Sunday, November 29, 2009

Electricity from Gravity?

November 29th, 2009 The scientific field of Geomagnetics tells us that gravity is dependent on / a result of magnetism. Other branches of physics tell us that magnetism is evidence of the flow of electrons, or at least magnetic fields are generated as a result of traveling electrical fields/currents or something to that extent [and vice versa], regardless of permanent magnets and simplifying of course. Therefore, can we conclude that electricity is present given the presence of any gravitational field? Is this a silly question? I mean….., am I just poorly read in this subject? Upon a cursory review of the matter, it would seem that no one else is asking this question and I am unsure as to why. It would then seem to me that the earth is essentially a electrical generator of some sort. No doubt, on a massive scale. Geomagnetics...., here I come! (Maybe.)   :)   AVT