Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Innocent Victims Deserve a Vote! I agree. But...

February 13th, 2013

Yes, Mr. President, as you said in your State of the Union Address last night (Feb 12th, 2013), the innocent victims definitely deserve a vote on the issue of gun control.  No doubt, the innocent victims from the horrific events in our recent history which were brought forth by the actions of insane, murderous individuals, the innocent victims of those tragedies should have a say in the national debate on gun control!  I agree with you.  But…:

My point is…, that if it were my vote and I were ever in a situation whereby I was confronted by an evil homicidal maniac, and he were shooting and killing innocent people all around me, I would vote to be able to have a gun in my hand to shoot back at the idiotic creep!  I want to have the legal ability to defend the decent folks in the crowd – at least until the law enforcement authorities arrive to battle the homicidal creep, albeit maybe fifteen minutes to two hours after the creep has started hurting people might the cops arrive. 

What’s more, it would be even better if other decent folks around me also had guns to shoot back at the evil creep too!  And with this blog entry, I’m not even addressing any Constitutional argument as to why the citizens should be allowed firearms – I’m, just talking common sense.  Because as you may have noticed, the criminals don’t care about gun laws anyhow; to make guns illegal only diminishes the law-abider's ability to defend themselves from attack.

And, if you can not understand my preference of having other decent folk in the vicinity also armed to shoot back at the homicidal creep – at least until the cops arrive, it’s because I have something that you and those like you obviously don’t:  FAITH IN MY FELLOW AMERICANS to be able to determine at whom they should be shooting – namely, shooting at the evil creep injuring all the innocent people!!!  Should it be necessary to explain all this further, I mean…, if the crazed creep can manage to pick targets out of a crowd, I am confident that my fellow decent and law-abiding American can also pick a proper target to shoot at too.  Again, the target for the good folks would be the evil creep killing the innocent folks around us – in that hypothetical situation of which I would wish upon no one, it should be noted.  

Realistically, I can not imagine a situation whereby I would go to see a movie or ride on public transportation - or the like - and ever think that I would actually have a need to carry a defensive firearm.  However, again my point is, that should the situation ever arise that a defensive firearm was necessary to keep a violent creep at bay, a decent civilian should not become a criminal merely because they have a defensive firearm when and if such were ever needed.  That is, it should not be illegal for folks to carry defensive firearms because one never knows when such might be needed - as our recent history has shown us again and again.  We can not count on the governments to defend us from these creeps and, in fact, the police have no real legal duty to protect us from them anyhow - as it turns out.

In the end and as history has shown many times before, violent creeps only seem to understand one thing, and that one thing they understand is another individual’s ability to defend themselves from attack by the violent creeps!  Gun laws, such as those in New York City, only broadcast to the violent creeps that law-abiding citizens will not have defensive firearms and are therefore unable to defend themselves against attack – just as the law-abiding victims were unable to adequately defend themselves on that Long Island Railroad ride of a couple of decades ago.

You and those like you, armed with your fear-mongering and your lack of faith in the common-sense abilities of Americans everywhere, seem to be unable to grasp why folks like me would desire the ability to defend ourselves from attack by having access to defensive firearms regardless if such equated to having firearms sold in the marketplace.  Quite frankly, to the rest of us, we can’t understand why you would not want the decent, law-abiding, and innocent folks to be able to defend themselves (/ourselves) from attack, especially if the only reliable way to do so was to be armed with a defensive firearm!

Adam Vernon Trotter

A Just Government Fears Not…

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Was the Notorious John Brown of the Mid-1800’s a Terrorist? A Note to MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

Feb. 10th, 2013

One of my other blog entries has been getting a great deal of hits lately.  So, I thought I would post a link to it here for anyone else that might be interested in it as well.


Was the Notorious John Brown of the Mid-1800’s a Terrorist? A Note to MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”