Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is the Nation Under Siege? Could We Trust the Nation’s Press to Tell Us?

May 2nd, 2010

Aside from the seemingly never-ending threat of terrorism, is the U.S. Nation currently under siege – from within or without, clandestine or otherwise? If so, could we trust our nation’s press to tell us if we were under siege, if they knew? To be clear, I applaud the possible restraint shown by the press to avoid sensationalism. But, regardless, assuming it to be in the best interest of the people to know if clandestine creeps were undertaking operations to harm our citizenry, would the owners of our nation’s media sources - under likely government direction / collaboration - believe such to be in their best interest to keep the truth from the people and not tell us if we were under siege in our homeland? For that matter, can we believe anything our press tells us? Has the news media become nothing but a Hollywood production comprised of ulterior motives to promulgate accepted propaganda similar to the media of the fascist and communist worlds?

This weekend has seen mysterious subway fires in Boston, a colossal and catastrophic water main failure that prevented fresh water delivery to much of the Boston metropolitan area, an unexplained passenger bus fire in Connecticut, a reported car-type bomb in New York City’s Times Square, (and additionally a reported ‘fire’ in the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan). As of the time of this blog, I have not heard any definite reasons reported for any of these occurrences. Is the similar timing of these incidents merely coincidental or chance? Is the water main break and subway fire merely a result of our nation’s crumbling infrastructure? (See also: ) Or, is there something evil afoot and have our leaders and national press taken it upon themselves to not tell us - so we don’t panic and stop spending money needed to revitalize our current listless economy?

Can we be sure of anything that is reported to us via the mainstream media? I mean…., either way, can we really believe our corporate-owned media sources to tell us the honest truth? I hope so. Because, possibly unlike our leaders and press, I have faith in the ability of the American public to cope with the truth. And, as a reminder for whatever such is worth, it is at least a perceived mandate of our nation for our nation’s press to report the truth. If this pillar of our society has crumbled, well…..

Adam Trotter / AVT

PS. There have been other reported incidents that were never satisfactorily explained as to the cause as well over recent years – particularly in the subway and utilities arenas. However, on the other hand, how much of the reported news is merely orchestrated stage shows?

PSS. After-note: As I was driving down the New Jersey Turnpike earlier today May 3rd, New York's WPLJ (?) 95.5 FM Radio briefly reported another 'fire in a man-hole' in Morrisville NJ (?). No explanation given - if anyone even heard the extremely brief report, I wonder.

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Follow on, February 11th, 2014.
It was reported last week that an electrical substation near San Jose, California came under "terrorist attack" in "2013."  The public was not told of the attack/dress rehearsal for attack until now, essentially.