Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wall Street-Type Protests Spill into L.A.

October 4th, 2011

The on-going and growing Wall Street protests in NYC, which claim to be against corporate greed and against financial and banking sector excesses/corruptions, have now begun to form in Los Angeles as well. I would certainly be among the first to tell you that the policies of our inept governments have facilitated and enabled – if not essentially mandated – the apparently unjust excesses and absurdities repeatedly seen on the corporate level in our nation while ‘average’ Americans have been left on the sidelines unemployed during this latest Great Depression of the New Millennium. However, as I know little about these protesters or of their true demands/wants, let’s hope that their cause is just, genuine, and forthright as they claim and not merely another orchestrated political ruse for whatever the reason. I mean…, who knows, maybe these protesters can eventually effect worthwhile change where many of their baby-boomer grandparents’/parents’ generation dropped the ball and sold-out to the greed which has forever since maintained its strangle-hold grip our nation.


"Occupy L.A." Protesters Demonstrate Outside City Hall.,0,5794094.story

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