Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tragic Disgrace: More Fort Hood Shootings/Killings.

April 9th,2014

Regarding the most recent shootings and deaths at Ft. Hood, Texas:
First off: I hereby wish to pass along my sympathies and condolences to the families as well as the communities affected by this tragedy (including those of the previous tragedy, a few years back).  

May the innocent rest in peace.

President Obama’s speech/eulogy at Ft. Hood today:

Forgive me if this is too soon:
For our own soldiers to be intentionally killed by one of our own, on one of our own Army bases, on our own soil (again no less), is a disgrace!!  In my opinion the following is also certainly worth noting:  Military bases probably have the strictest gun-control/anti-gun rules in the whole nation!  If the Federal government can not successfully enforce the most strict anti-gun laws on its own property, how could they ever hope to do so for the entire nation?  Is this what the nation can anticipate when the anti-gun forces have their way and ban all firearms from the law-abiding citizenry:  that only the violent creeps will have guns and everyone else will merely be at the mercy of the lawless and armed violent creeps?  Again, to be clear, lawless violent creeps care not of any anti-gun legislation or laws!!!  The anti-gun/gun control folks obviously consider the average law-abiding American to be nothing but a fool or buffoon; otherwise, the anti-gun folks would not hold such a position.  (See:  “The Innocent Victims Deserve a Vote! I agree. But...” )

To return to the tragedy at hand:
The level of incompetence displayed by this tragedy is stunning, in my opinion.  Who is/was responsible to make sure something like this did not happen again?  Was there any such person at all in such a role, seeing how recent history has shown the need for such leadership?  How many of our tax dollars did that person(s) receive?  Without any extenuating circumstances that could be invoked to allow for that officials’ defense, he/she/they should have to pay back the tax payers any salaries, and further, be charged with a crime for dereliction of duty and/or gross incompetence!

Adam Vernon Trotter