Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On State Action and Police Power

October 17th, 2012

It is said the government can do whatever it wants as long as the state action is for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens – or so it is claimed.  Given the opportunity, I hope to be reviewing and revisiting this matter again. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voter Identification in Pennsylvania.

October 7th, 2012

As one who worked in Philadelphia for more than ten years and in light of what was repeatedly relayed to me by those who appeared to be in the know about extreme levels of voter fraud in that city which was known to them because they had lived in Philadelphia for their entire lives - among other reasons (such as being a ward boss), for anyone from the outside to fault Pennsylvania for its efforts to reduce voter fraud by requiring identification from those who vote, those critics would appear as either the ignorant ones or the true fascists in this matter.  Again, those critics of Pennsylvania’s voter identification efforts would appear as either merely ignorant or likely fascists.  Ignorant, because they have no idea of the likely widespread voter fraud in places like Philadelphia.  Or, fascist, because they want the long-standing and dysfunctional governments in places like Philadelphia to remain in power at any cost.  The State of Pennsylvania seems well justified in doing whatever it takes to prevent fraudulent individuals from voting near the end of election day under the names of others who did not show up to vote. 

What’s more, it would appear to this blogger that voting locations everywhere should require voters to identify themselves before they are allowed to vote under the name of any registered voter.  Because, if voter fraud in Philadelphia is to the extreme level that it was always relayed to me, we can be sure that it goes on many other places as well.  The time appears at hand that, as a nation, we begin to try to reward those that seek honesty and truth and stop rewarding those that seek to advance their own self-centered goals through any means and at any cost.   


PS.  This blog was inspired by a report on the Los Angeles morning news show “Good Day LA”  ( On that show earlier this week, it was repeatedly insinuated that the state government of Pennsylvania was, more or less, a bunch of right-wing fascists for attempting to require voters to identify themselves before anyone is allowed to vote under the name of a registered voter.  Just as I was made fully aware of the likely fraud that regularly occurs across the multiple wards of the City of Philadelphia on election day, we can be confident the those in power across Pennsylvania are also likely aware of this fraud as well.  From what I understand, before the polls close, the bars and taverns are emptied out near the end of Election Day as the patrons of those establishments are ferried off to voting locations where they then vote under the names of registered voters who have not yet voted. 

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