Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arizona v. City of L.A.: Nice Move Arizona ‘Bout Choking the Power And Jacking Electrical Rates!

May 25th, 2010

In the latest battle concerning the legal right of Arizona and its attempts to enforce Federal law concerning illegal immigration from Mexico, the City government of Los Angeles invoked a new city ordinance mandating the boycott of Arizona corporate entities as long as Arizona attempts to enforce Federal immigration laws – because obviously Los Angeles has some amount of affinity for an unlimited amount of illegal aliens vying for the currently limited American jobs in our nation. Anyway, in response to the Los Angeles ordinance calling for a boycott of Arizona businesses, Arizona in turn threatened to raise rates on electrical power supplied by Arizona to the electrical grid, that is, to increase rates on electrical power that is intended to power the southern California / Los Angeles region.

To be clear, when it comes to the west coast I am a Californian and I also love L.A. However, the L.A. city government bureaucracy has so many problems and is so dysfunctional that it really needs to be ‘taken down a rung – or two’ and definitely has no reason to be throwing salt in the wounds of any other government entity that is attempting to resolve on-going problems such as Arizona.

So, all that being said, I merely wanted to blog: Good shot Arizona! Give ‘em hell.

The City of L.A. has no reason to tell you anything of what you should do about anything. The City of L.A. should worry about its own problems including creating jobs for its legal citizens – which to date appears of minimal concern to Los Angeles as it would rather kiss-ass to political entities representing special-interest groups.

So Arizona…., as the City of Los Angeles is long overdue for a reality check, I was curious, would you be interested in learning the ultimate forthright maneuver to gain legal submission and to stifle the City government of L.A? If you are interested, please contact me for my consulting services. I’m talking about the potential of the City of L.A. being required to pay all the expenses of your state into the indefinite future.

Adam Trotter / AVT

No, No, Mi Amigo! No, Presidente Calderone…, You Should Be Thanking Arizona, Not Pointing Accusatory Fingers of Blame!!!

May 25th, 2010

This blog is in response to recent comments by Mexican Presidente Calderon at a press conference in Washington DC (?) while meeting with U.S. President Obama (of about one week ago). To state the matter briefly: At that press conference the Mexican Head of State spoke poorly of the State of Arizona’s recent decision to enforce U.S. Federal immigration laws in that state with or without U.S. Federal support. Presidente Calderon then categorized this effort by Arizona as ‘discriminatory.’ This blog is to illuminate some of the realities of this matter.

El Presidente Calderon, please spare our intelligence and yourself the absurd hypocrisy!!! Mexican Government officials have no right or cause to point fingers of discrimination in the United States.

Presidente Calderon, you ‘wanna talk discrimination?
Let’s talk property rights in Mexico and how non-Mexicans are not allowed to own property in Mexico. Does that reek of discrimination? Let’s talk about a lack of rule of Law in Mexico. Does that reek of discrimination? Let’s talk about the necessary mordida/morbida/bribery (whatever you call it) to get things accomplished in Mexico. Does that reek of discrimination? Let’s talk about extortion of Americans tourists in Mexico. Does that reek of discrimination? (Regardless of whether such happens to Mexicans in the U.S., such is not widely condoned or ignored or accepted as merely the normal course of business in our nation, as such acts of extortion of Americans in your country is considered to be more or less a normal way of business.) What about immigration laws in your country? Does that reek of discrimination?

Presidente Calderon, you ‘wanna talk discrimination?
Let’s talk about the policies of your government that support the extreme division of classes in your nation. Does that reek of discrimination? Let’s talk about the policies of your government that force the desperate individuals of your nation to risk everything to walk across the desert to the U.S. Does that reek of discrimination? Let’s talk about the policies of your government that makes the U.S. governments appear as the epitome of efficiency by comparison.

What’s more, let’s talk about the policies of the U.S. government and the several states that essentially has allowed for the unlimited amount of immigrants to illegally enter our nation - allowed for any of several reasons. Not the least of these reasons include the fact that such a vent as allowing the illegal immigrant/emigrants from your nation to come to the U.S. to places such as Arizona, Texas, and California (predominantly, and to name a few) helps to prevent these desperate and driven individuals of your nation from supporting a revolution to rid the continent of your dysfunctional government that has caused all these problems from the onset. Does that reek of discrimination? All this and not to dwell on the matter of the cash these individuals infuse into your historically lethargic economy with monies sent to family members in your nation – monies made here in the U.S.

