Thursday, December 23, 2010

President Obama, Do You Want to Save a Quick $10 Billion from the Federal Budget?

December 23rd, 2010

President Obama,

Might you be interested in saving a minimum of ten billion dollars ($10,000,000,000) from the Federal budget? All that would be required to initiate this savings is a stroke of your pen to remove one useless and redundant Federal agency from an executive branch department. Other than the jobs lost in boisterous congressional districts, I can almost guarantee that no one would notice the difference and those who might notice would be happy about the loss of the agency and commend you for your budget reduction efforts. I can almost guarantee that you would receive many rave reviews from those in the know in the affected business sectors. Such accolades would be lauded upon you for your budgetary reduction efforts, especially given the reputation for absurdity achieved by this unnamed and inept Federal agency.

Would you like to know who wins the title of the most inept and useless agency in the Federal bureaucracy? Last time I checked, this agency had a budget of approximately eighteen billion dollars ($18,000,000,000) and I’m certain that they have little to show for their efforts as well as our tax dollars.

If you would be interested to know where to find these savings, while at the same time improving credibility with the taxpayers for the wielding of your budget axe, please contact me. I would be happy name the agency of which I speak – and, as a hint, it is not any agency that I have blogged about previously.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. For whatever it is worth, it is not mean spirited for one to speak out against the waste of tax dollars even if they speak with a derogatory tone. This is true, because the waste of tax dollars in the U.S. equates to a violation of the People’s trust in their government. Furthermore, such a waste of tax dollars is a form of corruption – in my opinion. Corruption should always be routed out of our government at any lawful cost.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fox News: “Good Job” and Please Keep Up the Good Work

December 20th, 2010

I am a bit overdue for this blog and its subject matter. As I have previously posted a derogatory comment about Fox Network (Cable Television) News Channel, I have since realized that Fox Network News should be commended for its attempts to display both sides of controversial current affairs in its reporting of the news. Clearly, regardless of its management's stance on the issue, no other news source seems to make such an apparently legitimate attempt to display both sides of any controversial news stories – at least no other source on a national level tries to show both sides of a story as does Fox News Channel. Anyway, “good job” to Fox News Channel for its attempts at showing both sides of controversial news stories! Please keep up the good work.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gold Mine Deal in Afghanistan Equates to Things Are "...on track to achieve our goals" for the U.S. Presidential Administration?

December 17th, 2010

The CBS Evening News Reported yesterday on President Obama’s latest comments on the war in Afghanistan as saying “…We are on track to achieve our goals...," or something positive to that extent.

One has to wonder, are things now going reasonably well because a deal to mine Afghan gold was approved about a week ago? See: “Afghan government OKs gold mine deal,” by Deb Riechmann, Associated Press, appearing in Metrowest Daily News on December 14th 2010, Page A8.

Adam Trotter / AVT

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School Board Shooting in Panama City, Florida, Reminds Us of the Need to Arm the Law-Abiding Citizenry

December 15th, 2010

For the last two days, CBS Evening News - and every other news outlet - has been reporting of yesterday’s tragic story of the crazed creep that attacked the School Board meeting of the Bay District Schools in Panama City, Florida. Apparently the man had set out to avenge the firing of his wife who had been a teacher in the district until her termination. After taking the male members of the school board hostage during the course of the meeting, it appeared that he intended to kill those board members. Subsequent to the attacker’s shooting at members of the Board, the school district’s head of security appeared in the room and shot the crazed gunman. The gunman then shot himself in the head and died – or so it was reported.

This tragic story, nevertheless, again reminds us of the need to arm our citizenry. It is surely doubtful that this (or any other) crazed creep with a gun would set out to attack law-abiding citizens if the creep believed those he planned to attack were armed with defensive weapons to protect themselves against such an attack. In other words, if the gunman thought everyone in the room might have a gun, it is unlikely that he would have brandished a gun to terrorize, intimidate, or kill innocent citizens. As we all know, criminals with the desire will always be able to obtain deadly weapons. The question remains, however, will our governments allow the law-abiding citizens their Constitutional Right to arms to defend themselves against such violent creeps?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over 6,000 Earmarks Totaling In Excess of $8,000,000,000 In Latest U.S. Congressional Spending Bill

December 15th, 2010
CBS Evening News reported this evening that the latest spending bill/budget from the U.S. Congress included over six thousand spending earmarks totaling over eight billion dollars. This is in light of the demand for changes and fiscal responsibility expressed by the voters in the last national elections. (Earmarks are special localized expenditures that are buried in the larger spending bill that typically only benefit specific localized interests.) Such shows that our elected officials seem to know nothing of fiscal responsibility. Initially, I think the majority of the Federal politicians regardless of party affiliation supported the spending bill until the news of all the earmarks was made public. Like I have been saying, VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE if the politicians have been in office for any significant length of time!!
Adam Trotter / AVT

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An Open Letter to the Clinton High School District (Massachusetts) Concerning Its Football Players Beating a Single Student from Another School

December 15th, 2010

Clinton School District,
I write in response to the widely reported actions of several players on your football team savagely beating a student from another school at a post-game party of a few days ago. As it appears that no less than six of your students have been arrested for beating the other young man to the point of requiring hospitalization and the beaten student being “left for dead” (according to WBZ News at Six O’clock on 12/15), one has to wonder what is being taught to the youth in your school system/district.

