Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Plastic Bags (LA), No Large Sodas (NYC), Seat Belts for Dogs (NJ); Yet, No Jobs for Anyone Anywhere!

With so many real societal and economic problems at hand, one has to wonder what is with much of the subject and recent legislation across the nation.  Are the elected officials merely misguided or in denial of the Great Depression of the New Millennium?  I realize the many of the problems of our times are bigger than a typical elected body could ever hope to solve.  Yet, nevertheless maybe the elected bodies should try to solve the major problems of our times anyhow – such as creating jobs for the unemployed amongst us (see: 33% True Unemployment Percentage in the U.S.? Estimating the True Current Unemployment Numbers in the United States), and leave the more impotent legislation such as banning plastic bags and banning large soda drinks for the future when, and if, such major issues as the current severe economic depression are ever made better

I mean…, for what are these politicians and elected and paid – surely not to create a fascist state when so many can not even afford food?  Let’s see…, to be clear, civilization has managed to evolve despite having access to large sugary treats, dogs (and humankind) have not gone extinct regardless of animals not typically being restrained by automotive seat belts, and most of us have not been diagnosed with terminal plastics poisoning because of ignorant fools who can not learn how to properly dispose of their trash!

I would surmise my sentiments by blogging:  Any elected official who would spend their supposedly valuable time – at taxpayer expense – on such apparently frivolous legislation as banning large soda drinks (etc.) during such severe economic times as the nation is now embroiled, most likely that politician does not deserve the position to which they have been elected!  Vote them out! 

AVT  (June/July, 2012)

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