Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the Federal Government and on Governments in General…

October 9th, 2010

Governments should not be concerned with protecting every individual from one’s own stupidity. Neither should governments look to profit from such stupidity either. And, merely on specific and limited fronts, should governments be concerned with protecting the individual from the stupidity of others. People should be empowered to protect themselves as they are able until the point whereby extraneous government intervention might be needed.

As for this blogger’s repeated critiques concerning the actions of the governments across our land and particularly for his repeated critiques of the U.S. Federal government, the point is not to merely focus on negative energy – such a focus that I prefer to avoid. The point of complaining and blogging about the failures and shortcomings of our nation’s governments is to highlight issues with hopes to remedy any noted shortcomings to better the overall situation for all. Surely, no one entity is expected to be perfect all the time. However, when an error in course is clearly illuminated, then such an error should demand an all-hands effort to recognize and repair the revealed fault – such as with the current state of the nation’s economy. Furthermore, mere words are typically not sufficient to repair the necessary, overlooked, and damaged staples of any given system.

Adam Vernon Trotter / AVT