Monday, June 15, 2009

U.S. Credit Rating Has Been (or is being) Downgraded?


U.S. credit rating has been (or is being) downgraded? Wha....???

Who do you suppose the U.S. Taxpayer may have to blame for such an occurrence? Notwithstanding the general inability of the U.S. public to maintain any significant, historically typical levels of personal savings; who would be in control of such assets that would allow for the legitimization any down-grading of our nation’s international credit lines (and, additionally, the devaluing of our currency)? Do you suppose those individuals and entities (who control such assets and who may have ultimately allowed for any down-grading of our nation’s international credit line) need to worry about any minimal levels of their personal savings? Not very likely, I would surmise. Concerning the matter of our nation’s financial health, it would appear that the ‘fox has been left to guard the hen house’ (so to speak) for too long.