Friday, December 18, 2009

Vice President Biden v. Majors of Manufacturing ? Exportation of American Jobs

December 18th, 2009

It was reported in the late morning news a couple of days ago (KTLA morning news on 12/16, I believe it was), that Vice President Joe Biden was going to meet with the leaders of manufacturing. (I’ll call them the “majors of manufacturing” as opposed to the phrase: “captains of industry.”) The meeting was to see if the manufacturing sector could get itself composed enough to start hiring workers again.

Irv Homer, a talk-radio show host on Philadelphia talk-radio 96.5 FM, a station that is now defunct, often would speak of laws that were passed back in the seventies allowing the U.S. Government to insure U.S. manufacturers and related entities against risks incurred in any overseas ventures. Though I have yet to research and verify the existence of any such laws that insured those overseas U.S. corporate ventures, I have no reason to doubt the words of the nearly infamous [and recently deceased] Mr. Irv ("Evil Irv") Homer.

So I wonder, will Vice President Biden look to address any laws that made it so enticing for U.S. manufacturers to take their operations overseas? Obviously, it is cheaper for the majors of manufacturing to operate in countries that typically offer slave-wages to its people and countries that care not of polluting the earth. (Did you happen to see the dense smog in Bejing China during the last Olympics?) Maybe its time, if such a situation and law exist, that the U.S. Government stop financing [or at a minimum stop insuring] the U.S. firms and the exportation of American jobs to off-shore locations. It makes no sense that Americans should fund the exportation of the nation's jobs.

PS. Remembering Mr. Irv Homer:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TARP Bail-Out / Stimulus Funds Still Available

December 9th, 2009

It was reported this morning by KTLA television news, Los Angeles Channel 5, that Treasury Secretary Geithner (and/or President Obama) has said that TARP economic stimulus/bail-out funds will remain available to financial institutions until October of 2010. It is interesting to note that while the banks are reluctant to loan monies to the people of the nation, essentially, the people of the nation will lend nearly any amount of money to the banks in the form of low interest loans / bail-out funds. Well, no doubt, the financial sectors of the nation need the money to pay the reported record levels of yearly bonuses to corporate officials for the prosperous year as a result of low interest loans they have been provided to date – while many of the nation’s people search for employment and attempt to keep a roof over their heads.

I would hereby put forth that maybe the stimulus funds would be best given directly to the people. I mean…, if the government were to give the monies directly to the consumers, most consumers would probably spend the money [locally or otherwise] and directly stimulate the economy – not horde the money like the banks. Is this difficult concept to understand? I, for one, am beginning to wonder where is the ‘change’ that the people voted for in the last election? Everything seems much like business as usual in Washington and Wall Street.

PS. Hopefully any upcoming change will not include any diminishment of the right to freedom of speech which would include the ability to question our government’s actions – as we all are aware that to question the debt could be unconstitutional per Amendment XIV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Electricity from Gravity?

November 29th, 2009 The scientific field of Geomagnetics tells us that gravity is dependent on / a result of magnetism. Other branches of physics tell us that magnetism is evidence of the flow of electrons, or at least magnetic fields are generated as a result of traveling electrical fields/currents or something to that extent [and vice versa], regardless of permanent magnets and simplifying of course. Therefore, can we conclude that electricity is present given the presence of any gravitational field? Is this a silly question? I mean….., am I just poorly read in this subject? Upon a cursory review of the matter, it would seem that no one else is asking this question and I am unsure as to why. It would then seem to me that the earth is essentially a electrical generator of some sort. No doubt, on a massive scale. Geomagnetics...., here I come! (Maybe.)   :)   AVT

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will Attorney General Holder and Treasury Secretary Geithner Hold the Federal Reserve System Accountable as Criminals?

November 18th, 2009

As reported yesterday evening on National Public Radio / KCRW 88.9 FM Radio Santa Monica California, during yesterday’s press conference addressing the launch of a new financial fraud taskforce U.S. Attorney General Holder and Treasury Secretary Geithner promised to hold legally accountable any financial/Wall Street–type individuals/criminals whose wrongful activities helped to mislead the nation to its current economic recession/depression. In light of the current weakness of the devalued dollar, one has to wonder if they plan to address the Federal Reserve System as criminals as well.

