Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To the Gulf of Mexico States and Communities Affected by the Deepwater Oil Well Spill…..

June 16th, 2010

To the Gulf coast states and communities that are/will be affected by this never-ending Deepwater oil well spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, as fellow Americans you will not be forsaken in this matter. There are many of us waiting to come and help you in this matter, when and if we can – I’m sure. You understand, at this point, the powers-that-be are discouraging us from physically coming to help clean up the oil mess arriving on your shores – preference appears to be currently given to the residents of your state penitentiaries for this task. Have no doubt; we will eventually come to help, nevertheless. Should you need us sooner than your State and Federal governments wish to admit, then you should sound the call for our assistance with or without your governments’ blessing. We will answer your call for aid to help in this clean up effort. Either way, as fellow Americans, I don’t believe the rest of us will allow you and your beaches to ‘take it on the chin’ for the rest of the nation. As I said above, you will not be forsaken in this matter. I will not forsake you in this matter.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Of course, be aware, if the governments and corporations involved in this environmental disaster were inclined to pay some amount of wage and/or a portion of the prohibitive expenses for help to arrive (such as lodging, gasoline, and food), such would be beneficial as well - given the millions of currently unemployed citizens with time to help but no means to do so, no doubt.

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