Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pruning the Death Off the Trees.

April 10th, 2013

The tree worker guys were pruning/trimming the dead portions at the end of the branches on the tree outside one of the gates to the complex today.  I have been watching the deadness of that tree slowly spreading from the end of the branches inward towards the trunk of the tree for a couple of few years now.  After trimming the deadness off the tree, which I believe is a Australian willow tree, there is not much left of it. 

I’m concerned that the tree may never grow back and the death is merely spreading inward.  Because there are remaining branches that were not pruned with leaves that look to be dying as did the other branches before they went bare.  I’m more concerned that I see the same death pattern on many types of trees throughout the nation.  And I’m even more concerned that so few seem to be noticing the dying trees and the governments and the media sources have said nothing about the matter either.  Ultimately disconcerting as well is that when the death pattern spreading throughout the trees becomes more noticeable, the local governments apparently pay someone to come and trim the tree back and the death apparently spreading through the tree is removed as it to keep it from our view. And  what kind of sends me over the  top is that I fear that my previously blogged hypothesis could actually becoming to fruition (see the link below about the burning of ethanol fuels and trees).  

But, maybe I don’t give the local governments enough credit though and they are merely expending the capital to prune the trees to make the sidewalk safer – in spite of the current trends of cities to be short on revenues, or so we are told.  And, maybe it was merely a parasite attacking the tree or something, as the maples on either side of this tree appear healthy and fine - but I have never seen any signs of any parasites on this tree before.  

But again, given my previously stated hypothesis in the matter (see link below), the continuation of dying trees with such a similar pattern of distress displayed in the trees beforehand and with no word from any official sources on the issue have again fueled my grave concerns regarding the trees and the possible influence of the burning of ethanol/alcohol based fuels.

I would take another photo of the likely dying tree for the sake of argument and posterity, as I have many a photo of trees dying in apparently the same fashion from around the nation.  However, I find the whole matter to be overly depressing and even sickening, especially if my hypothesis and fears were even slightly on target in the matter.  And I dont want to see another photo of it all.


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