Arguably, the weakened state of the dollar could be considered as criminal. The weakened state of the dollar also could be the prime factor in much of the nation’s current financial mess. And, clearly there is no one entity to which blame can be assessed for the weakened state of the dollar other than the Federal Reserve System.

Given newspaper articles such as “Geithner calls for ‘strong’ dollar,” by Tom Petruno (and published in the November 12th 2009, Business Section of the Los Angeles Times), that speak of the Secretary’s superficial assurances to the financial markets of his moderately sincere desires to ‘maintain a strong dollar,’ will the Secretary and Attorney General then hold the Federal Reserve responsible [as criminals] for the current national economic recession/depression that could be easily attributed to the weakened value of the U.S. Dollar? Or, will the Federal Reserve System not be held accountable for its actions in devaluing the dollar [as part of the Fed’s likely and routine quest for arbitrage opportunities], a devaluation that has apparently occurred with the Federal government’s blessings? Many are surely aware of how the Fed often appears as exempt from the laws that apply to the rest of the nation’s citizens/cartels/corporations and its exemptions from such laws seems in a similar vein to how the Fed appears as potentially exempt from the nation’s Constitutional requirements as well. At a minimum, it would seem only logical that the nation's citizens should be more openly informed of actions and decisions taken by the privileged cartel that is known as the Federal Reserve System.

PS. “Obama Administration Launches Financial Fraud Task Force,” 11/17/2009, 3:38 PM ET, ( “In order to strengthen efforts to combat financial crime, the Obama administration announced Tuesday that is has established an interagency Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. …..”

PSS. From the Hartford Courant ( article: “Despite facing pressure, Obama unlikely to push China too hard after Beijing signals shift,” by Martin Crutsinger, Novemer 15th, 2009, “…Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation finance meetings in Singapore last week, repeated his mantra that "it's very important to the United States that we have a strong dollar."....” (,0,4294864.story)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red Light Cameras, Open Letter to CBS 2 Los Angeles

November 9th, 2009

CBS 2 Television News Los Angeles,
I just now watched your interesting exposé on the red-light cameras and whether such helps to prevent motor-vehicle accidents or whether the devices are nothing more than revenue generating devices for the cities of our nation – as aired on your eleven o’clock nightly news. After being charged with a red-light camera violation which was subsequently dismissed, I also studied the red-light cameras. I determined that the red-light camera monitored intersections appeared to have the traffic lights timed so that when one approaches that intersection upon accelerating at a normal rate from the previous intersection (such as the red-light camera on La Brea Ave. north of Sunset Blvd or Santa Monica Blvd. – I cant remember which intersection it is), the light then turns yellow. Such then requires the vehicle that has been accelerating at a normal rate to either heavily apply the brakes or go on through the intersection and therefore likely have the camera take a picture for going through the yellow light which by then has turned red and, as such, is a moving violation. Given this example of tempting the driver to run the red/yellow light or unsafely and quickly decelerate to a stop prior to entering the intersection, clearly shows the unsafe situation created by these red-light cameras. Though it appears that cities such as Los Angeles are unconcerned by routinely creating these unsafe situations at city intersections and are more concerned with generating revenues from fines generated by these monitoring devices. Thanks for your time and your airing the interesting news story on these red-light cameras and how these devices actually are likely to cause an increase in motor-vehicle accidents. Please keep up the good work and let me know if I can be of any assistance in your future investigations.
Adam V. Trotter

PS. I will be posting this note to my blog at:

Cc: LA City Council Member Dennis P. Zine

An Afterthought: I should qualify this blog with the sentiment that I have not looked into this matter for sometime. Given the fact the City of Los Angeles has modified the stop-light sequencing of much of its ‘surface’ streets in an effort to benefit the flow of traffic through the city, my blog above may no longer be entirely accurate concerning the stated specifics of the red-light camera on La Brea Avenue. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fractional Banking System No Longer Adequate? Maybe?

