Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy Protesters: Ignore Labor Unions and New Deal-ists

November 23rd, 2011

A few days ago, when the Occupy Los Angeles protesters were facing the first threat of arrest if they did not leave the city hall park they have recently called home, it seemed during the majority of the television news spots highlighting the anticipated show-down that most of the individuals interviewed and causing a ruckus were actually labor union employees. Additionally interviewed on a local L.A. television station was a simpleton wearing a t-shirt with a picture of F.D. Roosevelt. The interviews inspired me to blog a message to the legitimate Occupy protesters and about the hypocrisy of the aforementioned interviewed ‘protesters.’

To any legitimate Occupy protesters I suggest: IGNORE THE LABOR UNIONS AND IGNORE ANY F.D.R. NEW DEAL-ISTS TOO!!!

It surely appears that the nation’s labor unions have done little during the last several decades to help the economic plight of the typical American. As such, the labor union leaders appear even more inept and/or disinterested about the economic difficulties of Americans than the average career politician. The unions seem have to done nothing to prevent the off-shoring of our industries and jobs. The leadership of the unions appear as nothing but a bunch of greedy individuals preaching the benefits of long-term nepotism. Even those union members who appeared to support the Occupy L.A. movement during the recent day of arrests were union workers who most likely took paid vacation or sick leave from their jobs to attend the event – which surely appears as not relevant to the plight of the protesters who cant find jobs and are frustrated by the never-ending nepotism, favoritism, and unjust practices displayed by those in power over recent history.

Then there was the interviewed individual with the New England accent wearing a shirt displaying a picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He commented to the news reporter: “yea…, F.D.R, the greatest American and we need another hero like him here now,” - or something like that. Either the individual was a socialist or merely ignorant. Because, clearly it was F.D.R. who allowed the Federal Reserve System to take the reigns of the U.S. government during the last Great Depression of the 1930s. When the Federal Reserve took over the nation’s government, it was thereafter that the banks rose to the level of political power that they now enjoy. So, don’t be fooled by any idiot preaching the benefits of socialism or the New Deal program/theory of the last Great Depression.

We need some level of reform in the nation, yes! We don’t need anyone else to give power to those who were never elected while these same individuals line their own pockets at taxpayer expense all the while preaching how what they do is for the benefit of the populace. Don’t listen to self-serving liars, socialists, or mere idiots that can not even ascertain the truth of history.

Adam Trotter / AVT