Friday, May 2, 2008

Tornado Research / Predictions – A Clarification …..

I must emphasis: Due to the fact that I have been unable to acquire support for my research concerning the prediction of tornadoes in North America (particularly for the Mid-Western portion of the United States), my research only entails ‘snap-shots in time’ of the likelihood of the subsequent formation of tornadoes in other regions of the nation (United States). I have not the means to procure the proper equipment (or afford its housing/laboratory) for continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions that may reveal the likelihood of the subsequent appearance of tornadoes in other regions of the hemisphere. I estimate that any ‘snap-shot’ that I may ascertain of the atmospheric conditions would likely and subsequently appear in the lower Midwestern United States (or thereabouts) approximately two to three days after my ‘snap-shot’ of the conditions. Of course, since I am speaking of electro-magnetics, such atmospheric conditions could potentially manifest themselves in the interior portions of the nation at the speed of light, in reality. Please pass along your comments as you feel inclined to do so, if you would.

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