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Mainland/Communist China Should Become Part of Taiwan! Taiwan Should Not Become Part of Mainland China!

March 11th, 2011

Regardless of the current falsehoods posted on the internet on sites such as Wikipedia.org – likely posted by the Western governments as well as likely being posted by others, no doubt – it would surely appear that the seemingly imprisoned peoples of mainland/communist China (Peoples Republic of China) would be better served to be under the rule of the nation of Taiwan (Republic of China), not the other way around. Taiwan does not block Freedom of speech internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook as does mainland China. Taiwan does not seem to repeatedly round up dissidents and human rights lawyers/activists and take them away to prisons from which they are never heard from again – as does mainland China. More than likely, mainland China probably executes any collected dissidents merely for the dissidents’ crime of wanting freedom of speech, justice, and human rights for the populace of the nation.

As far as I know, the people of Taiwan are free to state their thoughts on the internet on sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the Taiwanese can search the internet via Goggle for whatever unfiltered information they may desire. The residents of mainland/communist China can not use any of those sites to gain uncensored information or to openly speak their minds as the government of mainland/communist China either blocks or filters those internet sites from its populace. It would appear that if the populace of mainland/communist China were under the rule of the Taiwanese government, at a minimum, the mainland Chinese would be more free than they are currently.

Don’t even believe the politically correct ‘crap’ put on the internet that Taiwan is, and should be, part of mainland China. The Western governments appear content to support [the government of] mainland/communist China and the westerners also appear content to sell any support for the Freedoms of the one to two billion people in mainland/communist China in exchange for a seemingly never ending source of cheap [slave-wage] labor in addition to also gaining the ability to have western manufacturing operations in mainland China - which apparently are not subject to any anti-pollution laws nor subject to western employment laws either.

This blog entry is merely to state that the government of mainland/communist China appears as unjust and apparently needs to go away. This blog means no ill will to the good people of mainland/communist China. This blog reflects my opinion, my knowledge of the situation, and reflects reported news on the matter as well. Because, where I come from we are allowed and often encouraged to voice our opinions.

A Just Government Fears Not….

Adam Trotter / AVT

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Foreign Companies Operating in China: Do Those Firms Support Oppression or Freedom and Individual Rights?

March 8th, 2011

Companies/corporations which take their operations to China (Peoples Republic of China) appear to support the proliferation of a government system which seems to be based upon the oppression of its people. On the other hand, companies which are creating a viable middle class in China also appear as nurturing the inevitable revolution which will take place in that nation in order to gain necessary individual rights and freedoms for China’s populace. Everyone knows that most successful revolutions have historically been brought about by the rise of an educated middle-class in any given population living under fascist-like oppression. Still, one has to wonder if the firms operating in modern-day China are concerned one way or the other regarding freedom or oppression of anyone.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soldier Charged for Leaking Docs to WikiLeaks. Such Aided Our Enemies By Apparently Showing Widespread Arrogance and Stupidity At DoD and State Dept.

March 3rd, 2011

As widely reported on the television news this morning, the soldier who allegedly leaked all the classified government documents to Wikileaks.org was charged with a multitude of violations/infractions including ‘aiding the enemy’ – which reportedly is punishable by death.

Yea, well, providing classified documents to anyone outside any organization is generally a bad thing. But this leaking of these documents to WikiLeaks.org certainly did nevertheless aid the enemy as well as the American people it should be noted. These leaked documents aided our enemies [as well as the American people] by showing the continued levels of arrogance and stupidity which run rampant and unchecked inside our U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense as well.

For whatever such is worth, apparently the only/main reason the documents were classified – from what I understand – was due to the derogatory opinions and statements in the documents regarding certain American allies – and whoever originated the documents made them classified, of course. I mean, how stupid are these arrogant losers/dorks in the Department of Defense and the State Department anyhow? From my personal experiences, by the way, those who call the shots in these Federal government departments typically appear as extremely arrogant and generally quite stupid too – especially in business matters.*

Other than his breaking the rules, this soldier is probably a hero for showing the idiocy that continues to exist in the upper echelons of our Federal government, in reality. It appears the soldier’s shining of the light on the level of stupidity in the DoD and State Departments is his true crime. Why would the idiots even put such derogatory comments about American allies in writing anyhow?

Like Father Powell said to me long ago, if you can’t tell others what you are doing, you probably should not be doing it. If we can’t get rid of the idiots running the show at DoD and State Department, maybe we can do away with their ability to conceal the truth from the American people?!? Maybe some transparency should be brought to these Federal government departments, anyhow? WE all know they spend a lot of our tax money. Furthermore, given the widespread arrogance and stupidity rampant in our governments, the departments which seek to prosecute this soldier may be best to think twice before crucifying any American who may have displayed to the people the dysfunctional nature of these departments which are supported at taxpayer expense.

Then again, like I have repeatedly said before, maybe we should just repeal the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution. Thereby we could make these arrogant government dorks liable for their incompetence, liable to the American people and taxpayers – that is.

Adam Trotter / AVT

*For instance, concerning the DoD’s stupidity in business matters: When I worked for the Federal government, rarely was a concern ever expressed by any government worker for the well-being American taxpayer/taxdollar. And, when I [or a few others] expressed any concern for the wasting of tax dollars, such concerns would generally be ignored or generate scoffs from other employees and management. Typically, concerns for any employment laws were also non-existent by upper management of the Federal employer as well because the management answered to no one, apparently.

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Containers Full of Expired Food Displays Typical Waste of School Systems’ Funds.

March 3rd, 2011

As widely reported on Boston area television news, a Boston City councilman acting on a tip discovered several instances of food that had been frozen/stored in school cafeteria freezers and coolers possibly long past the suggested use date of the food. In reality, as much as any possible health or nutritional concerns raised over this matter of which the FDA (?) said there was none, this near wasting of food likely shows the widespread levels of inefficiencies which lead to the ever present school system funding difficulties and government waste of taxdollars.

Personally, I think it’s odd that no one else (politicians, school folks, or media reporters alike) seems concerned about the potential wasting of taxpayer funds with what is sure to become the wasting of food.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Expired food found in Boston schools
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Boston city councilor finds expired frozen food in school freezers

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Throw a Snowball in Gloucester, Mass. Means You Go to Jail! And We Wonder Why Our Governments are all Broke and Consistently Over Budget?!?

March 1st, 2011

It was reported on WHDH (Boston Channel 7 Television) 7 News Today in New England (at about 0630) this morning, an unruly youth (mid-20’s in age) during the early A.M. hours of this past Saturday threw a snowball at a police vehicle which was “being driven by an officer who was responding to a call” (or something like that). That youth has since been arrested and charged with “assault with a dangerous weapon” (or something like that). What’s more, it was further reported that, in fact, it is against the “Law” in the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to even throw a snowball. It was subsequently reported that the youth pled ‘guilty’ to the charges (yesterday?).

Now to begin with, I suspect the ‘call’ that the police officer ‘was responding to’ was probably the snowball fight that was going on between various patrons of late-night drinking establishments immediately prior to the ‘responding’ officer’s arrival on the scene of the potentially ‘deadly’ snowball. Lest one forgets, much of the ground of the greater Boston area has been under four feet of snow for several weeks, if not months, at the time of this writing.

But it is illegal to throw a snowball? And yes, I am aware of the potential implications of the unruly youth’s action and target as well. But…

Regardless of all else, however, do we really need to wonder why our governments are broke and consistently over-budget? I don’t really need to explain my meaning here, do I? WE in the real world, of course, are aware that to throw someone in jail essentially ties up resources, manpower, and funds, correct? Or am I the one that is incorrect here? Could the fine have made money for the City of Gloucester – to warrant such an allocation of the City’s resources?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Gloucester police/fire: 'Homeland' [security] camera leads to arrest in snowball assault.