Sunday, April 18, 2021

Political Crimes are always Followed by Further Attacks on Freedom (Draft Copy)

Of late, there has been a concerted attack on the freedoms and liberties of the populace.  For instance, if one expresses a sentiment that others prefer the masses not to hear, many systems and channels attempt to shun, chill, or stifle any unwanted sentiment from that speaker.  Also, if one were to speak of any election chicanery which likely transpired in the general presidential election of 2020, the channels which would otherwise allow for any such expressed sentiment will shun the one expressing that sentiment – all of which with the apparent blessing of those in political power and the blessing of the supposedly liberal media as well. 

This brief blog entry is to suggest that such blatant attacks on the nation’s freedoms, liberties, and fundamental rights have historically followed high political crimes, crimes which violated the long-standing spirit of our American nation; with the most egregious of attacks following the most egregious of political crimes.  Of course, everyone is aware that political crimes are typically synonymous with attacks on freedom, regardless.  However, the latest attacks on freedom of expression seem to have been originated and perpetrated by those in power against the masses, especially when any such expression by the populace is at odds with the preferred verbiage of the mainstream liberal media or at odds with those same ‘liberal’ political forces which rose to power as a group after the 2020 general election, including any expressed sentiment about the same. 

This current and on-going attack against liberty and freedom of expression is made all the more ironic by the fact that those who look to chill the free speech of others (of which they don’t agree or want anyone to hear), as well as those who support the current impingement of our rights, are those same ‘liberals’ who historically cried for unlimited freedoms to do whatever they wished – e.g.: kill babies, live any diverse/perverse lifestyle, and/or shun any judgment from others which encroached on one’s desires to live any atypical lifestyle.  So, why is it that those who never trusted any government entity to control anything such as morals all of a sudden believe and support everything they hear from certain government entities as long as those entities have a ‘liberal’ moniker associated with the seemingly trusted government entity and/or mainstream media mouthpiece, as those entities profess the morals they demand from others?  Worse yet, those same folks who never wanted any mainstream moral judgment of lifestyle choices now seem to sit in judgment of what others should be allowed to say.    

And, I am aware the same claims of chilling the freedom of speech could have been levied against the other side of the political spectrum even as recent as a few years ago.  But no attacks on freedom of expression have ever been as widespread and far-reaching as such has been since the general presidential election of 2020 which brought the current ‘liberals’ to power – liberals who appear to be leading the charge against the free speech of everyone else.


Nevertheless, back to the point of this blog entry, with such a point being that worst historical attacks by those in power against the liberties of the populace typically only seemed to follow the highest of political crimes. A few brief examples of such political crimes and their aftermath are to follow herein.  However, the list of high political crimes and subsequent attacks on peoples’ rights and freedoms likely could continue ad nauseum; especially if one were to look at the broader history of mankind/humankind and how other world governments have always been coercive of their citizenry/populace. 

However, such attacks on freedom in America have never seemed to be so hypocritically accepted by those who until recently stood against such government practices, as such attacks on freedom are transpiring now in the American nation since the 2020 presidential election and accepted by those who rose to power and those who voted for them apparently.  It could be as if those looking to quash free speech hypocritically claim to preach tolerance through blatant acts of intolerance.  Even more, those who currently appear to attack the free speech of others hypocritically appear to claim to do so in the name of freedom of speech.  Those looking to quash the free speech of others are even more hypocritical because they typically label the speech of others as “fascist” while concurrently using fascist tactics themselves to impinge on the expressive rights of the others. 

As but one familiar example of the hypocrisy of those looking to stifle the speech of others is when left-wing student groups violently protest the arrival of a conservative speaker on their college campus.  Often, the student groups have become violent and disruptive to any necessary extent to prevent anyone from being able to hear what the conservative speaker has to say.  Further hypocrisy and irony also exists in that this blog entry will likely be difficult to find when searched with any typical internet search engine because of the sentiment expressed in this blog is not what the liberal big-tech companies want anyone to hear – as big-tech supported the liberals who rose to power in the 2020 election and who have subsequently looked to stifle the free speech of those who the liberals don’t want anyone to hear.  (This blogger learned long ago that any subjects of which the powers-that-be desire the populace to remain ignorant gain little exposure from internet search engines – such as much of banking laws, for example.)

