Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Federal Reserve System

September 26th, 2013

With the continued Great Depression of the New Millennium, to the Federal Reserve I say:

“You can fool some people sometimes…
                …but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” 

And, maybe The Fed has me fooled as well.  But either way, I say it’s time The Fed declares a fiduciary responsibility to the People of the United States or it’s time for our Federal government to ‘Shred The Fed.’

Adam Trotter

Concerning the Federal Reserve System and Fiduciary Responsibility….

Thomas Jefferson and the Federal Reserve System.

The Time to ‘Shred the Fed’ Appears to be At Hand.

Definition of Terms: "Shred The Fed"

The Great Depression of the New Millennium

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Former Mex. Pres. Fox Calls for Legalization of Marijuana.

September 4th, 2013

As recently reported by the LA Times, former Mexican President Vicente Fox has ramped up his campaign for the legalization of marijuana in Mexico (see L.A.Times link below).  Apparently he has recently reversed his stance on this issue.  Fox has reportedly become disgusted with the level of violence that has become common in Mexico as a result of the drug trade, the prohibition of drugs, and the dire effort to get the supply of drugs to its demand in the United States.

In a nutshell, all I really have to say is:  Well, duh!  As I have long blogged, legalize drugs and do away with the crime.  But, it’s about time that a leader-type figure in the Western Hemisphere actually attempts to lead on the drug and the drug war issue instead of running around with their tail between their legs trying to follow the herd as the proverbial herd is lead by ignorant and failed policies championed by the U.S. DEA and nearly every recent U.S. presidential administration to date!  One has to wonder if those 'shepherds' have some reason to desire a high sales price for drugs which seems a direct result of the prohibitionist policies. 

The LA Times article did mention, however, that Uruguay’s Parliament is soon to vote to legalize marijuana in that country.  So Fox may not be the only leader in the Western Hemisphere willing to lead and display some common sense and foresight on this issue.

To bad we can’t get any politicians in the U.S. to display such common sense regarding marijuana as does Mr. Fox.  And I don’t typically look to compliment Mexican officials on much, I should add.  (See: No, No, Mi Amigo! No, Presidente Calderone…, You Should Be Thanking Arizona, Not Pointing Accusatory Fingers of Blame!!!; located at: . )

 I mean…, why not legalize such an apparently benign drug that maintains such widespread appeal among our populace?  Why not get all those dollars and jobs that go towards the cultivation and distribution of marijuana on the books and subject to tax?  I’m sure the cigarette companies will come in and monopolize any marijuana industry, anyway.  But, who cares? 

Why is there such a focus to maintain America’s prison-slave industry by forever throwing victimless criminals in jail by the thousands?  Who is making money off such practices and who is paying for it all? 

I suggest we vote-out the politicians that support the prison-industry state that America has become through the never-ending incarceration of non-violent ‘criminals’ such as marijuana offenders!  Let the non-violent marijuana offenders out of our jails and off the taxpayer’s expense – regardless of who is making money or getting kickbacks on the flip-side by offering the would-be prisoner-slave workers to the highest or lowest bidder(s)!

I believe myself compelled to note that it’s odd that this matter only presents a moderate/conservative like Pres. Fox to champion such an issue.  Odder still how there are seemingly no leaders, or few leaders – liberal or otherwise, suggesting the same thing in our nation.  It seems our American leaders are too busy trying to follow the herd as the hypocritical and apparently self-serving Federal government shepherd demands and/or extorts when it comes to outdated and ignorant drug policies!

As I have also blogged/said before:  “The drug war is over!  Throw in the towel! Or…, give me my money back!  ‘Cause I’m tired of paying for it!!!


PS.  I suppose I may have to finish my blog on Needle Park to analogize this argument (see: They told me: ‘Whatever you do, Adam, Don’t go to Needle Park!’; located at: ).   

Mexico's Vicente Fox pushes marijuana debate to forefront

A Just Government Fears Not…

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Md. Air Nat. Guard Bombs Local Tavern

September 4th, 2013

As I heard on the news a few nights ago, a Maryland Air National Guard war-plane literally dropped a bomb in the parking lot of a local Maryland tavern.  No doubt the state and federal taxes were being put to good use in an effort to keep us ‘safe.’  Good thing it wasn’t a ‘real’ bomb – or so we are told.


Military accidentally drops BOMB on Maryland carpark narrowly avoiding tavern packed with customers

Military ‘Practice’ Bomb Lands In Bar Parking Lot

Air National Guard jet drops practice bomb on Eastern Shore