Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Report the True Unemployment Numbers or Nothing At All

January 18th, 2010

I have long wondered why the true unemployment numbers are not estimated and reported by any mainstream news source in the United States; neither the thousands of government bureaucrats nor any private media news sources seem interested in the actual amount of people that are currently unemployed.

In case you don’t know what I mean when speaking of the true unemployment numbers, when one receives unemployment compensation or applies for such anyhow, they are then counted as unemployed (unemployed illegal immigrants or employed undocumented workers never count as unemployed – btw, of course). However, if one does not become reemployed by the time any unemployment insurance compensation expires – typically six months or so, they are no longer counted as unemployed regardless if they remain unemployed albeit without any unemployment insurance benefits. After six months of not returning to the workforce, those workers are considered as people who are not interested in rejoining the workforce, or as the government labels them, “discouraged workers.”

Ok, so…, I can understand why the system of counting for the unemployment index was originally modified to count in this fashion [that is, only counting those that are currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits as being unemployed]. As I recall it was during the early 1980’s that President Reagan had the method of counting the unemployed changed to its current method. But back in 1980, much of the inflation and economic troubles appeared to be a likely result of perception and maybe not really based upon any concrete facts – although, arguably, it was that point in time when the dollar first came to be decimated in value, as it was during President Nixon’s administration less than ten years prior to 1980 had allowed the dollar to be traded under a variable exchange rate and therefore the dollar to no longer had a rigid exchange rate (and the people of the nation have paid for the successes and failures of the financial sectors ever since to our own detriment, no doubt).

Anyway, so we can see that the true number of unemployed is likely to be significantly larger than the reported numbers concerning unemployed U.S. workers. My question is then: if the mainstream media news sources are to report anything about the number of unemployed workers, why not try to gauge the real number of the unemployed portion of the workforce? Or, if they consider the current economic recession to be a result of nothing but perception and therefore don’t want to report anything negative, maybe, don’t bother to report anything at all concerning the U.S. unemployment numbers.

Please don’t to continue to feed us lies and bullshit over the airwaves concerning the number of people unemployed in the United States when such is clearly not true. The American people can handle the truth. When we can’t handle the truth, well…...