Certainly, children’s fights are nothing new to our society - especially after the youths have been imbibing with alcohol. However, what is alarming to most of the civilized citizens of the state [and the nation] is the gang mentality that was displayed by the students of your school district. I wonder, have you forgotten to teach the children and students of your district how to behave as decent individuals and civilized human beings? Mind you, this note is not to say that the parents of the savages from your school system are not somewhat responsible for the actions of their children as well.

Furthermore, I believe myself compelled to ask: Are the children of your school district stupid or are they merely wimps? They can not fight in a one-on-one manner? Are you teaching them to fight in such a savage-gang mentality?

I also believe myself compelled to ask: Would the state not be better served to terminate your school district and enroll the children of your district into schools that may teach your children how to behave as civilized individuals and decent human beings? Would such a reassignment of students to another school district not be a better use of our tax dollars than what is currently being spent on your apparently dysfunctional school district that seems to be preparing savages to be released onto the public at large? I look forward to your response to the issues herein.

Adam Trotter

Mass. Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management.

November 12th, 2010

The Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management is simplistic and can be summarized in two words: BE NICE! 

To be sure, I don’t claim this theory to be especially nouveau nor overly original. However, as I have often been critical of the ways many organizations run their operations, I felt myself compelled to suggest how businesses could be better managed and consequently enjoy greater returns for so doing. To reiterate, in general and particularly when dealing in business matters, adhere to the principle of being nice to one another.

With this theory it is acceptable to be extremely competitive. This theory allows for one to vent frustrations. This theory affords the possibility of defending against any attack. And, yes, this theory even allows for the natural human inclination to respond in kind. However, when pursuing any of these allowances, do not allow mean spirits to guide your actions. When acting in a mean-spirited manner, upon subsequent reflection, even victories seem sullied by comparison. At a minimum, be superficially nice and polite; we all know such has been shown to be sufficient for many in the business arenas.

As an example of an organization that is rarely perceived as being nice to others, the U.S. Federal government is consequently perceived as untrustworthy by most and even despised by many. I would surmise such is so because the Federal government is so rarely nice in its dealings with others. It would seem the Federal government’s business model or modus operandi does not address the possibility of being nice to anyone – even its own employees. As such, it seems nearly everyone that interacts with this entity nearly always tries to take advantage of the U.S. Federal government in business dealings whenever possible.

As another example of an organization that may sometimes take actions to better unnamed aspects of the American nation with no apparent regards of being nice to others, The Federal Reserve System seems to nearly always look for betterment of some with the concurrent intended detriment and at the expense of others. For example, with the latest wave of devaluation of the U.S. Dollar by The Fed, such devaluation was at the expense of the Chinese nation and other creditors abroad. While such a detriment of others may, in fact, help the American nation, in the end it may only create ill-will in those nations that were slighted with the devaluation efforts. As The Fed is perceived as acting for the U.S. Federal government, what will happen if the U.S. Government should ever need to borrow from those slighted creditors again? What will become of the reputation of the American nation when the realities of the devaluation actions become understood by the populace of those creditor nations?

Conversely, of course, any number of successful organizations make concerted efforts to be forthright, friendly, and compassionate towards others in business dealings and post significant returns for so doing.
Many of these organizations are well-respected by the consumer/populace in addition to being viewed as a coveted and sought-after employer as well. Though I am not one that steadfastly believes “Goodwill” belongs as an entry on the corporate balance sheet, such an esoteric concept has immeasurable value for several reasons – in my opinion.

I am aware that many may dismiss this theory as too simplistic and not in keeping with the realities of the world. Conversely, to others this theory may come as nothing new. But when acting without the negative intent of inflicting damage upon others, such a course of action nearly always yields better results than when acting to better oneself at the expense of another. Furthermore, I am aware that much of my “Be Nice” theory may be open to subjective interpretation. However, when taking actions to better oneself while clearly so doing is to the detriment of another, any subsequent gain does not come without a cost, regardless if the cost is immediately recognizable or not. As such, there is more to this theory than might be apparent to the short-sighted outlook of any critics who may down-play this business model.

As I am not perfect nor am I a saint, I don’t expect anyone else or any entity to be as a perfect saint either. However, if you don’t believe such a simplification of business to be true as such is described herein by the Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management, give the theory a try and make a conscientious effort to be nice to others in business dealings and then let me know your results. When adhering to this possibly simplistic theory, you will feel better for so doing and I would wager that your gains will significantly increase in the long term and also be more meaningful and rewarding as well.

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT

On The Federal Reserve’s Plan to Buy-Back $600B in U.S. Government Debt…

November 12th, 2010

Devaluing the currency to inflate prices for the upcoming election - or whatever, is most likely not the answer to our economic mess. Funny, even The Fed doesnt seem to understand what probably constitutes much of the problem. Guess I better apply for a job there, huh? Think they will have me? Doubt it, prbbly huh?

