Monday, November 17, 2008

Tornado Warnings in New York (Long Island) and Massachusetts

Monday, November 17, 2008

According to the broadcast weather reports on local radio and television (NYC, Boston), it seemed that tornadoes considered making regional appearances this past Saturday – euphemistically, possibly to welcome me back to the New England portion of the nation. However, the said weather conditions were reported by the broadcasters as ‘a tornado warning’ (which historically implied that a tornado had touched-down in a particular region or vicinity, rather than merely ‘imminent’ for the area). Regardless, to the knowledge of this blogger, no such vortex-type phenomena actually formed or materialized in the region on the given night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

JPMorgan Chase Posts ‘Surprise’ Profits??!!??


It was reported on the news this morning (Today Show, if I recall correctly) that JP Morgan Chase posted ‘surprise’ profits (Third Quarter 2008). And, the US Government just voted to give the banking / investment community how many hundreds of billions of tax-dollars? What’s more, as citizens of the nation, we are / the government is going to buy stock in these banking institutions with our tax dollars to ‘bolster them-up’??? Treasury Secretary Paulson was also on the news this morning [CNN, I believe] stating the intent of the ‘bail-out’ is ‘not for the banks to ‘horde’ the monies.’ To anyone in the banking community, please forgive this next statement, but, isn’t it the nature / business of the banking industry to ‘horde’ assets? One has to wonder the intent of the government and any members of the executive and legislative branches that supported such a ‘bail-out’ while a major banking institution in this business arena is posting profits. To whom does it appear these members of the legislature / government ally? Have no doubt this blogger supports American capitalism. But, I mean…, is this ‘bail-out’ merely a ‘smoke-screen’ to further devalue the dollar or potentially some other hidden agenda?? In this blogger’s opinion, by its actions, it would appear that U.S. Government seeks to further dismantle the ‘middle-class’ into the ‘working-poor.’ Again, in this blogger’s educated opinion, any ‘knowledgeable’ member of government that supported such a ‘bail-out’ would then appear as no ‘friend’ to the ‘middle-class’ peoples of the United States. This blogger may understand the rationale for devaluing the dollar [to some extent]. However, when no monies are available for valid research ideas, no jobs are to be found for the vast numbers of unemployed workers, school systems are in poor condition, the nation’s infrastructure is often in deplorable condition, and yet our Federal government votes to give billions of tax-dollars to the institutions that have the greatest amounts of assets, something is wrong with such an initiative – if not the entire system. Whether JP Morgan Chase will be ‘cashing-in’ on [or is eligible for] low-cost tax-dollars now available to the banking industry, I don’t know. However the point is if they were able to turn a profit, why is the industry getting a ‘bail-out’? This blogger welcomes anyone’s response and comments concerning this blog entry.

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Searching for America

Currently, this blogger is on-the-road searching for America. Please let me know if you happened to see where it went.

October 15th, 2009
Follow-up thought, I have come across encouraging places and people that appear to be in tune with the themes of America.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tornado Tamer

Check it out, if you would. Help someone in need, if you're able!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tornadoes in Southern California - May 22, 2008

Though the tornadoes that appeared today (May 22, 2008) in Riverside County, California, may or may not have been predictable by my theory of tornado formation, such an appearance would not be excessively odd or an aberration to my model. I am curious what other weather researchers would say of these tornadoes in light of the ‘generally accepted’ paradigms to which most researchers seem to credit the formation of tornadoes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A question to NASA regarding 'live' video from outer space, or lack thereof, I thought you might like...

I thought you might get a 'kick' out of this question I posed to NASA on its website - regardless of all else and for whatever such might be worth. To date, there has been no response from NASA on the matter.

On March 26, 2008, I wrote to NASA on its website:

As a child I remember often seeing 'live' video feeds from your missions and crafts orbiting in space. Those video feeds, as I recall, often panned the depths of space. I am curious, why are there no longer any 'live' [real time] video feeds showing the recesses of outer space - as opposed to your current-day 'live' video feeds typically showing only the interior of your spacecraft or merely of the earth in the background [or always on some sort of taped-delay]? As an American taxpayer and a US citizen, I ask, is the nation not entitled to see what you see? Please let me know your thoughts on this issue. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Adam Trotter

Blog entry post-script: Bracketed terms ([...]) were not part of the original note to NASA.

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Apollo 11 Videos: Lunar Landing and Lunar ‘First Steps’

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tornado Research / Predictions – A Clarification …..

I must emphasis: Due to the fact that I have been unable to acquire support for my research concerning the prediction of tornadoes in North America (particularly for the Mid-Western portion of the United States), my research only entails ‘snap-shots in time’ of the likelihood of the subsequent formation of tornadoes in other regions of the nation (United States). I have not the means to procure the proper equipment (or afford its housing/laboratory) for continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions that may reveal the likelihood of the subsequent appearance of tornadoes in other regions of the hemisphere. I estimate that any ‘snap-shot’ that I may ascertain of the atmospheric conditions would likely and subsequently appear in the lower Midwestern United States (or thereabouts) approximately two to three days after my ‘snap-shot’ of the conditions. Of course, since I am speaking of electro-magnetics, such atmospheric conditions could potentially manifest themselves in the interior portions of the nation at the speed of light, in reality. Please pass along your comments as you feel inclined to do so, if you would.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Tornado Research - unfunded / unsupported

It appears as though no support will be forth coming for the viable and feasible tornado research that I have proposed to many institutions to this point. As such, I hope to perform the research in an unfunded manner. For instance, though I am unsure of the specifics (as the research has been given no support), it appears as though my model and sensor equipment are predicting no tornadoes for those locations that are inland recipients of the airmass that was over my region today. I am aware that one can not prove a negative. But I will attempt to pursue this research towards the prediction of tornado activity in North America as my minimal funds allow.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008