Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bloomberg: Police Should Strike to Protest Gun Ownership by U.S. Civilians

July 29th, 2012.   Sunday.

This past Thursday on many news sources, it was reported of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s statements which seemed to suggest that the police across the nation should go on strike to protest the level of gun ownership by U.S. civilians. 

Man…, I mean…, let me tell you…, if one should ever see the absolute need for civilians to own guns for defense it would certainly be when the police go on  a labor strike!  Similar to the terrorists and the communists of yester-year, violent creeps only understand and respect the ability of one to defend themselves through strength.  Most of us rely on the police to defend against and protect us from the violent creeps in our society (even though the police owe no duty to protect).  Could we even imagine the potential hell that would break loose if all the lawless and violent creeps knew there would no police to respond to any given creep’s violence and carnage?  Such a tactic/occurrence as the police striking across the nation would surely display and solidify the need for the citizenry to be able to arm itself for defense against the violent creeps among us.

Should anyone that reads this blog have any doubt as to the logic of it all, I would suggest recalling the most recent Los Angeles riots of the 1990s during which the police seemed to vanish from assistance regarding the plight of the law-abiding citizenry.  During that time/those riots, the only way the citizens there were able to defend themselves (and their property as well) was to be armed with defensive firearms.

The reason for the Right to bear arms in the U.S. Constitution was to afford the citizenry to ability defend the nation from attack against enemies from within and without.  Such an ability is one that those in favor of stricter gun control seem to believe should no longer be trusted with the Citizenry of the nation.  To be clear, when the geniuses that were the nation’s Founding Fathers gave us the Right to bear arms, having the ability to defend oneself and family from violent attack was taken for granted and not even the reason for the Right. 


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