So what of The Fed’s plan to buy $600B in gov't debt? Any mid-level economics text book says to throw money at the economy, when faced with a liquidity trap. Why do I not think it will work this time? Which brings us to:

The Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management - appearing soon at a wall-post or blog-post near you (shortened version soon to be released)!! :)

Adam V. Trotter / AVT

Sunday, November 7, 2010

President Obama Interview On “60 Minutes” This Evening: Should I Bother to Blog About Nothing?

November 7th, 2010

I was ‘gonna blog about the President Obama interview which aired this evening on the TV show "60 Minutes.” But as I was ‘bout ready to listen to the interview for a second time, I realized that he didn’t say anything about anything - or so it seemed, anyhow. It's like…, why did he even bother to give the interview? More so…, why should I bother to blog about nothing? Maybe I will anyhow, tho'. Obviously, the politicians in Washington don’t understand the reasoning behind the demand for change concerning our government - or they are in denial or they don’t care.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Would Happen With No U.S. Federal Government Debt?

November 2nd, 2010

What would happen if the U.S. Federal government was able to pay off its debt? What would happen if the U.S. Federal government did pay off its outstanding debts and obligations? What would become of the nation’s financial business sectors – particularly those who trade in U.S. Federal government debt? Could one envision why some business and banking sectors would not desire a U.S. Federal government operating ‘in the black’ or having the ability to pay its debts and obligations as it went forward? Should we be anticipating or needing the mainstream American corporate news and press outlets to explain such a hypothetical situation to us?

Could a high powered banking cartel which routinely lends money to the U.S. Federal government have any reason to not desire a U.S. Federal government operating with no need for loans? And, what if the corporate U.S. Federal government was in receivership to this banking cartel and the government was nevertheless able to pay all of its obligations? Would receivership explain much of the enumeration of power to any banking cartel - regarding the commandeering of the U.S. economy by any such banking cartel? Could such a banking cartel ensure that U.S. Federal government was never able to pay the entire balance of its outstanding obligations - would that then be in the best interest of the cartel?

Adam V. Trotter / AVT

PS. To be sure, this blog post is not intended to question the validity of the United States public debt as such would appear as unconstitutional iaw Amendment XIV, Section 4, of the U.S. Federal Constitution.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Them Out!

November 1st, 2010

For the upcoming mid-term election tomorrow, might I suggest if any politician has been in office for more than ten years or so: VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!

PERSONALLY, WITHIN THE TIME FRAME OF TWO TERMS OF A U.S. SENATOR (twelve years), I THINK I COULD CHANGE ZEBRAS’ STRIPES. However, with our typically elected officials – especially on a Federal level, these ‘leaders’ cant even seem to function to get any of the populace back to work in the last ten years, or so, nor can they seem to solve any other outstanding national difficulties. As such, it seems that OUR TYPICALLY ELECTED FEDERAL OFFICIALS THEREFORE EITHER MUST BE INEPT OR CORRUPT AND MOST LIKELY ONLY OUT FOR THEIR OWN ENDS. SO I SAY WE FLUSH THE LOT OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE – or at least flush the politicians that have been in office for more than ten years, or so.

Furthermore, if a politician has been in office, for say, longer than a decade, they have surely sold-themselves or been bought-out by the nearly criminal Federal Reserve System. This is most likely so, because no normal human being who truly was concerned more for the general welfare of the American populace than for the respective politicians’ own ego, stature, or bank account would support the enumeration/delegation of power (from Congress/Legislative Branch to The Fed). 

Such an enumeration/delegation of power essentially allows for the nation to be run/led by the Federal Reserve. It would seem, any politician who truly cared for the American people would place any such enumerated/delegated power of running the nation’s economy (and fiscal and monetary policy) with/to those who swore to uphold the U.S. Federal Constitution and with/to those who would clearly claim a fiduciary responsibility to the American People – unlike the current situation where these enumerated/delegated powers are given for convenience to the Federal Reserve System, a system that claims no fiduciary responsibility to anyone outside The Fed's banking cartel while concurrently seeking ‘arbitrage opportunities’ for itself.

Such a grant of power to The Fed, additionally, seems to be prohibited by the very powers enumerated to Congress in this regard; that is, such a grant is surely prohibited by the powers enumerated to Congress by the U.S. Constitution. (See Article I, Section 8, Clause 5.) Neither does it seem necessary or proper to have an outside banking cartel controlling the nation’s economy. And, as Jefferson pointed out, convenience does not properly rationalize the matter.

The U.S. Federal politicians have appeared to allow this enumeration/delegation of power to the Federal Reserve to continue and to fester to the obvious detriment of the American People! So with this and any forthcoming election, I believe the time is at hand for these long-seated politicians who would seem to have supported the Federal Reserve System, for these politicians to be removed from office by the voters!

