Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Concerning the BP Oil Spill and Federal Government Ineptitude.

And the Award for Biggest U.S. Federal Government Mistake of the New Millennium goes to……….

[As much as this blog is to show the blunders of the current presidential administration during this on-going environmental disaster, it is a testament to the ineptitude of our Federal government system to effect any meaningful result when the nation desperately needs action. Such Federal government ineptitude, as seen in this matter, was not solely invented with the latest administration, however – I can assure you.]

June 9th, 2010

Concerning the seemingly never-ending environmental disaster in the making, the biggest U.S. Federal government mistake / most idiotic government decision of the new millennium would be the timing of the recent US Federal Government’s promise to hold BP Corporation legally responsible for both criminal wrong-doings and, of course, civil damages and liabilities associated with the oil spill / well leak in the Gulf of Mexico; with such a promise being put forward at a point in time in which the government most needs BP’s full cooperation to curtail the disaster environmentally - and politically.

As a simple example of the stupidity of such a legal threat/promise, what do even the most elementary of minds know to do when threatened with criminal legal action? What does every attorney tell a client to do when facing criminal action? SAY NOTHING, THAT”S WHAT!!!! Do you think BP might be listening to its lawyers regarding this matter?

The point of the matter is that the nation and the environment desperately need BP’s help and resources to clean up this mess. As the government has shown us time and time again, it can charge anyone with any infractions of ‘law’ anytime it desires. The defendant is then typically allowed to defend itself. As the government has also shown us time and time again, it can entice the judges to sweep the government’s wrong-doings under the carpet and out of sight. So, what would anyone have to gain by threatening the corporate executives of BP at this point in time? We need to fix the problem first.

So, in the end….., the disaster goes on…and on….and…..

Adam Trotter

PS. The Government should enlist some of the others that say they might have valid solutions to the oil spill disaster! However, I’m confident that the civilian employees of our government are of the mindset that if the government employees can’t fix a problem, no average citizen will be able to either. It appears the Federal government’s own arrogance will swallow them whole in this matter. And, regardless of whose administration, the modern Federal government is plenty full of arrogance, from top to bottom - from what I have ever seen of it.