Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What’s with our politicians?

June 24th, 2009

In light of recent news concerning the indiscretions of the Governor of South Carolina – among similar stories of infidelity relevant to our politicians, I must ask: What’s with our politicians? Can’t they ‘keep it in their pants’ while in office? I mean they are typically only in office for a few years - and they are married. And, mind you, I don’t really know if I am qualified to throw stones, but these politicians are not young people with out-of-control hormones. Nevertheless, so many of the politicians seem to be totally unable to control themselves (and the list is nearly endless, regardless if the percentage of the whole is small). Is the temptation too great to resist in that the wayward politicians choose to risk their political careers and the cohesion of their families as well? Is it the temptation that brings about these repeated situations or merely the politician’s dysfunctional ego? Should we care? Should this be of concern to us as the voters and taxpayers? Such behavior seems to be massively irresponsible and yet we (the people) elected the adolescent-like politicians to office. And again, the politicians of which I blog are married. If they choose not to honor their vows to their spouse, what other important vows might they disregard?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allow the Federal Government to Control America’s Currency.

June 20th, 2009

The Federal Government should be in control of America’s money supply; not a banking ‘cartel.’ The Federal Reserve System is not a government agency, regardless of its name and appearance. Does anyone hear these words? After all, if the Federal Reserve System knew what it was doing, it is unlikely that the nation would be in such an undesirable economic position as it is currently. The Federal Reserve System has been in existence (in some capacity) for an excess of ninety-five years. How many years should the Fed be allowed practice its theories at the expense of our economic well being? Has much of the recent currency and deficit ‘jockeying’ (e.g. bail-outs, stimulus plans, etc.) been merely a plan to keep the Fed in business and to assure a continued and on-going market for American debt at the expense of the American citizen? The Federal Reserve System appears veiled in secrecy and apparently claims absolutely no fiduciary responsibility to anyone other than itself. As such, does the Fed seem like the proper entity to run our nation’s economy? Your comments in response are welcome.

PS. To be clear, I understand the peril the sentiment of this particular blog could invoke. It would seem to be between a banker and his money is not a safe place for anyone to find oneself. To verify such a statement, one would only likely need to ask the last two major populist politicians who did attempt to obstruct the bankers from the nation’s money supply: John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

Monday, June 15, 2009

U.S. Credit Rating Has Been (or is being) Downgraded?


U.S. credit rating has been (or is being) downgraded? Wha....???

Who do you suppose the U.S. Taxpayer may have to blame for such an occurrence? Notwithstanding the general inability of the U.S. public to maintain any significant, historically typical levels of personal savings; who would be in control of such assets that would allow for the legitimization any down-grading of our nation’s international credit lines (and, additionally, the devaluing of our currency)? Do you suppose those individuals and entities (who control such assets and who may have ultimately allowed for any down-grading of our nation’s international credit line) need to worry about any minimal levels of their personal savings? Not very likely, I would surmise. Concerning the matter of our nation’s financial health, it would appear that the ‘fox has been left to guard the hen house’ (so to speak) for too long.

Another Boston Tea Party?


I wonder, is the time nearly at hand for yet another nationwide ‘Boston Tea Party’ type of tax protest? I trust asking such a question or relaying such a satirical sentiment has not become an infraction of any ‘legal’ statute. Of course, given the current course of events over recent times, we may not need to fear any taxes on our ‘vices,’ as such ‘vices’ may soon be illegal – thereby seemingly following the path of the ‘right to speak freely’ into the state of bygone cultural relics.