Adam V. Trotter / AVT

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Employer Contributions to Healthcare Insurance Costs To Be Taxed Next Year? In General, No; Unless “Excess Benefits” are Involved.,

October 27, 2010

So today, I was on the distribution list of a forwarded email which alarmingly claimed that employer contributions to healthcare insurance costs would be taxed as income - starting next year. So, I did some research to ascertain whether this was true or not, prior to my raising the alarm flag on this same issue.

Well…, at first I was unable to find the quoted document in the email: “On page 25 of 29: TITLE IX REVENUE PROVISIONS- SUBTITLE A: REVENUE OFFSET PROVISIONS-(sec.9001, as modified by sec. 10901) Sec.9002.”

As I persevered and continued to peruse through the rumor mill in self-claimed conservative blogs - which never ceased in the criticism of ‘Obama-Care,’ I found a reference that stated the source of the claim of any upcoming increase to taxable income as a result of employer healthcare costs contributions. The blog claimed that Kiplinger’s Taxation Letters and Website had initially warned of increased taxable income as a result of employer contributions to healthcare costs. See: (Note my comment at the bottom of that blog.)

So, as I researched Kiplinger’s website, I discovered that Kiplinger’s explicitly addressed any claims/credit attributed to Kiplinger that there would be a tax on employer contributions to healthcare costs. Kiplinger emphatically stated that any credit given to them for such a statement was in error. In fact, they say there will not be a tax on such employer provided benefits. See: , and see: (item number 3).

So, I was determined to find the actual document and, on the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services website, I did find the document: .

So, in the end and in general, the answer is no, there will not be a tax on employer contributions to healthcare benefits. Nevertheless, the employer is to include the employers’ healthcare insurance contributions as a line item on the W-2. But the item is not included as taxable income unless the amount totals “excess benefits.”

So, the answer continues, well possibly…. As is often the case with the laws in our nation, the real answer is, in fact, there is a possibility that employer contributions to healthcare benefits could be taxed. As stated in TITLE IX REVENUE PROVISIONS- SUBTITLE A, an excise tax will be assessed on “excess benefits” – with “excess benefits” being “applicable benefits” / employer contributions of over $8300 for a single employee and over $23000 for an employee and family in fiscal year 2013.

So the final answer is that it is unlikely that one will be taxed for employer contributions to healthcare costs unless they are being given ‘excess benefits.’ At least, according to my brief and cursory research.

Does this begin to explain the matter? Of course, what the future may hold in this regard is anyone’s guess at this point in time.

Adam V. Trotter / AVT

Fyi: Most employers, such as the Federal government, pay 60% of healthcare insurance costs with the employee paying 40% of the cost - which is taken from the employees’ paycheck.

After thought:  June, 2016.
I might have to revisit this blog entry and make some changes or a rare blog-entry deletion, methinks.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New X-Ray Truck to Search Unsuspecting Moving Vehicles on Roadways

October 26th, 2010

Today on Fox Cable News, a new vehicle was profiled. This vehicle is a truck outfitted with [high-powered] x-ray gear to inspect the contents of unknowing vehicles that happen alongside this x-ray truck. Of course, any such x-ray inspection is without the knowledge of the occupants of any targeted vehicle. No information was reported as to the dosage of radiation to which the occupants of targeted are subjected.

I have to wonder, is there no end to which the authorities will stretch/diminish our Rights under the Federal Constitution? Has the Right against Unlawful Search and Seizure merely become a challenge to our authorities and politicians as to how thin this Right can be stretched before the same fascist-type authorities are held accountable for their disregard of the Peoples’ Rights? Clearly, it would seem that for a long time, many of our government authorities would have preferred no Rights existed to protect the People against Unlawful Search and Seizure. (If you don’t know of any specifics of which I speak, just ask.)

I mean…, the thing is…, on one hand, if this technology were able to prevent my having to stop and was to prevent the threat of search of my vehicle at the Border Patrol Station when traversing from San Diego to Los Angeles on the Interstate 5 Freeway, that would be great. But if this x-ray vehicle is going to be utilized by local authorities to search our vehicles without our knowledge or consent, then I would say that it appears fascism is again on the rise in the United States – with such fascism apparently again being promoted by our government authorities. Of course, I could envision situations where such x-ray truck technology would be of benefit. However, the overall threat to our basic Rights and the threat to our health by being subjected to any such radiation would seem to outweigh any possible benefits.

Once again, by allowing this x-ray truck technology to make its way to the streets, it would appear that the nation’s dysfunctional Court Systems, lawyers, and politicians care little of the substantive Rights of the American people and appear to only care what benefits the ends of the would-be fascists in positions of power. This matter also brings to mind the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Adam Trotter / AVT


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fed to Buy Back Government Debt, European Central Bank Warns Against War of Currencies. Dollar: Fifteen Year Low Against Yen. Gold: Record High

October 14th, 2010

Yesterday, it was reported on Los Angeles Radio (KNX 1070AM) that the Federal Reserve System (The Fed) plans to buy back some of the Federal government’s outstanding debt. The Fed said this move would hopefully stimulate economic growth - by putting more dollars into the economic markets. Later the same day (or the next morning European time) the European Central Bank warned against perceived currency wars whereby currencies would be continually devalued to gain an advantage in exchange rates relevant to the exporting of goods. This evening, it was reported on San Diego’s Fox Radio affiliate (600 AM) that the dollar hit a fifteen-year low in exchange rates against the Japanese yen. Also today, it was reported that the value of an ounce of gold attained a record high dollar value of approximately thirteen-hundred and seventy-five dollars ($1375/ounce).