October 25th, 2009

As reported on KNX Radio Los Angeles early this morning, over one hundred banks in the United States have failed to date this year. So I must ask, is the fractional banking system as it currently exists in the United States no longer adequate? Is anyone else asking this question?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Travel at the Speed of Light

October 7th, 2009

This blog is to address the scientific problem of the ability [or current inability] to propel a craft at the speed of light. Given the speed of today’s high-powered computing and the promise / assumption of increased computing power and increased computing speed with every passing day into the future, in my opinion the answer to the scientific dilemma concerning the ability to propel a craft at the speed of light seems nearly simplistic, if not obvious – at the risk of sounding arrogant or conceited, which is not my intent. Purely speaking in light of the rules of physics as such is currently understood by mankind, the ability to continuously propel a craft at the speed of light must surely be at hand.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Moore’s New movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” Seems to Miss the Point.

Sept. 26th, 2009

While Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” appears to deserve applause regarding its efforts to enlighten the American people concerning the latest crimes that the banking/financial sector may have perpetrated against the nation, it seems to miss the point. Of course given the date of this blog, I have yet to see the film as it has yet to be released; however, I watched much of Mr. Moore’s interview with Larry King the other night wherein Moore explained his allegations. Assuming that his representations of the facts are genuine, it would seem that the movie does not delve deep enough into the situation to show the likely true damages that the banking/financial sectors seem to have brought upon us through activities which surely caused the latest depression / recession. The true crime at hand is not merely that the bankers (particularly the Federal Reserve System, most likely) and the government officials performed no oversight of the financial sectors that culminated in the latest recession. In my opinion, the true crime is that the bankers (Federal Reserve System) and the government officials seem to have intended to create the situation that necessitated an eventual recession / depression. To illuminate this fact, one only needs to look at the monetary exchange rates over the last few years; one has to wonder how many Euros the Federal Reserve and the nation’s bankers were purchasing when the Euro appreciated and nearly doubled its exchange value versus the dollar - which concurrently drove the value of the dollar into the ‘mud.’ Surely, for the Fed and the government to allow the dollar to be devalued to such an extent as it has been in recent times (through seigniorage, inflation tax, stimulus bills, bail-outs, etc.) either represents an absurdity in judgment or evidence of a more sinister plan – regardless of original intentions and whether such maintained the unlikely aim of benefiting the populace of the nation. Ultimately, a 'more sinister' justification is probable for the actions of the banking/financial sectors because the one thing that we can use as a ‘baseline’ in any deduced intent [of the financial sectors] concerning the current financial mess of the American economy is that we can be sure that the banks want all the money they can amass and horde, regardless of all else. Once again, I reiterate from previous blogs: it would probably be best if the American government controlled our currency and not a banking cartel.

PS. Please be hereby reminded that the Federal Reserve System is not a government agency, claims no fiduciary responsibility to any external entity, and often speaks of seeking arbitrage opportunities in its documents / meetings.

PSS. IN ALL FAIRNESS TO MR. MOORE, however, I have not seen his latest film and therefore I could stand to be corrected with this blog. When/if I have the opportunity to see this film and perchance Mr. Moore does, in fact, agree with my point about the true crimes concerning the latest financial and economic mess facing the nation [that the actions of the financial sector demanded or possibly intended such a recession / depression regardless of oversight], I would then stand corrected. When/if such a set of occurrences should come to pass, I would post that I was in error with the sentiment of this blog and likely remove the blog sometime thereafter.

Monday, August 3, 2009

‘It is a relic of the nation’s beginning’ :: The Liberty Bell

August 4th, 2009

Today I visited The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. As I passed through the nicely redesigned viewing center for the bell and looked at the exhibits therein, I could only wonder the following sentiment: Given the current state of much of modern American politics and politicians, the current banking systems, the apparently dysfunctional judicial systems of our nation, and the seemingly never ending encroachment upon our substantive rights, how much time would pass until the American populace surely mandates that the bell ring yet again (such as in the observance of a new beginning)? Given the genius of the original design for the nation, one can only hope that the ‘baby is not thrown out with the bath water’ when, and if, the bell ever again rings anew for its represented purpose.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Of the quest to control [any given situation] …..

