Friday, October 1, 2010

Clinton-Era Political Tactics Seem Alive and Well and Being Utilized Against Non-Establishment Candidates

September 30, 2010

With the upcoming general elections across the land, it appears that Clinton-Era political tactics are alive and well. What are Clinton-Era political tactics you might ask? Per my definition, Clinton-Era political tactics include personally attacking an adversary in any political election with the intent of these attacks merely to publicly sully the targeted adversary - regardless of who launches the attack or if any foundation exists for the attack. We can see this type of political tactics currently being utilized in an apparent widespread manner in the gubernatorial elections in California and New York in addition to the U.S. Senate race in Delaware. I am not overly surprised, however, that such Clinton-Era attacks seem only to be focused upon non-establishment candidates such as those in the races noted above.

What should a candidate do to avoid the typical fate of becoming political road-kill when battling focused and concerted Clinton-Era-type politically motivated personal attacks? Well, to be brief, the embattled candidate should hire me to help them field these attacks. Long ago, I became well-versed at nullifying such attacks launched by mean-spirited simpletons – as such describes many in the Federal workforce where I worked for fifteen years. However, short of employing me to make lemonade of the political lemons being thrown, any viable political entity under attack should learn the ABC’s of these Clinton-Era tactics and reverse the tide against the attackers – to be concise. If one is unable to do this then they should call me.

Adam Trotter / AVT