Despite the fact that the Federal Reserve System claims no fiduciary responsibility to the American nation, one could argue that the long continued effort by The Fed to forever devalue the dollar will help the American nation and workforce by stimulating exports as the dollar would then be less valued than the currency of foreign nations that buy our exports. However, as the fiat dollar has been devalued for decades on end to date, the continued devaluation is a likely culprit to the continued economic depression to which the nation is currently afflicted. Therefore, any continued devaluation of the dollar is likely another as yet unforeseen debt to be paid by the populace or by our future descendants.

Also worthy of note, to continue decreasing the value of the dollar aids any presidential administration by inflating prices which helps with any economic reporting concerning the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). If the GDP were shown to increase because of the devalued dollar, then the current economic recession/depression officially could be ended by the definition of a recession (which is dependant on a repeatedly decreased GDP). Any official ending of the recession/depression is to the political advantage of any administration in power. But a devalued dollar also increases prices which severely hurts the American people. (Remember when a gallon of gas cost five dollars a few years back? Most of the increased price was probably due to a devalued dollar, not the oil producers trying to gouge us.) However, such a numbers game to reflect a better economy is nothing new - regardless of the presidential election drawing closer. But as The Fed has no stated fiduciary responsibility to the president either, if The Fed moves to better the economic appearances of the presidential administration, one can only wonder what type of relationship truly exists between the White House and The Fed. For instance, do the President and his people have all their asset holdings in gold as well, or is The Fed actually trying to help the American people?

Reiterating the point of many of my previous blogs/diatribes, as The Fed maintains no fiduciary responsibility to the American people and The Fed, of course, has massive gold holdings, one can only make assumptions as to what is the true intent of any actions taken by the U.S. Federal Reserve System. That is, are the actions of The Fed to benefit the American people or to further line the pockets of those in power at The Fed and those in power within our government? As our politicians, court systems, state governments, and lawyers don’t seem to have any distaste for this forever continued devaluing of our currency nor do they seem to have any other difficulties with any actions or on-going policy regime at The Fed, one sooner or later has to assume that the lawyers, state governments, court systems, and politicians must also be profiting by the continued policy regime of the Federal Reserve System – a policy regime which is arguably nearly criminal. As such, I must wonder, do the lawyers, court systems, and politicians have all their asset holdings in gold as well?

Anyway, is anyone out there still waiting for ‘change.’? Well, you just got some change, that is to say, more change in the form of the further-decreased value of the dollar. Sometimes I wonder if by merely insinuating these types of questions as in this blog, whether one may need to seek political asylum in a nearby neighbor nation.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Update, November 9th, 2010:

Over the last few days, it has been widely reported that the Chinese government is warning against this move by the Fed in that such an infusion of dollars, according to the Chinese, will cause widespread instabilities in the [currency and debt] markets. Duh, ya’ think? To their credit, though, the Chinese did catch on before the Fed really took them to the cleaners any further, anyhow. It’s been said that the Chinese have sold off much of their holdings in US Government debt some months ago (back in February), regardless.

PS. For more information on this topic of the Fed's actions and an interesting attempt at interpretation/"translation into plain english" for laymen of the Fed's recent statement, See:

PSS. So whose been reading the textbook as to what to do in a liquidity trap? But they still have not hired me. :)

November 11th, 2010,

Devaluing the currency to inflate prices for the upcoming election - or whatever, is most likely not the answer to our economic mess. Funny, even The Fed doesnt seem to understand what probably constitutes much of the problem. Guess I better apply for a job there, huh? Think they will have me? Doubt it, prbbly huh?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the Federal Government and on Governments in General…

October 9th, 2010

Governments should not be concerned with protecting every individual from one’s own stupidity. Neither should governments look to profit from such stupidity either. And, merely on specific and limited fronts, should governments be concerned with protecting the individual from the stupidity of others. People should be empowered to protect themselves as they are able until the point whereby extraneous government intervention might be needed.

As for this blogger’s repeated critiques concerning the actions of the governments across our land and particularly for his repeated critiques of the U.S. Federal government, the point is not to merely focus on negative energy – such a focus that I prefer to avoid. The point of complaining and blogging about the failures and shortcomings of our nation’s governments is to highlight issues with hopes to remedy any noted shortcomings to better the overall situation for all. Surely, no one entity is expected to be perfect all the time. However, when an error in course is clearly illuminated, then such an error should demand an all-hands effort to recognize and repair the revealed fault – such as with the current state of the nation’s economy. Furthermore, mere words are typically not sufficient to repair the necessary, overlooked, and damaged staples of any given system.

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT

Concerning the Federal Reserve System and Fiduciary Responsibility….

