Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Open Letter to the Clinton High School District (Massachusetts) Concerning Its Football Players Beating a Single Student from Another School

December 15th, 2010

Clinton School District,
I write in response to the widely reported actions of several players on your football team savagely beating a student from another school at a post-game party of a few days ago. As it appears that no less than six of your students have been arrested for beating the other young man to the point of requiring hospitalization and the beaten student being “left for dead” (according to WBZ News at Six O’clock on 12/15), one has to wonder what is being taught to the youth in your school system/district.

Certainly, children’s fights are nothing new to our society - especially after the youths have been imbibing with alcohol. However, what is alarming to most of the civilized citizens of the state [and the nation] is the gang mentality that was displayed by the students of your school district. I wonder, have you forgotten to teach the children and students of your district how to behave as decent individuals and civilized human beings? Mind you, this note is not to say that the parents of the savages from your school system are not somewhat responsible for the actions of their children as well.

Furthermore, I believe myself compelled to ask: Are the children of your school district stupid or are they merely wimps? They can not fight in a one-on-one manner? Are you teaching them to fight in such a savage-gang mentality?

I also believe myself compelled to ask: Would the state not be better served to terminate your school district and enroll the children of your district into schools that may teach your children how to behave as civilized individuals and decent human beings? Would such a reassignment of students to another school district not be a better use of our tax dollars than what is currently being spent on your apparently dysfunctional school district that seems to be preparing savages to be released onto the public at large? I look forward to your response to the issues herein.

Adam Trotter

Mass. Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education