Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bloomberg: Police Should Strike to Protest Gun Ownership by U.S. Civilians

July 29th, 2012.   Sunday.

This past Thursday on many news sources, it was reported of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s statements which seemed to suggest that the police across the nation should go on strike to protest the level of gun ownership by U.S. civilians. 

Man…, I mean…, let me tell you…, if one should ever see the absolute need for civilians to own guns for defense it would certainly be when the police go on  a labor strike!  Similar to the terrorists and the communists of yester-year, violent creeps only understand and respect the ability of one to defend themselves through strength.  Most of us rely on the police to defend against and protect us from the violent creeps in our society (even though the police owe no duty to protect).  Could we even imagine the potential hell that would break loose if all the lawless and violent creeps knew there would no police to respond to any given creep’s violence and carnage?  Such a tactic/occurrence as the police striking across the nation would surely display and solidify the need for the citizenry to be able to arm itself for defense against the violent creeps among us.

Should anyone that reads this blog have any doubt as to the logic of it all, I would suggest recalling the most recent Los Angeles riots of the 1990s during which the police seemed to vanish from assistance regarding the plight of the law-abiding citizenry.  During that time/those riots, the only way the citizens there were able to defend themselves (and their property as well) was to be armed with defensive firearms.

The reason for the Right to bear arms in the U.S. Constitution was to afford the citizenry to ability defend the nation from attack against enemies from within and without.  Such an ability is one that those in favor of stricter gun control seem to believe should no longer be trusted with the Citizenry of the nation.  To be clear, when the geniuses that were the nation’s Founding Fathers gave us the Right to bear arms, having the ability to defend oneself and family from violent attack was taken for granted and not even the reason for the Right. 


Bloomberg says police should take hard line on guns

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Fuck the Stupid Drug War; Let’s Start a War on Violent Creeps!!!
Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


July 20th, 2012

Last evening/early this morning an armed and violent creep started shooting in a movie theater and killed or injured up to fifty people (this number has since been raised to seventy).  This wimped-out violent creep obviously set-out to murder innocent and defenseless individuals.  As reported on the news, several witnesses and survivors interviewed claimed that being helpless to assist those being murdered and maimed while being in such close proximity to the dying was likely the most horrific part of the experience.

First, I wish to pass along my condolences and sympathies to the victims and their families and friends and to all the affected people of the Aurora community.  Obviously, this matter has me quite upset as it does millions of us across the nation!

Again, however, this despicable act by this wimped-out violent creep shows us the need to allow the citizenry to be able to defend themselves from violent attackers.  The only way that the citizenry can adequately defend themselves against crazed and violent creeps is with firearms!

Misguided politicians like Mayor Bloomberg, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Jerry Brown (and apparently most law-enforcement agencies as well) seem to say that no one but law enforcement officials should be allowed to have and carry firearms.  They say (as it does on the side of Fenway Park in Boston) that guns cause 83 deaths everyday – or something like that.  I would counter:  how many lives a day do guns save?  WE can be sure that at least one properly placed defensive firearm in that theater may have saved up to fifty (/seventy) casualties last night in Aurora, Colorado. 

The misguided politicians would seem to respond to my point by saying that no one should be allowed to have guns and no guns at all in society would also prevent such violent creeps from attacking.  However, these violent creeps – such as the one last night in Aurora – are intent on murdering innocent others.  Does anyone really think these murdering creeps would care about any anti-gun laws?  These creeps are criminals!  Criminals don’t really care about laws!  Furthermore, regardless of any legislation, is anyone really foolish enough to believe that guns can always be kept out of the hands of criminals?  Just as it was on the Long Island Railroad a couple of decades ago, such anti-gun laws only serve to inform violent creeps that the law-abiders who the creep intends to kill will not be armed with any firearms and the citizens are therefore defenseless against the violent creep’s attack! 

President Obama, for his part, during his news conference/ campaign schlepping stop/ televised address this morning, expressed his outrage and added that as with all parents, he is now concerned for the safety of his loved ones anytime his family might attend a movie (or something like that).  Nevertheless, if the president’s family were to attend a movie showing there would surely be an armed guard nearby who would surely and immediately remove any would-be violent and crazed attacker from society’s midst.  However, it is unlikely that President Obama or any elected official from his political party would allow the rest of us to have defensive firearms to defend ourselves and our family in such a fashion as would be available to the families of the politically elite!

As such, the time appears at hand to allow the citizenry to own and carry defensive firearms so that crazed and violent creeps such as this wimped-out and murdering gunman in the Aurora movie theater can be eradicated from our society when any such situation demands such action!  The good people of the nation will surely weed-out the violent creeps from our midst! 

Adam Trotter

PS.  Anyone care to debate me on the points herein?  Well…?  I’m waiting for our public discussion to continue, Mayor Bloomberg.

PSS.  Maybe we should bring back public executions for anyone/any creep who commits such violent, crazed, and cowardly acts against innocents as the violent-loser creep that attacked last night in that Aurora movie theater!!

(July 29th, 2012, follow-on blog: 

Bloomberg: Police Should Strike to Protest Gun Ownership by U.S. Civilians


Fuck the Stupid Drug War; Let’s Start a War on Violent Creeps!!!

Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Plastic Bags (LA), No Large Sodas (NYC), Seat Belts for Dogs (NJ); Yet, No Jobs for Anyone Anywhere!

With so many real societal and economic problems at hand, one has to wonder what is with much of the subject and recent legislation across the nation.  Are the elected officials merely misguided or in denial of the Great Depression of the New Millennium?  I realize the many of the problems of our times are bigger than a typical elected body could ever hope to solve.  Yet, nevertheless maybe the elected bodies should try to solve the major problems of our times anyhow – such as creating jobs for the unemployed amongst us (see: 33% True Unemployment Percentage in the U.S.? Estimating the True Current Unemployment Numbers in the United States), and leave the more impotent legislation such as banning plastic bags and banning large soda drinks for the future when, and if, such major issues as the current severe economic depression are ever made better

I mean…, for what are these politicians and elected and paid – surely not to create a fascist state when so many can not even afford food?  Let’s see…, to be clear, civilization has managed to evolve despite having access to large sugary treats, dogs (and humankind) have not gone extinct regardless of animals not typically being restrained by automotive seat belts, and most of us have not been diagnosed with terminal plastics poisoning because of ignorant fools who can not learn how to properly dispose of their trash!

I would surmise my sentiments by blogging:  Any elected official who would spend their supposedly valuable time – at taxpayer expense – on such apparently frivolous legislation as banning large soda drinks (etc.) during such severe economic times as the nation is now embroiled, most likely that politician does not deserve the position to which they have been elected!  Vote them out! 

AVT  (June/July, 2012)

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