Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taxes Kill Jobs! 10.4 % Unemployment in L.A. County. Send Short-Sighted Politicians Somewhere Else!

March 24th, 2013

Southern California regions see job losses, uptick in unemployment

The headline on yesterday’s Long Beach Telegram shouted out “unemployment in Los Angeles county rises to 10.4%” – or something to that extent.   No doubt such ‘pleasant’ unemployment numbers were helped along by the new recent taxes which were to be imposed on the state’s ‘rich’ citizens.  Of course, we are all aware now that the tax-happy politicians consider the ‘rich’ to be anyone that makes more than $20 per hour. 

But the issue I wanted to highlight with this blog entry is the correlation of higher taxes and the byproduct of less jobs as a result of the higher taxes – for anyone that doesn’t see such a correlation, such as most of the nation’s ‘liberal’ politicians, apparently.  ‘Liberal’ politicians for some reason seem too short-sighted to understand such a simplistic correlation.  'Liberal' politicians – when not acting to take away rights from the citizenry, such as the freedom to smoke cigarettes or own firearms – seem to know to do nothing but to endeavor to forever raise taxes. 

As an example of such economic and political visionary problems, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa was on the Sunday news talk shows this morning (ABC Ch. 7’s Eyewitness Newsmakers) stating that L.A.’s sales taxes need to be raised to 10% - as such a referendum has just been voted down by residents in the City’s most recent election a few weeks ago.  As another example, President Obama told us how the ‘rich’ needed to start paying more taxes.  In response, I would ask of those who still might have a job during this Great Depression of the New Millennium, did your taxes also increase?  Are you then rich, because your taxes also went up as the Obama (and Gov. Brown) administration(s) claimed to only seek to increase taxes on the ‘rich’?

Sometimes I think it’s almost as if the taxes should be further increased just to show these politicians – who appear challenged by common sense if not also challenged in the basic laws of economics – the obvious correlation of how increasing taxes increases unemployment.  I would suggest one look to see where taxes have been raised recently to see if jobs were subsequently created as a result of the tax increases – and I mean private sector jobs, of course.  Even though we are all aware that the reported unemployment numbers in no way reflect the true amounts of massive unemployment that actually exists in our nation, even the reported manipulated numbers can not deny the increase in unemployment that follows an increase in taxes. 

All this would appear as common sense to anyone who is not in denial of such a fact that taxes kill jobs and also kill job creation.  Clearly, if one were a ‘rich’ person looking to start a business that would subsequently employ workers, would such a ‘rich’ person open any hypothetical business where the profits, products, and salaries would be subject to some of the highest taxes in the nation?  Or, would they look to go somewhere else where the taxes would be considerably less or nonexistent? 

Do I really need to answer such an obvious question?  Well apparently for most of the ‘liberal’ politicians and for most of the voters these manipulative politicians have forever mislead into following the misguided/ignorant politician’s ‘liberalistic’ ideals, yes I do need to answer the question:  No, any new business is most likely to locate itself where it would be subject to less taxes.  If the reader does not believe this is so, look to areas where the taxes are lower and I can nearly guarantee that the economy in such an area with lower taxes than L.A. County's taxes has not been as economically devastated in this latest Great Depression of the New Millennium as has been L.A. County.  Yet, the short-sighted ‘liberal’ politicians in California and LA County still seek to raise taxes even higher as if to drive away the remaining taxpayers who are still located here.  Maybe these politicians are merely socialists in disguise and would prefer that all the citizenry work for the government or be totally subsistent on the government for survival?

The best way to generate tax revenues is not by driving taxpayers out of the jurisdiction.  It would be better to get more people working so there are more people contributing to the tax base and then per capita everyone pays less – most likely, anyhow.  Anyone who tells you otherwise would appear to be not on the side of free-market job creation.  Maybe any person preaching  higher taxes is merely is in psychological denial or that person/politician is merely an ignorant individual who does not belong in office in this nation.  I suggest we let any such short-sighted politician who believes in forever raising taxes go somewhere like Canada where they enjoy paying a 50% tax – or the likes – on all goods purchased. 

Adam Trotter      

PS.  March 31st, 2013.  On KABC LA-TV Channel 7 today, the municipalities were listed whose higher sales taxes go into effect tomorrow.  Those towns who were silly enough to vote for higher sales taxes will no doubt see the short-sighted effects of that vote before all too long.  As whatever car sales and high dollar ticket sales items such as appliances pack-up and leave those towns for nearby communities with lower sales taxes, the simplistic towns with the higher sales taxes will eventually see their tax coffers further depleted.  For anyone who voted for such higher taxes, you were simply misled or, again, don't understand the effect of taxes.  That, or maybe, it's simply time for voter identification in California as well.   

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