Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NSA Turns Allies Into Enemies! Snowden Come Home!!

October 29th, 2013

NSA dorks are turning more of our allies into potential enemies with our tax-dollars.

Edward Snowden come home – we’ll have a parade in your honor!!!  

Our loser bureaucrats/politicians would have told us nothing nor would anything have changed if not for Snowden!  

‘Bout time for a government that is truthful, I say!

Adam Vernon Trotter

NSA 'monitored 60m Spanish calls in a month.  

US coping with furious allies as NSA spying revelations grow.  

Government Accountability Project.  

Fascists on Power-Trips: The NSA and IRS. …Flush ‘Em!  

Vote Them Out!  

A Just Government Fears Not…  

After thought, April 3rd, 2014:
I might have to reconsider my thoughts on Snowden and the NSA in general, maybe. But again, never really know... But this link below is an interesting point of view and could be correct and offers new insights too.

Russia evades US SIGINT surveillance – Has Snowden turned spy?