Friday, November 2, 2012

Looting in NYC: Man Cries for National Guard in Wake of Hurricane Sandy!

November 2, 2012

This morning, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I was watching Good Day Philadelphia. The show cut to a live feed from a New York City borough with NYC’s Fox 5 News – I believe it was Staten Island.  Anyway, all the viewers were then shown a grown man who was local to the borough on the edge of tears.  He was crying for the National Guard to be stationed on every corner to stop all the looters.  He said it was crazy there.

So, why this blog?  Well, this all brings me to my point in my unofficial debate with Mayor Bloomberg over gun control.  I say: give all the decent folks guns so they can defend themselves from the lawless creeps who continuously run a muck in the City and boroughs of New York.  These lawless creeps apparently wait for any opportunity to run wild in the streets and seem to always look to capitalize on the misfortunes of others.  More than that, I say we bring back the Common Law of olden days whereby people could use excessive force to defend their property! 

What do you say Mayor Bloomberg?  Should the good people of your city’s boroughs stand idly by as the creeps run rampant and loot the unguarded homes in your city – homes that are temporarily vacant in the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Sandy?  I am aware that you and those like you in your gun-control armada clearly believe the average citizen is surely too stupid to be allowed to have guns for any reason.  I am aware that you would rather have decent folk stand defenseless against the lawless creeps in our society because you believe us too ignorant to be able to point a gun and shoot the lawless creep as opposed to shooting an innocent bystander – as your police recently showed us how easily that can happen at the Empire State Building!

For my part, I have faith in my fellow decent Americans and say they should all be able to carry guns anytime they want.  Moreover, the citizenry should especially be able to carry guns in places like NYC when the violent and lawless creeps run rampant in the streets and the NYC police and New York law enforcement officials are overwhelmed with on-goings elsewhere in the city - for whatever the reason of the police department's preoccupation!  Handguns, shotguns, even assault rifles are ok to remove the lawless creeps from our society, in my opinion.  As opposed to making the decent folks criminals for wanting to defend themselves and to defend what is theirs with firepower, I would make them heroes and reward them for each violent creep they permanently remove from our society!!!

Well, what do you have to say about the matter, Mayor Bloomberg?  Is it more important to you that the lawless run a muck unfettered?  It seems you would rather see the lawless and violent creeps run about unchallenged than to allow the good people of your city the ability to adequately defend themselves and their property!  Clearly in NYC, the time is at hand to allow the People to have the power that our nation's Founding Fathers gave to us and to have the ability the Founding Fathers seemed to take for granted, which is the ability to defend oneself from lawless creeps. 

For my part, I say arm everyone so that we can remove the lawless creeps from our society once and for all!!  Just let me know, Mayor Bloomberg, should you ever have the interest to debate this topic in person – anytime, anyplace is good for me.  Maybe we can ask that guy who was crying for the appearance of National Guard while being interviewed on the street corner of Staten Island to come and join us so that we can ask him what his opinion is on the subject.


PS.  Is it odd how little attention the looting has been given by our press?  Can we trust our press to tell us the truth anymore? (Is the Nation Under Siege? Could We Trust the Nation’s Press to Tell Us?

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