Again, as to political crimes being followed by attacks on freedom:  When the first Congressional replacement crew (which immediately followed the reign of the nation’s Founding Fathers) realized the American states could be held liable at law in Federal court for their debts and negligence (among other things), those politicians of the first replacement crew stripped the American people of any sovereign status and quickly gave sovereign status to the governments of the nation – which was made all the more effective by sovereign immunity to the governments as well, no less.  Sovereign immunity was a legal doctrine enjoyed by the Crown of England which made the Crown beyond reproach for any legal improprieties (at least outside of the courts of chancery).  A legal doctrine the Founding Fathers clearly did not want to be applicable for the new American government(s). 

What attack on freedom followed this crime of taking the sovereign power enumerated to the people by the Founding Fathers and giving that power to the government(s) of our new nation one might ask?  The Alien and Sedition Acts, that’s what.  An Act which made it illegal to criticize the nation’s government – lest one risk significant jail time as well as significant fines for such criticism.  An Act which was supposedly never enforced, decried by the Founding Fathers who survived to see its enactment, and yet it was also an Act which was not repealed until decades afterwards.  All of which involving the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity imparted to the government(s) and the Alien and Sedition Act which contemporaneously followed, as proffered herein, was to cover the crime of the 11th Amendment to the Federal Constitution – the amendment which granted sovereign immunity to the American government(s). 

Another example of crimes against the spirit of the Nation’s freedoms which were subsequently covered-up with attacks on our liberties includes when the keys to our nation’s economy were given to the banks – circa the era of the Great Depression of the 1930s.  The attacks on freedom and distractions which followed to divert the attention of the populace included, among other things, no right to own gold, a nongovernmental entity to print the nation’s money and control its supply, and even decades of instructions on civics to the nation’s children throughout their educational experience – which taught the youth of the nation to not question their government for decades to follow.  And, could the greatest of world wars, World War II, also arguably have been a distraction to divert attention away from the control of our nation being given to the banking cartel which was known as The Federal Reserve?  Maybe.  Because nothing seems too outlandish for the big-time political criminals if such a means supports their political ends. 


So all this being said brings us to the latest attacks on our freedoms in the form of no differences of opinion are allowed to be spoken against the current folks in power in Washington DC nor spoken against any other political forces currently in vogue and who are loved by those in power and also loved by those in most of the ‘liberal’ mainstream media as well.  Those who dare to speak any such perceived blasphemy as a differing opinion against any political movements currently in vogue run the risk of being excommunicated, stifled, and likely will soon find themselves unemployed as a result of any expressed sentiment of criticism against those currently in power. 

What mentality manifests these attacks on our freedoms and what type of corrupt and self-centered individuals would allow for such attacks, one must ask? What do the political criminals stand to gain from stifling and belittling the rights of the populace?

The latest attacks on free speech appear to be in response to the latest (and maybe greatest) of political crimes – such as the fraudulent theft of the presidential election of 2020 – with the attack on freedom of expression which followed the election being an apparent attempt to prevent any talk of the political crime and also to prevent any possible chronicling of the event for posterity, or so such would appear to this blogger, anyhow. 

To that end, could the COVID-19/Corona Virus pandemic of 2020+ originally have been nothing but a distraction to allow for the political crimes which may have taken place in the 2020 presidential election?  If a foreign power such as Communist China was involved in such an effort, we can be sure that government has no problem with causing the deaths of an untold number of innocents to achieve its ends, for example.  Could the coordinated civil unrest and protests of 2020 also have had a similar goal – a distraction to cloud any political crimes which followed?  Further, with their seemingly evil goal being to distract from the massive voter fraud which appears to have transpired in many jurisdictions in that 2020 general election?  In total, is one even allowed to ask such questions anymore?

This blog entry is merely to pose these questions and to show the possible connection of how political crimes are historically followed by an attack on the rights of the American populace.  It is not intended to provide any answers to these questions, per se.

This blogger can only wonder if this blog entry will be censored and/or deleted by the big-tech firm which owns this blogging platform.  That is to say, will this blog entry go away for pondering these issues?  Will it be undiscoverable in any internet searches?  Will all the entries of this blogger also go away as punishment for posing these questions?  Will this blogger never be able to attain employment from any entity as a result of blogging these questions and words?  Time will tell, one can only suppose. 

Adam Trotter

April 17, 2021


PS.  Of course, feel free to search this blog for entries on the Eleventh Amendment, Freedom of the Press, political correctness, The Federal Reserve, Communist China, and Freedom of Speech as well.  Also, be sure to search for famous people who have lost their jobs as a result of saying something of which others did not approve.  And search for my term, “that bridge has sailed,” maybe too. 



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