Monday, January 20, 2020

The Hypocrisy of Impeaching Donald Trump – a Response to an Email from Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts.

I recently received an email survey from Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D – Mass.).  The email asked if I wanted the Senate to provide a “fair” impeachment trial of Pres. Donald Trump.  What follows below is my response to the Congresswoman and is based on what I know of the issue(s) and upon the overall hypocrisy of it all:

January 20, 2020

Congresswoman Clark,
Regarding your email survey demanding a “fair impeachment trial” of President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate (“House Sends Trump Impeachment Articles to the Senate,” of 1/15/20): The impeachment of President Trump is a disgrace and appears as a dereliction of duty by the U.S. House of Representatives.  Foremost, it is a disgrace to impeach a President - who was elected by sixty million voters - on hearsay alone.  Furthermore, the impeachment proceedings in your House of Representatives seemed to be the unfair process.  Where was your survey demanding a fair process then?  The hypocrisy of your claiming the “unfair” process yet to come in the Senate is not lost on most of us, when the whole impeachment process in your House of Representatives appeared as nothing but political partisanship and grandstanding. 

To impeach a President who was elected by sixty million voters and to not present the supposed hearsay "whistle-blower" declarant to the process or to not present that declarant to the people/nation, a declarant upon whose words were the impeachment process was based, seems to flaunt the deranged nature of your legislature and attests to your obvious hatred of President Donald Trump.  For instance, typically a litigant can not win a legal dispute on hearsay alone.  Yet, your apparently deranged House of Representatives seems to believe that hearsay alone is adequate to impeach a seated U.S. President – again, a President who received sixty million votes. 

Moreover, with all the major problems facing the nation, your legislature chose to spend the nation's valuable time, resources, and tax-dollars to impeach a President of whom you don’t approve.  The impeachment merely appears as though your political party and its followers can not accept that Trump beat your preferred candidate in the general election.  I mean…, the next election is not that far away.  Couldn’t your legislature address the pressing problems facing the nation as opposed to pursuing your obvious hatred of Trump?  Apparently not, huh? 

As for military aid to Ukraine, anytime our nation gives aid to another nation, we should get something in return for our tax-dollars.  Your party and your fellow insider politicians have been giving away nearly everything the nation has to offer, it seems.  And you rarely seem to get anything in return for the taxpayers – other than the resentment of our nation by those to whom we give our tax-dollars in the form of international aid. 

For your information, many of us did not like Obama - who reportedly was too fearful of Russia and Putin to give any meaningful military aid to Ukraine.  But those of us who did not care for Obama dealt with his election victories like adults, for the most part - not like deranged individuals who forever cried like babies for Obama's impeachment.  Also, your legislature's impeachment of Trump clearly sets a bad precedent for the next time a President is not liked by a House of Representatives who is under the control of the opposing party. 

Finally, anytime any politician can expose any corruption or insider influence peddling - which had clearly been happening with the Bidens and the Obama White House (and other insider politicians in Congress too, apparently), that politician should expose such corruption for any reason and under any circumstances (as was Trump looking to expose, I'm sure).  For any legislature to reprimand or censure any politician for exposing corruption for any reason is surely a dereliction of duty by that legislature (regardless if the exposure of corruption is self-serving or otherwise). The subsequent impeachment of Trump seems to say that your legislature wants no exposure of the corruption that could be underway by your political-insider buddies in power.  A demand for "business as usual" seems to the moral of your impeachment process. 

Congresswoman Clark, I trust freedom of speech has not become too unpopular with your legislature or political party as well.  That is to say, the freedom of speech of differing viewpoints with which you clearly don’t agree does not also deserve censure, I assume.  Modernly, however, it seems like those of you who suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” believe that your opinions are the only opinions deserving of any freedoms allowing for expression.  Nevertheless, please let me know your thoughts and comments to the matters herein, if you would be so kind. 

Adam Trotter

Thursday, January 9, 2020