July 14, 2009
The level of control one maintains over any given situation is typically inversely proportional to one’s perceived level of control.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My GMC pickup truck has now surpassed 400,000 miles

July 13th, 2009
My GMC pickup truck clocked 400,000 miles yesterday. The motor has never even been opened for any work to date (knock-on wood, and all). Which indirectly brings to light the following point/question: what is going on in the Detroit car world? Detroit automotive manufacturing management and its allied cronies surely appear as very poor drivers – if their companies were automobiles, the wrecked firms would have long since been totaled for salvage, crushed, and recycled. If I had at my disposal the resources of General Motors or Chrysler, I could nearly guarantee a profit each and every year. Not only that, I could nearly guarantee that any such firm under my watch would be second to none in the automobile manufacturing sector. Would I need to ‘milk’ any tax-dollars from the nation to support the whims of any automobile firm under my leadership? I seriously doubt it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What’s with our politicians?

June 24th, 2009

In light of recent news concerning the indiscretions of the Governor of South Carolina – among similar stories of infidelity relevant to our politicians, I must ask: What’s with our politicians? Can’t they ‘keep it in their pants’ while in office? I mean they are typically only in office for a few years - and they are married. And, mind you, I don’t really know if I am qualified to throw stones, but these politicians are not young people with out-of-control hormones. Nevertheless, so many of the politicians seem to be totally unable to control themselves (and the list is nearly endless, regardless if the percentage of the whole is small). Is the temptation too great to resist in that the wayward politicians choose to risk their political careers and the cohesion of their families as well? Is it the temptation that brings about these repeated situations or merely the politician’s dysfunctional ego? Should we care? Should this be of concern to us as the voters and taxpayers? Such behavior seems to be massively irresponsible and yet we (the people) elected the adolescent-like politicians to office. And again, the politicians of which I blog are married. If they choose not to honor their vows to their spouse, what other important vows might they disregard?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allow the Federal Government to Control America’s Currency.

June 20th, 2009

The Federal Government should be in control of America’s money supply; not a banking ‘cartel.’ The Federal Reserve System is not a government agency, regardless of its name and appearance. Does anyone hear these words? After all, if the Federal Reserve System knew what it was doing, it is unlikely that the nation would be in such an undesirable economic position as it is currently. The Federal Reserve System has been in existence (in some capacity) for an excess of ninety-five years. How many years should the Fed be allowed practice its theories at the expense of our economic well being? Has much of the recent currency and deficit ‘jockeying’ (e.g. bail-outs, stimulus plans, etc.) been merely a plan to keep the Fed in business and to assure a continued and on-going market for American debt at the expense of the American citizen? The Federal Reserve System appears veiled in secrecy and apparently claims absolutely no fiduciary responsibility to anyone other than itself. As such, does the Fed seem like the proper entity to run our nation’s economy? Your comments in response are welcome.

PS. To be clear, I understand the peril the sentiment of this particular blog could invoke. It would seem to be between a banker and his money is not a safe place for anyone to find oneself. To verify such a statement, one would only likely need to ask the last two major populist politicians who did attempt to obstruct the bankers from the nation’s money supply: John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

Monday, June 15, 2009

U.S. Credit Rating Has Been (or is being) Downgraded?


U.S. credit rating has been (or is being) downgraded? Wha....???

Who do you suppose the U.S. Taxpayer may have to blame for such an occurrence? Notwithstanding the general inability of the U.S. public to maintain any significant, historically typical levels of personal savings; who would be in control of such assets that would allow for the legitimization any down-grading of our nation’s international credit lines (and, additionally, the devaluing of our currency)? Do you suppose those individuals and entities (who control such assets and who may have ultimately allowed for any down-grading of our nation’s international credit line) need to worry about any minimal levels of their personal savings? Not very likely, I would surmise. Concerning the matter of our nation’s financial health, it would appear that the ‘fox has been left to guard the hen house’ (so to speak) for too long.

Another Boston Tea Party?


I wonder, is the time nearly at hand for yet another nationwide ‘Boston Tea Party’ type of tax protest? I trust asking such a question or relaying such a satirical sentiment has not become an infraction of any ‘legal’ statute. Of course, given the current course of events over recent times, we may not need to fear any taxes on our ‘vices,’ as such ‘vices’ may soon be illegal – thereby seemingly following the path of the ‘right to speak freely’ into the state of bygone cultural relics.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Testimony. U.S. Liquidity Trap & Crowding Out of Private Investors

Feb. 10th, 2009.

