Friday, April 11, 2014

My Dichotomous Mini-Mantra

April  11th, 2014

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

(Hope for the best outcome of events and while concurrently preparing for the worst.)

Someone recently brought to my attention that many of my blogs are about being nice and respectful to others.   (See: “The Adam Vernon Trotter Theory of Business Management” located at: ; and maybe: “Necesse est ut eam, non ut vivam.”, located at: , and maybe: “Equity Begets Equity” at  ; and maybe too: “Life is a Gift…”, , and maybe: “All I Know….”; at ; finally: “Do Unto Others and the Same Will Be Done Unto You By Others !!”, ;  to name but a few.)

However, such thoughts of ‘being nice to others’ are then seemingly contradicted by some of my other blogs wherein I advocate that folks should be able to arm themselves with defensive firearms, for example.  (See:  “The Innocent Victims Deserve a Vote! I agree. But...”   at: ; and maybe: “Stop the Violence on Our Streets and in Our Society!!! If It Takes Violence to Do So, Well.... Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!”,  at: ; “Aurora Movie Theater Massacre: ALLOW ALL DECENT FOLK TO HAVE AND CARRY GUNS FOR DEFENSE!!!”, ; and maybe: “NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Tougher Gun-Control While Elderly Staten Island Couple Is Nearly Beaten To Death In Apartment Building Lobby”, , as a few examples .)

Well…, this possible contradiction of outlooks is explained by what I will now call: My Dichotomous Mini-Mantra.  Which is to say, “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” 

The rationale for this dichotomous mini-mantra:  Hoping for the best is so that one closes no doors to opportunities that would not appear to closed minds – i.e.: a mind that is not open to new or differing thought, for example.  But nevertheless and concurrently, preparing for the worst is due to realities in the modern age, whereby one never knows what, when, where, or how any adversity or trespasses will appear, let alone from whom – e.g.: leave home with enough time to make it to your appointment without being late by planning enough time for the travel to include having to sit in a massive traffic jam for a significant period of time; that is again, plan for the worst case of having to sit in a traffic jam for two hours though it may normally only take thirty minutes to drive there without any traffic jam, so to speak).  

So, if one is concurrently preparing for the worst of possible outcomes while keeping an optimistic and open mind for new opportunity to present itself, one may never get wrongly blind-sided by the manifestation of any adversity while also looking to leverage any otherwise lucky possibility.  

Of course, in reality, maybe the end is always somewhere in the middle between the best and the worst.  But the ultimate results of any effort is neither here nor there regarding ‘My Dichotomous Mini-Mantra.’


Then again, the dichotomy of my blogs can also probably be easily explained to followers of Astrology in that my Zodiac sign is that of Pisces.  To followers of typical human psychology, the dichotomy of my blogs could also be easily explained in that the multiple blogs are to allow me to voice various perspectives and viewpoints on a varied list of subjects as well – that’s why I have so many blogs.  Maybe…, anyhow…?   :)

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