October 9th, 2010

The point of all my prior diatribes and rants on this subject of the Federal Reserve System is that if any organization – public or private – is given the economic advantage of essentially controlling the fiscal and monetary policy of the United States, then at a minimum, said organization should claim a fiduciary responsibility to the government and people of the United States of America. Preferably and presumably, if not obviously, it would seem best that such an organization be an arm of the U.S. Federal government which is therefore sworn to uphold the U.S. Federal Constitution. However, reiterating from earlier blogs, the Federal Reserve System (The Fed) is not part of the United States Federal government and neither does it clam any fiduciary responsibility to the people of the United States nor any fiduciary responsibility to the Federal government of the United States (which of course would equate to a fiduciary responsibility to the people of the United States by default).

In the end and at the risk of sounding arrogant, to date, it is likely that I [operating in a single-handed mode] could have done a better job controlling the economy of the United States then what has been accomplished by the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System. Moreover so, by the fact that I would have always acted in the best interest of the people of the United States! That’s not to say, arguendo, that all policy regime pursued by The Fed has necessarily been to the detriment of the people of the United States. I’m just saying better results likely could have been accomplished by nearly anyone. Better results with the nation’s economy could also have been likely achieved by having no such organization resembling the government-empowered Federal Reserve System.

Adam V. Trotter / AVT

Friday, October 1, 2010

Clinton-Era Political Tactics Seem Alive and Well and Being Utilized Against Non-Establishment Candidates

September 30, 2010

With the upcoming general elections across the land, it appears that Clinton-Era political tactics are alive and well. What are Clinton-Era political tactics you might ask? Per my definition, Clinton-Era political tactics include personally attacking an adversary in any political election with the intent of these attacks merely to publicly sully the targeted adversary - regardless of who launches the attack or if any foundation exists for the attack. We can see this type of political tactics currently being utilized in an apparent widespread manner in the gubernatorial elections in California and New York in addition to the U.S. Senate race in Delaware. I am not overly surprised, however, that such Clinton-Era attacks seem only to be focused upon non-establishment candidates such as those in the races noted above.

What should a candidate do to avoid the typical fate of becoming political road-kill when battling focused and concerted Clinton-Era-type politically motivated personal attacks? Well, to be brief, the embattled candidate should hire me to help them field these attacks. Long ago, I became well-versed at nullifying such attacks launched by mean-spirited simpletons – as such describes many in the Federal workforce where I worked for fifteen years. However, short of employing me to make lemonade of the political lemons being thrown, any viable political entity under attack should learn the ABC’s of these Clinton-Era tactics and reverse the tide against the attackers – to be concise. If one is unable to do this then they should call me.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boycott Shasta Beverages Company!!! Boycott Volkswagen of America!!! Boycott VW!! Boycott Shasta!! Senseless Violence Does Get Our Attention!

September 23rd, 2010

IN these days when the decent folks of our nation are trying to end senseless violence amongst our citizenry, one has to wonder, what’s up with the simpletons at the Shasta Beverages Company, and what’s up with the simpletons at Volkswagen of America as well?

IN their firms' commercials that repeatedly air on our television, Shasta Beverages Company prefers to hit people in the head with full twelve-ounce cans of their soda?!? While Volkswagen of America, for their part, merely prefers we physically strike/hit/punch each other on the arm when we see one of their cars!?! As A Nation, Should U.S. Consumers Boycott Shasta beverages and Volkswagen vehicles as a result of their promotion of senseless violence?


IN these days when the decent and kind folks of our great nation are attempting to stop idiot creeps from lashing out with senseless violence toward innocents, we have two major and well-known corporations filling our airwaves with commercials which focus on nothing but senseless violence against unsuspecting and distracted innocent by-standers. Are these companies so out of touch with the realities of our nation that they think the best way to get our attention is through senseless and unprovoked violence against innocent individuals?


FYI, I have sent this note to those firms via their websites. and:

Of course, I am aware that hurling full cans of sodas through the air to strike unsuspecting human targets in the head to make them aware of the Shasta product is intended as humor, sarcasm, or even satire. And, I am aware that the suggestion of hitting an acquaintance standing nearby on the arm to make them aware of the new and different Volkswagens that happen by – as opposed to the old ‘punch buggy’ bugs/Beatles, is if of this same genre of message; be it sarcasm, satire, or humor. However, I am merely suggesting that if we truly seek to end the proliferation of senseless violence in our society – a society where it appears that many have lost all common sense regarding senseless violence, we should not accept the promotion of senseless violence by corporations seeking to market their products. Furthermore, I suggest that it is time we pass this message of ending senseless violence to marketers and corporations that don’t seem to be aware or care of the senseless violence they are promoting, even if such is done under the veil of humor.


For reference, see:


Include Soup Kitchens in the Next Federal Stimulus Bill to Address Rampant, Widespread, and Ever-Increasing Poverty in Our Nation?

