Saturday, June 20, 2009

Allow the Federal Government to Control America’s Currency.

June 20th, 2009

The Federal Government should be in control of America’s money supply; not a banking ‘cartel.’ The Federal Reserve System is not a government agency, regardless of its name and appearance. Does anyone hear these words? After all, if the Federal Reserve System knew what it was doing, it is unlikely that the nation would be in such an undesirable economic position as it is currently. The Federal Reserve System has been in existence (in some capacity) for an excess of ninety-five years. How many years should the Fed be allowed practice its theories at the expense of our economic well being? Has much of the recent currency and deficit ‘jockeying’ (e.g. bail-outs, stimulus plans, etc.) been merely a plan to keep the Fed in business and to assure a continued and on-going market for American debt at the expense of the American citizen? The Federal Reserve System appears veiled in secrecy and apparently claims absolutely no fiduciary responsibility to anyone other than itself. As such, does the Fed seem like the proper entity to run our nation’s economy? Your comments in response are welcome.

PS. To be clear, I understand the peril the sentiment of this particular blog could invoke. It would seem to be between a banker and his money is not a safe place for anyone to find oneself. To verify such a statement, one would only likely need to ask the last two major populist politicians who did attempt to obstruct the bankers from the nation’s money supply: John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.