Monday, June 13, 2016



Do something nice to help someone else!  Don’t let evil triumph!  No matter what it does.

There will be time to argue policy and the proper strategy to rid such evil scourge and violent creeps from the earth!  But for now:  (See:  Commit to Truth .)

So for now, for whatever it might be worth, I say helping another helps us all!!

AVT  (June 13th, 2016)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pardon the Election

June 7, 2016

ON this Primary Election Day here in the most populated state of California – wherein the populace votes for some combination of delegates who eventually in-turn vote for the candidate(s) to represent the respective political parties of the Nation in the General Election, and as no reflection on the candidates currently campaigning for the Office of the Presidency and having recently seen him in a televised interview, I wonder:  If he were to be elected as President of the U.S., could Edward Snowden pardon himself of any ‘crimes’?  I’m just wondering.  Could he pardon himself even if he had to hold the Office in abstentia for some period of time before he could pardon himself?  Because if he could, and the Nation does not come into any better significant ‘change’ than what we’ve had over the last couple of decades or so (economically, in particular), I am confident that I could easily get Mr. Snowden elected to the Office.  So, if he were ever to read these words or if the reader has channels to communicate with him, Snowden should not hesitate to call me if he were to desire being elected to be President of the U.S.  Like I say, I was just wondering, anyhow.

Adam Trotter

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