September 23rd, 2010

Given these days of endless unemployment benefits for those that were lucky enough to become unemployed at the proper time for these endless benefits, I have to ask, what about those that became unemployed before the endless benefits were approved and are not privy to such benefits? Given that we seem to be emerging as a welfare state, maybe its time we bring back the soup kitchens of the 1930’s Depression to ensure the populace and their children don’t starve – regardless of whether these folks qualify for food-stamps or not. And, what of those that are unable to walk around with their hand-out for free money from the government such as with endless unemployment benefits? Soup kitchens might be the answer. Furthermore, maybe its time we begin to ‘set in for the long haul’ and address the rampant and ever-increasing levels of poverty in our nation. To ensure that people can eat, soup kitchens seem to be an idea whose time has returned.

Clearly, entire industries and segments of the economy have gone away with no return in sight. And, with as many as 75% of the workforce unemployed or under-employed, we are blessed with a government that has become so out of touch with reality that it likely relies on organizations such as the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). The NBER is widely reported to have claimed the ‘recession’ has ended as of sometime last year. I mean…, this bureau – though merely a nonprofit organization - seems as useless as the Federal agency that was supposed to be controlling the off-shore drilling over the recent years – the MMS (Minerals Management Service, Dept. of Interior). (See: , also See:

I understand that much of any macro-economic condition is a likely result of perception. That is, if the banks, businesses, and general public were to believe that the economic situation was better, banks would lend money to businesses again, businesses would likely hire additional employees, and many would begin spending additional monies which would likely help to end the current recession/depression. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy type of thing. But I think the timing for such an orchestrated smoke-screen of deception (or tepid inspiration) by any economic reporting agency or by the Federal government has long since passed.

Of course, maybe the recession has long since ended for the wealthy that surely became smart enough to follow the lead of the Federal Reserve System and put all their money in gold – surely the wealthy and The Fed have made unimaginable profits of late with the never-ending devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. And maybe the ‘recession’ is over for the corporate leaders that refuse to hire employees and prefer to work their current employees ‘to the bone’ with massive amounts of overtime to squeeze more profits – as productivity is reported to be at an all time high! (As one example see: . ) But those wealthy folks were likely never seriously affected by the on-going ‘recession’ like the average citizen anyhow.

But with the numbers of people living below the poverty level reported to be at an all-time high and looks to ever-increase for the near-term future, maybe its time we start to rethink everything! (See:, and see: . ) Soup kitchens would seem to be an idea worth considering.

Adam Trotter / AVT

Thursday, September 16, 2010

‘Tea Party’ Primary Election ‘Upsets’… The Typical Establishment Powers Would Seem Unable to Understand Any Underlying Election Results Message.

September 15th, 2010

In reviewing yesterday’s primary election results that handed the Republican Party nominations for several national and gubernatorial offices to reformist ‘Tea Party’ Republican candidates, the ‘mainstream’ media and political parties continue to show the arrogance and ignorance of those biased established entities which has mandated the need for such a reformist ‘Tea Party’ from the onset. Furthermore, the matter of the ‘Tea Party,’ in my opinion, has less to do with conservative or liberal political leanings than meaningful political reform in keeping with the U.S. Federal Constitution – regardless of the political leanings of any that may align themselves with, or claim to speak for, the ‘Tea Party’ group. Concerning the victorious ‘Tea Party’ candidates in yesterday’s primary elections across the nation, the typical media, the establishment Democrats, and the establishment Republicans surely can not fathom the message that is being sent by the voters that supported the election ‘upsets’ as the establishment forces prefer to not acknowledge any need for real change and desire no real change as they, themselves, orchestrated the current system which would seem to support the self-serving need for these establishment forces to maintain the dysfunctional system.

I don’t necessarily blog to support the ‘Tea Party’ or its candidates. I don’t necessarily blog to say that I support the just demands for required reform in our nation’s government(s). I merely blog to say that the typical establishment entities (such as much of the nation’s media as well as the Democratic and Republican parties) seem so blinded by ignorance and arrogance and appear so far removed from the average American that those entities - as they currently exist - are unlikely to ever understand any message sent by the average American. These stated establishment forces can not understand any message for reform from the populace because the establishment forces surely would prefer that the dysfunctional system remain as it is currently – as it was these same establishment forces that engineered this faulty and often morally corrupt system as it now stands which supports those same establishment forces currently in positions of power. As such, to support their ends, clearly the typical establishment forces seem to prefer to demonize the potentially reformist ‘Tea Party’ at nearly every opportunity.

As Examples:
1. The mainstream media and press of the ‘establishment’ seem, in general, to display that voting for a ‘Tea Party’ candidate would be a likely waste of a vote and would hurt the conservative Republicans’ chances of gaining seats in the legislature (per Bob Sheiffer and others on the CBS “Evening News” this evening). It would seem that the monopolistic media sources desire no significant change as they are currently ‘fat and happy’ and ‘on top of the food chain.’