Consequently, I would ‘reckon, Presidente Calderon, that you owe the State of Arizona a big debt of gratitude.

And even more, when you are willing to allow a foreign dignitary into your nation to address issues in your country of which the dignitary’s nation does not agree, such as any or all of the concerns illuminated above, then you may believe yourself justified to point accusatory fingers of blame at issues of concern in the other nations. I would be interested to know if your people would welcome such thoughts from outsiders.

Presidente Calderon, I would be happy to know your thoughts on the issues herein. Hopefully, neither you nor others in your nation would seek to perpetrate any retribution against me for speaking my mind here in this blog. Do you think such a stated possible fear also reeks of discrimination?

Adam Trotter / AVT

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is the Nation Under Siege? Could We Trust the Nation’s Press to Tell Us?

May 2nd, 2010

Aside from the seemingly never-ending threat of terrorism, is the U.S. Nation currently under siege – from within or without, clandestine or otherwise? If so, could we trust our nation’s press to tell us if we were under siege, if they knew? To be clear, I applaud the possible restraint shown by the press to avoid sensationalism. But, regardless, assuming it to be in the best interest of the people to know if clandestine creeps were undertaking operations to harm our citizenry, would the owners of our nation’s media sources - under likely government direction / collaboration - believe such to be in their best interest to keep the truth from the people and not tell us if we were under siege in our homeland? For that matter, can we believe anything our press tells us? Has the news media become nothing but a Hollywood production comprised of ulterior motives to promulgate accepted propaganda similar to the media of the fascist and communist worlds?

This weekend has seen mysterious subway fires in Boston, a colossal and catastrophic water main failure that prevented fresh water delivery to much of the Boston metropolitan area, an unexplained passenger bus fire in Connecticut, a reported car-type bomb in New York City’s Times Square, (and additionally a reported ‘fire’ in the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan). As of the time of this blog, I have not heard any definite reasons reported for any of these occurrences. Is the similar timing of these incidents merely coincidental or chance? Is the water main break and subway fire merely a result of our nation’s crumbling infrastructure? (See also: http://engineeringandcommerce.blogspot.com/2010/03/rebuild-nations-water-mains-and-sewer.html ) Or, is there something evil afoot and have our leaders and national press taken it upon themselves to not tell us - so we don’t panic and stop spending money needed to revitalize our current listless economy?

Can we be sure of anything that is reported to us via the mainstream media? I mean…., either way, can we really believe our corporate-owned media sources to tell us the honest truth? I hope so. Because, possibly unlike our leaders and press, I have faith in the ability of the American public to cope with the truth. And, as a reminder for whatever such is worth, it is at least a perceived mandate of our nation for our nation’s press to report the truth. If this pillar of our society has crumbled, well…..

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. There have been other reported incidents that were never satisfactorily explained as to the cause as well over recent years – particularly in the subway and utilities arenas. However, on the other hand, how much of the reported news is merely orchestrated stage shows?

PSS. After-note: As I was driving down the New Jersey Turnpike earlier today May 3rd, New York's WPLJ (?) 95.5 FM Radio briefly reported another 'fire in a man-hole' in Morrisville NJ (?). No explanation given - if anyone even heard the extremely brief report, I wonder.

See also:

Follow on, February 11th, 2014.
It was reported last week that an electrical substation near San Jose, California came under "terrorist attack" in "2013."  The public was not told of the attack/dress rehearsal for attack until now, essentially.
See:  http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-grid-terror-20140207,0,5892405.story

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Enlightenment, A Sonnet of Sorts

One must wonder why we endure and toil
Visions of gold persist with no clear end
Recent Divine visits to a close friend
Burns truth despite learned blinders of foil
Offers Knowledge clear as oceans of oil
Culture diverts most needs while wants transcend
Presence persists while the morals do bend
Misled leaders proclaim deny the soil

Road signs and the airwaves are clear to show
There He was seen on a recent visit
While most inquire through eyes broken with doubt
There truth was for any seeking to know
Answers came forth were shown and still emit
Though most merely wander to and about

To be aware of the Divine in kind
Learning only comes to open clear minds

AVT / Adam Trotter