Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soldier Charged for Leaking Docs to WikiLeaks. Such Aided Our Enemies By Apparently Showing Widespread Arrogance and Stupidity At DoD and State Dept.

March 3rd, 2011

As widely reported on the television news this morning, the soldier who allegedly leaked all the classified government documents to was charged with a multitude of violations/infractions including ‘aiding the enemy’ – which reportedly is punishable by death.

Yea, well, providing classified documents to anyone outside any organization is generally a bad thing. But this leaking of these documents to certainly did nevertheless aid the enemy as well as the American people it should be noted. These leaked documents aided our enemies [as well as the American people] by showing the continued levels of arrogance and stupidity which run rampant and unchecked inside our U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense as well.

For whatever such is worth, apparently the only/main reason the documents were classified – from what I understand – was due to the derogatory opinions and statements in the documents regarding certain American allies – and whoever originated the documents made them classified, of course. I mean, how stupid are these arrogant losers/dorks in the Department of Defense and the State Department anyhow? From my personal experiences, by the way, those who call the shots in these Federal government departments typically appear as extremely arrogant and generally quite stupid too – especially in business matters.*

Other than his breaking the rules, this soldier is probably a hero for showing the idiocy that continues to exist in the upper echelons of our Federal government, in reality. It appears the soldier’s shining of the light on the level of stupidity in the DoD and State Departments is his true crime. Why would the idiots even put such derogatory comments about American allies in writing anyhow?

Like Father Powell said to me long ago, if you can’t tell others what you are doing, you probably should not be doing it. If we can’t get rid of the idiots running the show at DoD and State Department, maybe we can do away with their ability to conceal the truth from the American people?!? Maybe some transparency should be brought to these Federal government departments, anyhow? WE all know they spend a lot of our tax money. Furthermore, given the widespread arrogance and stupidity rampant in our governments, the departments which seek to prosecute this soldier may be best to think twice before crucifying any American who may have displayed to the people the dysfunctional nature of these departments which are supported at taxpayer expense.

Then again, like I have repeatedly said before, maybe we should just repeal the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Federal Constitution. Thereby we could make these arrogant government dorks liable for their incompetence, liable to the American people and taxpayers – that is.

Adam Trotter / AVT

*For instance, concerning the DoD’s stupidity in business matters: When I worked for the Federal government, rarely was a concern ever expressed by any government worker for the well-being American taxpayer/taxdollar. And, when I [or a few others] expressed any concern for the wasting of tax dollars, such concerns would generally be ignored or generate scoffs from other employees and management. Typically, concerns for any employment laws were also non-existent by upper management of the Federal employer as well because the management answered to no one, apparently.

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