Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hofstra Killing: More ‘Liberal Agenda’ Absurdities!

May 19th, 2013

To begin with, I wish to pass along my condolences to the victim and to her friends and family as well as to the Hofstra University community for their loss.  The victim, Ms. Andrea Rebello, appears as yet another martyr to the absurdities of our times. 

See: Hofstra Student Fatally Shot in Home Invasion Near Campus,  And, Long Island police defend Hofstra student killing,  Cops fired bullet that killed Hofstra student Andrea Rebello during botched robbery: authorities,


With regrets…,

The recent killing of a Hofstra University student as the result of a violent creep breaking-into the female student's off-campus apartment again displays the absurdities of what we can call the ‘liberal agenda’ of the current leadership in states such as New York.  Essentially, the circumstance of the death of the innocent victim as it is currently understood at the time of this writing includes the fact that a violent creep broke-into the female student’s off-campus apartment near the university.  When the police came to the scene to rescue her, they killed the violent creep but also apparently shot and killed the innocent victim as well.  The violent creep reportedly had been only recently released from prison and was currently on parole.  

This matter again shows the many fatal flaws of the much subscribed ‘liberal agenda’ across our nation.  By ‘liberal agenda’ and its flaws, I mean that the current ‘liberal’ leadership of states such as New York seem willing to let nearly any violent creep out of prison while concurrently this same ‘liberal’ leadership refuses to allow the decent and law-abiding folks to have and bear firearms to defend themselves from violent attack – attack often brought about by those who should otherwise have been institutionalized if not for the policies of any given dysfunctional leadership in power. 

When trouble breaks-out, as it so often seems to do time and time again throughout our states, these same ‘liberal’ leaders expect the populace to merely wait at the mercy of the local police departments – police who generally have no legal duty to protect us at all, it must be noted.  When the police eventually respond, be it quickly or otherwise, there is no guaranty that the innocent will be any safer in the end, as it often turns out.  Regardless of any Constitutional issues, the ‘liberal’ leaders then still prefer to disallow the citizenry any right to defend ourselves by carrying firearms and often deny that the citizenry should be allowed to defend our homes and families with firearms in many cases as well, or so it seems.  And, the ‘liberal’ laws enacted to these ends seem to reflect such an ignorance and appear typically buried in the same psychological denial of the aforementioned lawmakers as well.


Well…, what do you say, Mayor Bloomberg?  Should this innocent victim not have been allowed to have a firearm to defend herself (which she did not have, apparently)?  Was she safer without having the ability to defend herself with a firearm?  We can be fairly sure the violent creep probably knew that a female college student on Long Island would not have a defensive handgun in her apartment, given the typically unconstitutional laws against the right to bear arms in many places under the control of the ‘liberal agenda’ such as in places like Long Island and the greater New York City area.  Of course, we know that in New York, even if she did have a gun and shot the creep at first site inside her apartment, the leaders of the ‘liberal agenda’ would have likely charged her with murder in that jurisdiction – given the absurdities and unconstitutional nature of the laws there.  Mayor Bloomberg…, with all due respect, was she better to wait for the police to rescue her similar to the unfortunate souls of the Empire State Building's disgruntled worker creep who killed his former coworker/supervisor; and when the NYC police eventually responded, the NYC police ended up shooting a bunch of innocent bystanders?  (See: Two Dead, Nine Hurt in Empire State Building Shooting, (See also:  Bloomberg: Police Should Strike to Protest Gun Ownership by U.S. Civilians,

Well…, what do you say, President Obama?  Would this innocent victim posthumously vote to not be allowed to have access to a firearm to defend herself?  I did not know her personally of course, but: I doubt it!  However, according to your apparent outlook as I understand it, she was safer without any firearms to defend herself.  Correct?  (See:  The Innocent Victims Deserve a Vote! I agree. But...,


I say it’s time to vote out of office any such individuals who run our governments and yet maintain such unrealistic viewpoints as what I describe in this blog entry as the ‘liberal agenda’!  These same politicians who ride around with multitudes of armed guards, police escorts, and drivers in bullet-proof limousines then have the audacity to turn-around and tell the average citizens of the nation that we need no devices such as firearms with which to defend ourselves from the attacks of violent creeps.  Albeit often attack from the same violent creeps that the ‘liberal’ leaders released from the nation’s prisons, as it turns out!  Again, all these absurdities and unconstitutionalities brought about courtesy of our tax dollars, no less!

IN place of the ousted unrealistic politicians, I say we elect politicians who would pass laws that would allow for individuals to continue their Rightful ability to defend oneself from violent attack at anytime and by any means and that WE also elect politicians who would vote for more laws as necessary to ensure that the citizens be allowed the continued lawful ability to defend themselves from any reasonably perceived threat of bodily harm at nearly any given place and with any given means as well – regardless if the perceived threat is to one’s self, one’s family and friends, innocent bystanders, or maybe even from threat to any property as well.

The bottom line appears as: If our dysfunctional governments can not remove these violent creeps from our midst, maybe the alternative is that the time is likely at hand for the decent folks of the nation to do so ourselves.  We can be sure that weaponry will likely be needed to accomplish our goals, unfortunately. 

Adam Trotter

PS.  To the victim Ms. Rebello, her family, and the Hofstra community, I wish to extend apologies in addition to my condolences if the words of this blog entry appear as inappropriate or insensitive to your plight.  Again, Ms. Rebello appears as yet another martyr to the absurdities of our time.  May she rest in peace. 


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Asking Again, Would They Tell Us…, If…?

May 9th, 2013

Especially given recent trespasses and seemingly on-going daily transgressions, would they tell Us – even if they actually knew? 

Personally, I don’t have any idea as to the answer.  That’s why I’m asking. 



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