2. The Democratic Party seems, in general, to display the ‘Tea Party’ folks to be radical conservatives that are too radical and too conservative for the mainstream voters to support in the upcoming general election. The Democrats also seem to desire to spread fear of the reformists with the hopes that such a fear will entice voters in the general election to support the mainstream candidates – that is, to support Democratic candidates that likely reflect the typical ideals of the ‘establishment’ that allowed our country to evolve to it’s current economic and political mess. As an example, Democratic Party strategist Ms. Task (?) on CBS’s “The Early Show” this morning spoke of ‘Tea Party’ folks as likely buffoons that ‘…seek to end Civil Rights legislation…’

3. The Republican Party seems to prefer, in general, to display these ‘Tea Party’ folks as not viable candidates much for the same apparent reasoning of the Democratic Party. Some Republican Party chapters of our nation were reported to be so disgusted with the election of ‘Tea Partiers’ that the respective state Republican Parties were apparently considering withholding election funds from these ‘Tea Party’ Republican candidates.

Regardless of any glimmers of truth that may or may not be reflected in the viewpoints of the typical mainstream media or by either of the mainstream political parties (viewpoints as surmised directly above), these establishment entities are likely to be totally out-of-touch with the current American voters and therefore unable to understand what yesterday’s election ‘upsets’ represent and what sentiment is likely being voiced by these voters who have been afforded the opportunity to express themselves in such a regard.

As the establishment groups can not fathom the message, for whatever the reason, one should probably disregard the commentary of these reviewers concerning the election ‘upsets’ from yesterday that would try to display the ‘Tea Party’ candidates in any negative fashion – irrespective of whether such a characterization is warranted or not. This is because the forces of the establishment powers (the media, the Democrats, and the Republicans) appear as currently blinded and overly constrained by their typical arrogance and ignorance which has allowed these establishment groups to support the near-ending of the American dream and the American way of life as such is represented by our current dysfunctional governments across the land – should these groups be aware of their erroneous paradigms or not.

I would suspect that these establishment entities will be in store for a rude awakening come the general election in November as well as future elections in years to come. I would hope these establishment forces that allowed for the continued decay of our American society and way of life while concurrently lining their allies’ pockets with the American tax-payers’ money will themselves be on the endangered political species list.

Adam Trotter / AVT

P.S. In reality, as displayed by the ‘Tea Party’ upset election results, there are several possible messages being sent by these voters on many different fronts. While the list below is not all inclusive, in general and per my opinion, THE MESSAGE(s) FROM YESTERDAY’S ‘TEA PARTY’ ELECTION UPSETS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:







PSS. To be clear, I support the U.S. Constitution. See:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ground-Zero NYC is a cemetery!

September 9th, 2010

With all due respect to the construction workers at the site, the Ground-Zero site of the former World Trade Center Complex is a cemetery!! Any firm that opens an office there would seem to be foolish! Anyone that would work on a daily basis in any replacement buildings in such a cemetery would seem a bigger fool! This matter is another example of the greed showed by corporate America. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the owner of the site, can’t simply just take a loss (after any insurance settlements, of course) and make the place a memorial park?
Adam Trotter / AVT

Track Ground-Zero construction topics:

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

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Afterthought (Sept. 13th, 2010): As shown in the sketches, however, the 911 Memorial does look very nice and well done.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Support Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Belief, Regardless of Whom Such Practices Offend!!!

September 8th, 2010

I support Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Belief, Regardless of Whom Such Practices Offend!!!

What are the U.S. Labor Unions Doing During this “Great Depression” of the New Millennium?

September 7th, 2010

WITH the passage of the recent Labor Day Holiday and in this time of massive unemployment and during the midst of “The Great Depression” of the new millennium, one has to ask: What are the labor unions doing to get the unemployed back to work? Recently, one could hear the local union president for a nearby county local chapter of a major union state on the radio of how upwards of two-hundred thousand (200,000) of his union members had no work. On the other hand, it is being widely reported that national productivity is at an all-time high; meaning that employed workers are being heavily over-worked so that no new hires are necessary for any given company. So, it would seem about time that the question is posed as to what are the labor unions and their leadership currently doing to help the populace?

It would appear that modern-day union leadership has become like the typical politician whereby they seem only to care about themselves as they are ‘fat and happy’ on the ‘top of the food chain.’ In fact, much of the labor union leadership appear to be doing less than the average politician to right the nation’s current situation other than to vehemently back the campaigns of one politician or another. While many of the union rank and file, however, appear to have been left behind and those over-worked and under-employed workers may often have no union representation at all under which to voice their concerns that more employees or better wages are likely to be necessary.

As the labor unions may well have provided much of the impetus for corporate America to move many of our jobs off-shore, the modern union leadership appears content to allow unemployed workers to remain destitute and the over-worked workers to remain fatigued and likely unrepresented. One must wonder, is much of the typical union leadership now in the ‘back pocket’ of corporate America and beholden to listless politicians and is the union leadership content to make minimal efforts to help the workers of the nation? If so, maybe its time for new labor unions or at least new leadership that cares for the well-being of the workers of the nation.

Adam Trotter / AVT

After thought (Sept. 10th, 2010): I have since been possibly enlightened. It seems that latest proposed stimulus bill which states a goal of rebuilding infrastructure is to reward the labor unions for their support of the Obama administration. Well, good for them (if the bill is enacted). Hopefully that money will make it to employ workers.