Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rare-Earth Metals Abundant in Afghanistan?

June 14th, 2010

It was reported on several news sources this evening (Fox Cable News for one), that a report was released by the U.S. Department of Defense that "over one trillion dollars of rare-earth metals are likely to be found in the ground of Afghanistan" and such mineral deposits may likely amount to be the "Saudi Arabia of lithium" – a rare earth metal used for batteries and keeping some people mentally ‘balanced’ as well.

I wonder, how long has this information been known to the Pentagon and the corporate world? Is this a true motivating factor for on-going military actions in Afghanistan? What caused the U.S. military to determine this information? Aren’t they in Afghanistan for reasons other than exploring for rare-earth minerals? As such, is this military action in Afghanistan being continued in anticipation of the Chinese government’s expressed intentions to decrease its exportation of rare-earth metals to the rest of the world (as reported on PBS National News this evening, New York WNET TV Channel 13)?

I mean…., is this all a coincidence or is there no end to the dishonesty and evil that can emanate from Washington and the corporate world?

Given such a quandary as to what motivates modern U.S. military actions, I have to wonder, could there be any amount of truth to the conspiracy theories that claim the incident that brought us to Afghanistan in the first place was orchestrated so that we would go and control this reported windfall of rare-earth metals? I hope not. But where are all the bad guys and our reported enemies in these regions? Are the bad guys in this region living in cobalt and titanium caves smoking lithium laced opium? Either way, could they really be a threat to us any longer – assuming, arguendo, that they were ever any threat at all? Whose fight is being fought in Afghanistan and what is the desired outcome? How and when will victory ever be declared? Is victory defined as when the west controls all these rare-earth metals in the ground of Afghanistan?

As Americans, are we still allowed to ask questions such as these?

Adam Trotter / AVT

After thought, Dec. 17th 2010: Apparently it has long been known to geologists of the vast resources of rare-earth metals in Afghanistan. I didnt know.

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