenuity may not torture into a convenience in some instance or other, to some one of so long a list of enumerated powers. It would swallow up all the delegated powers, and reduce the whole to one power, as before observed. Therefore it was that the Constitution restrained them to the necessary means, that is to say, to those means without which the grant of power would be nugatory…”

“…Perhaps, indeed, bank bills may be a more convenient vehicle than treasury orders. But a little difference in the degree of convenience cannot constitute the necessity which the Constitution makes the ground for assuming any non-enumerated power.
Besides, the existing banks will, without a doubt, enter into arrangements for lending their agency, and the more favorable, as there will be a competition among them for it; whereas the bill delivers us up bound to the national bank, who are free to refuse all arrangement, but on their own terms, and the public not free, on such refusal, to employ any other bank. …”

“…It may be said that a bank whose bills would have a currency all over the States, would be more convenient than one whose currency is limited to a single State. So it would be still more convenient that there should be a bank, whose bills should have a currency all over the world. But it does not follow from this superior conveniency, that there exists anywhere a power to establish such a bank; or that the world may not go on very well without it.
Can it be thought that the Constitution intended that for a shade or two of convenience, more or less, Congress should be authorized to break down the most ancient and fundamental laws of the several States; such as those against Mortmain, the laws of Alienage, the rules of descent, the acts of distribution, the laws of escheat and forfeiture, the laws of monopoly? Nothing but a necessity invincible by any other means, can justify such a prostitution of laws, which constitute the pillars of our whole system of jurisprudence. Will Congress be too strait-laced to carry the Constitution into honest effect, unless they may pass over the foundation-laws of the State government for the slightest convenience of theirs ? …”



Mortmain: (remember, it is Wikipedia, so….)

More History of Mortmain:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Could Help Bolster Your Ranks, Yes.

Sunday. June 6th, 2010

Yea, I could probably help to increase your numbers.

Adam Trotter / AVT