Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Time to ‘Shred the Fed’ Appears to be At Hand.

It appears the time is at hand to ‘Shred The Fed;’ that is to say, the time is at hand to shred/dismantle The Federal Reserve System. This non-governmental agency and band of likely criminals has been controlling our nation of THE UNITED STATES for too long (likewise, for any other name by which they choose to label our country or themselves). Any delegation of Congressional power to the banking cartel known as ‘The Federal Reserve System’ to control our nation’s currency system is clearly unconstitutional (per U.S. Federal Constitution, Article I, Section 8; and Article VI as well). The nation’s politicians, the nation’s judges, and the nation’s lawyers should clearly know - by now – of this unjust and unconstitutional practice concerning the allowance of The Fed to control our money supply. Those in positions of power and 'in the know' regarding the unconstitutionality of The Federal Reserve System are either part of the problem or care more for their personal bank accounts than they care for the well-being of the nation’s populace and likewise more than they care to uphold the Federal Constitution. Clearly, even Thomas Jefferson himself stood in opposition to any such Federal Bank as The Federal Reserve System. (See: )

Even if assuming, arguendo, The Fed is not is not a band of criminal elements seeking to line their own pockets with wealth at the expense of the American people (and at the expense of the rest of the world’s inhabitants as well), The Federal Reserve System has, of late, clearly been shown to be ineffectual and inept at maintaining a steady course for the nation’s economy. As such, there appears no reason to maintain this bastion of ineptitude that we know as The Federal Reserve System. Furthermore, The Fed obviously claims no fiduciary responsibility to the American people nor to our government - and apparently the Fed seems to only exist to ensure the U.S. Federal government maintains a significant debt level into the distant future. And, as no one knows whether the actions of The Fed actually produce any realistic outcome/change – other than change for the bankers and financial institutions themselves, The Fed appears to have accomplished nothing but a ‘con-man’s’ ‘scam’ on the nation while concurrently robbing us of our birthright and any intrinsic value of our dollar as well. If you don’t believe me on this point, simply look at the price of gold and the value of the dollar over the last eighty years (approximately) that the Fed has been in power controlling our nation’s money supply. ( See related blog at: . And worthy of note, why was it illegal for Americans to hold gold for so many years, once the Federal Reserve System took the reigns of the nation? Look for a future blog on this matter of barring gold from the citizenry.)

So again I state: It appears the time is at hand to ‘Shred the Fed’!!! It appears the only way to possibly accomplish such a feat is to rid our nation of all the elected officials that have consistently allowed this scam known as ‘The Federal Reserve System’ to maintain its existence and power over the nation. It would appear that the list of elected officials that have allowed this situation and ‘scam’ to manifest itself to its current level would include nearly every politician elected to date since the Great Depression of the 1930's – at least nearly every politician on a Federal level, and this list would also include every official in power in our justice systems as well (judges, lawyers, etc.). Clearly, there has never been any change in ‘policy regime’ since The Fed assumed power, at least no change in policy regime that was not to the benefit of The Fed and no change that was not perpetrated against the populace – regardless of any promised ‘change’ by any Federally elected official. Notwithstanding, the likely criminal nature of the existence of The Federal Reserve System and its control of our currency has become so entrenched in our society and our nation that only Congressional power could possibly hope to correct this long-standing wrong. Personally, I am inclined to believe that much of the political activities (such as wars), nationwide social woes (such as racial tensions), and in-fighting within the ranks of those in power in our nation are merely an orchestrated ‘smoke-screen’ to hide the likely true criminals of nation we know as ‘The Fed’ and its allies in positions of power throughout our society.

To be clear, I am no supporter of socialism or communism; such fascist-type ideas are unnecessary for our nation, in my opinion. Our nation merely needs leaders that care for the well-being of the populace more than the dollar amounts infused into any respective leader’s bank accounts – that is, a proper and just leader should care more for other concerns rather than monies amassed during the never-ending pursuit of the long-standing prostitution of the American Birthright.

Comments concerning the issues herein are welcome.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. Maybe the only way to effect any significant change in this regard is for me, myself, to run for Congress and to attempt to illuminate and expose the likely criminal nature of The Fed to the general public of the United States of America. (To this end, see: That is, if I were to be given the opportunity to enlighten anyone, of course. And, of course, assuming that anyone should care in the slightest about these words and my practice of invoking my Substantive Right to Free Speech - as evidenced by the sentiments herein - and such speech has not merely equated to an attainable target on my back as viewed by those in large numbers that appear to care more for their pennies than they care for the lives of their fellow countryman and/ fellow mankind.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

When the U.S. Federal Government Subjectively Ignores Anti-Discrimination Laws…..

August 7th, 2010

When the U.S. Federal Government subjectively and openly ignores employment discrimination laws during the course of its own employment practices (as it does currently) and only pursues enforcement of racial and ethnic anti-discrimination laws depending on the race/ethnicity of those being subjected to discrimination (a practice reportedly to have been stated by the current U.S. Attorney General), one has to wonder how long the private sector employers will honor and adhere to anti-discrimination laws as well? I surmise much of the mainstream will follow the lead of the Federal government employer and ignore anti-discrimination employment laws and consequently favoritism and nepotism will become even more widespread in the workplace than the nearly epidemic levels to which these practices already currently exist.

Adam Trotter / AVT