In response to today’s topics and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s testimony before U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

Did Fed Chairman Bernanke testify or imply between the lines that the Fed would guarantee a flat Liquidity and Money curve to prevent the crowding-out of private investments that would otherwise likely be caused by the latest massive government-backed stimulus bill (/spending bill/TARP2 bill/TARP3 bill ...)? Of course, crowding-out limits the effectiveness of fiscal policy and is caused by excessive government expenditures – per any textbook on the subject of macroeconomics and the IS/LM economic model. However, crowding out is supposedly negated by maintaining low interest rates. (See any economics book on Investment and Saving / Liquidity and Money curves and economic modeling.)

And also possibly stated between Bernanke’s lines, are we now in a liquidity trap (as we similarly/supposedly were in the 1930’s)? A liquidity trap supposedly happens when interest rates are so low that the interest rates can do nothing but increase or rise. What does the textbook say to do in such a situation as a liquidity trap? In theory to remedy a liquidity trap, one is told to THROW LOTS OF MONEY AT THE ECONOMY.

Does this sound like a possible synopsis of the current U.S. economy?

Should the average American support such a ‘stimulus bill’ as the preferred and only policy for the nation to climb out of any possible current liquidity trap? Doubtful. Forgive me, but I will not say why such is probably not a good idea, as I dont want to offend anyone with this blog. Ask me why if you wish and I may tell you, or, you could wait for my anticipated [journal] paper relevant to the topic.

But, obviously, the bureaucrats are not the best at marketing and selling their economic plans to the public. Why is that, you might ask? This is most likely so because most of us no longer trust the average politician to act in our best interests or to act in the best interest of the nation. Forgive my candor, if you would be so kind. Please pass along your comments to the issues herein.

Congressman Meeks, Re: Liquidity Facilities for States and Municipalities from the Federal Reserve

Feb. 10th, 2009.

In response to the topics before House of Representatives Financial Services Committee meeting today with Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke.

Congressman Gregory Meeks [6th District of New York],
While your questions that you posed today to Fed Chairman Bernanke for the Fed to provide “liquidity facilities to states and municipalities” to help those local governments with the current economic difficulties experienced by all is very commendable, please don’t entice the Fed to buy, or the local politicians to sell, more of our birthrights as Americans. Whether such applies to you or not, many of us are well aware of Congress’ propensity to continually and repeatedly sell our birthrights as Americans to the Federal Reserve System. Please don’t allow for the states and municipalities to also sell whatever birthrights we may still enjoy as residents/citizens of our respective states, cities, and townships across the nation. Because we are all aware, the Fed will not likely put forth any such requested funding or liquidity sources to states and municipalities of our nation without expecting some beneficial return for so doing - or such appears by that System's history. If I am not totally clear as to my wording concerning the repeated selling of our American birthright, please contact me so that I may further explain my choice of wording.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell - Video Poker Machines

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009.

Honorable Governor Rendell,

In response to your speech today before the Pennsylvania Legislature and as one that often visits Pennsylvania, I would request that you do not pursue your plan to install video poker gambling machines in places of business throughout your state as a method of revenue generation for your state government (or for any other stated reason). Please don’t misunderstand my rationale for this request, I am essentially a true libertarian and I believe that any American should be entitled to pursue nearly any happiness as long as such poses no danger to any other. However, video poker gambling machines (and the likes) would only seem to provide a means whereby more money would often be taken from those that most-likely need to save their money or likely taken from those that should spend on the necessities of life. Such a sentiment [the preference for consumer spending on goods and needs for the necessities of life] would be opposed to spending such monies on a long-shot and unlikely dream of an immediate jackpot pay-out offered by a video poker machine. I ask you, can you relate to such a sentiment as that which I put forth to you here? Do you not realize the temptation such an installed video poker gambling machine would pose to a down-trodden individual who was reduced to his/her last five dollars? It would appear that you care not of such a temptation posed to those who must make vital decisions concerning where to spend one’s last few dollars. To be clear, I admired your success as Mayor in the city of Philadelphia, however, I would request that you not place such greedy machines in venues whereby those machines would likely prey upon the hopes, dreams, and psyche of those most in need of a few extra dollars.

Thank you,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amnesty International

Jan. 22, 2009

Earlier this evening, I had a nice chat with a representative of Amnesty International. Amnesty International appears as a worthwhile organization and should be given our support. Here is Amnesty International's website: