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Mainland/Communist China Should Become Part of Taiwan! Taiwan Should Not Become Part of Mainland China!

March 11th, 2011

Regardless of the current falsehoods posted on the internet on sites such as – likely posted by the Western governments as well as likely being posted by others, no doubt – it would surely appear that the seemingly imprisoned peoples of mainland/communist China (Peoples Republic of China) would be better served to be under the rule of the nation of Taiwan (Republic of China), not the other way around. Taiwan does not block Freedom of speech internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook as does mainland China. Taiwan does not seem to repeatedly round up dissidents and human rights lawyers/activists and take them away to prisons from which they are never heard from again – as does mainland China. More than likely, mainland China probably executes any collected dissidents merely for the dissidents’ crime of wanting freedom of speech, justice, and human rights for the populace of the nation.

As far as I know, the people of Taiwan are free to state their thoughts on the internet on sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the Taiwanese can search the internet via Goggle for whatever unfiltered information they may desire. The residents of mainland/communist China can not use any of those sites to gain uncensored information or to openly speak their minds as the government of mainland/communist China either blocks or filters those internet sites from its populace. It would appear that if the populace of mainland/communist China were under the rule of the Taiwanese government, at a minimum, the mainland Chinese would be more free than they are currently.

Don’t even believe the politically correct ‘crap’ put on the internet that Taiwan is, and should be, part of mainland China. The Western governments appear content to support [the government of] mainland/communist China and the westerners also appear content to sell any support for the Freedoms of the one to two billion people in mainland/communist China in exchange for a seemingly never ending source of cheap [slave-wage] labor in addition to also gaining the ability to have western manufacturing operations in mainland China - which apparently are not subject to any anti-pollution laws nor subject to western employment laws either.

This blog entry is merely to state that the government of mainland/communist China appears as unjust and apparently needs to go away. This blog means no ill will to the good people of mainland/communist China. This blog reflects my opinion, my knowledge of the situation, and reflects reported news on the matter as well. Because, where I come from we are allowed and often encouraged to voice our opinions.

A Just Government Fears Not….

Adam Trotter / AVT

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